My Passage into Prostitution


This story has reluctant and non-consensual sex which is totally unacceptable to me, but this is just a fantasy and all participant are over 18. There is prostitution, which often includes anal intercourse.

Jenny and Karina finally get away to a tropical island, but they are redirected to a resort that will use them to pleasure the big time rollers that pay big dollars to enjoy nubile young women at their private resort.

My Passage into Prostitution

Jenny and I were finally getting away for that vacation in the sun! Nothing but bikinis and Miti’s with a healthy side of lips and cocks for the next two exquisite weeks.

Jenny got an amazing deal on The Corimand Island trip, two in a room for the price of one! We had each been saving $10 dollars a week for this trip, and the giant discount put it within our reach two months sooner than we had expected.

We were looking for a shuttle to pick us up at the terminal, but we were herded with six other women, into a room with just enough chairs for the eight of us.

“Sorry for the delay Miss, but you are now processed and you may carry on to the resort,” the smiling uniformed man explained. He kept nodding his head like he was sorry, but the smile just made me feel like I was not seeing the entire picture.

The eight of us were taken by van to a small speedboat that took us to our beautiful resort.

The final ride was only 30 minutes, across a busy shipping channel.

“Here you go ladies,” the driver announced as his helper placed our luggage on the dock.

“Someone will be down to greet you any minute. Enjoy your stay,” he offered as a departing word.

Jenny is more ambitious than me, so I was not surprised when she picked up her own luggage handle and started dragging her belongings up the dock, towards the lights and sounds of civilization. I filed in behind her, and I heard other’s grumbling as they moved to carry their own stuff.

We could hear the beat of a party going on, and we were heading straight for it, someone there must be able to direct us to our rooms.

The Lobby help finally showed up, with a trolly and four handsome dark skinned Island boys. They piled everything onto their trolly and escorted the rest of us to a registration desk.

“Your first meeting is at the pool bar, so please use the dressing rooms over there to get your swimwear on, and we will have the porters take the rest of your luggage to your rooms!”

They offered us creamy drinks with coconut and pineapple chunks, so we all decided to get festive, and took our luggage to the change rooms to follow the local greeting customs.

There were tables of young women, and plush cushions for the older, fatter patrons.

We all took the drinks that we chose, and stepped down into the warm water. It was refreshing. I wondered about the absence of young men, but there were a few that looked interesting.

Jenny and I found a couple stools in the water, where we had a bit of shade from the sun. I saw a commotion on the stage and an older man stepped up to the microphone.

“Good afternoon people, I hope you all had a marvelous flight, and you are ready for some partying!” he finished with a roar, and most of us joined in.

“Well, not all of you know exactly what is going on here, but you will soon see that you can have a very good time, or not so good, depending on how much you cooperate with the Fun Police,” he announced with a wave to the few young perky people in the pool wearing a yellow cap with the logo ‘fun police’ on the brim.

“Remember to always follow the instructions of the Fun Police, and in the spirit of fun, today, all women must follow every instruction of any man that is near you.

“What, the fuck does he mean by that,” Jenny asked me, but I was trying to digest it myself.

“Excuse me Ladies, but we need you two to come over hear and fuck me and my friends,” he motioned to three older guys on some cushions just out of the water.

“Well I need you guys to go fuck yourselves,” I yelled at the cretin, but I was loud enough for his entourage to hear me.

Three of the yellow capped men came over to check on our fun levels.

“What is the problem Mr. Hammond,” the young stud asked the greasy guy.

“We asked them nicely Mike, but she snubbed me, like she was too good for my dick?” he explained.

“Reluctant eh?” Mike pondered. I’ll take care of that Mr. Hammond.”

He pulled my arm and twisted it behind me, while he pulled the zip tie handcuffs from his special police belt.

“What the fuck,” Jenny yelled as two other men grabbed her while I was pushed onto my knees. “Watch this, bitch,” the guard on my right addressed me, but I had to watch Jenny.

They pushed her over a counter and her bikini was pushed to one side, exposing her landing strip above the cleanly shaven mound. Her pussy was there for all to see.

One of the men positioned behind her and pushed his engorged cock into her pussy.

“Oh my god!” Jenny yelled. “They are fucking eve gelen gaziantep escort me in front of 50 men eating their fucking dinner!” Jenny yelled, and I watched as she was turned over and brought down onto an old man’s cock.

“You can’t do this!” Jenny screamed, but she was held down while the cock started thrusting up and into her with an audible ‘humph’ as it slapped up into her muff.

“Your turn bitch,” the guy holding me announced.

I was pulled to my feet, while men removed my bikini.

The first guy was old and fat but he knew what he was doing, as he pushed his short piston into my muff.

“You’re one of the youngest they’ve snagged in a while,” he proclaimed as he pushed himself into me, grunting and salivating on my neck. Four men held me firmly while other men took turns fucking me. None took more than 3 or 4 minutes of grunting before they were emptying their balls into my well lubricated pussy. I could see Jenny, now face down and taking it in the ass. Then I noticed attendants with lubricant and refreshments. It was all women that were being dominated.

The fucking frency was slowing down after the fifth or sixth guy had mounted me for a hard and fast fuck. My jaw was sore from taking on 7 or 8 cocks, often two at a time. They hadn’t gotten my ass though, so I could still sit, unlike my friend Jenny. Once the first guy got her started she got caught up having orgasm after orgasm, while she was run by a string of men that love a woman’s arse.

I don’t know if I’ll ever look at her the same, after watching the feral orgasms that she achieved while being butt fucked by a madman. She flailed wildly while speaking in tongues and squirting from her gaping pussy.

The short story was that we had been shanghaied by some mobsters, and they were going to use us for the two weeks that we were expecting to be enjoying the island life.

After the free-for-all beginning, a lot of couples and threesomes split off to private parties, or prisons maybe? Jenny and I still had the handcuffs on, making us easy marks for any guy with a stiff dick. Three of us ended up in an office building with a small group of men. They just rotated at both ends of us. Either a suck or a fuck is all we could see for hours, while cum is the only thing my stomach had digested in the last 12 hours.

A great horn sounded and the men that were fucking me, finished quickly and left me in a puddle of cum.

“What the fuck was that! Jenny cried. “I was hoping for sex, but this is way more than I expected,” Jenny murmured. I think she was in shock.

It looks like we have been taken for sex, by a well organized group, yet we were free to move about the island. The men were free to do as they pleased with us, but we could enjoy some sun and drinks in between the sex.

I didn’t bother putting my bikini back on, after the last guy pulled it off a bit roughly.

“What the fuck!” he complained. “At these prices I shouldn’t have to undress every bitch I want to bury my dick in!”

I didn’t feel sorry for him. He fucked me and left me with his jism dripping out of my snatch, without getting any relief myself.

“I’m going to the ‘fun police’,” Jenny finally got fed up.

She waved over the closest yellow hat, and she looked like she would sympathize with us.

“What’s the problem girls? Not enough tongue? Are you Lesbians?” she quickly asked.

“No, but our sunbathing is getting interrupted too often,” Jenny began, “maybe we could have more sex after the sun goes down?” She suggested a compromise that would please everyone.

“Hmm, I see that you’re not being fucked right now,” she put her phone to her face and she said something that we couldn’t hear.

Four yellow hats were on us fast, and they took us to a back room of the resort. We were naked already, so they simply attached us to brackets on the wall. One leg was raised high up and the ankle was clipped to another ring up high.

Soon we were being fucked again, but this time we could not get away when they were satisfied. We had to stay there until we were released, two hours later. Cum was running down my leg, and my knees were still shaking from the orgasm that was forced onto me with a strong vibrator. The two fat older guys laughed as I rocked into a squirting orgasm for them.

“See that these two find a bed for the night,” One of the older men in yellow hats instructed the one that attached us to the wall.

“They are asking for two girls in the Clairmont Suite,” someone advised him, so he put a leash on Jenny and me, and headed down a garden path, pulling us when needed.

“I’m sure they will feed you at this party, girls,” he insisted as he kept us moving.

“Thank God we have some replacements,” another yellow hat proclaimed as we came into the pool area for a private villa.

“These two girls have been on their knees for the last two hours, and they need a break,” he explained, while pointing to where gaziantep eve gelen escort our handler was supposed to put us.

“Okay, but they haven’t eaten, he advised our new shepherd.

“I want the blonde,” one partier declared and he grabbed my wrist and pulled me to where I could suck him, then the other three young men sitting around my stool. They did a lot of the work themselves, as they pumped into my face. Sometimes they blast into me, but often he would pull back and cover my hair, or face with his jets of gooey cum.

I started to wonder if they were eating something that helped them to produce more seaman, but that just seemed ridiculous.

“Oh yeah, Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh…” his load sprayed across my face, while other guys cheered.

“I want to do reverse cowgirl, if you guys push a vibrator into her clit so we can watch her cum some more?” One guy proposed, and a yellow hat went to get him a vibrator on a foot long wand.

Soon I was the centerpiece of the patio, as I was passed from one patron to another, there was always someone to push that vibe hard into my clit so I could cum again, and satisfy the ego of another fat old customer of this fucking resort.

We finally satisfied the last stiff dick and they took us to a banquet table, with fresh food being delivered every few minutes. I gobbled some shrimp like I had never eaten before.

“Pace yourself sweety,” one old dude advised me lazily.

“You will puke if you eat too much or too fast. “The cum in your belly has a lot of acidic juice in it, so you need to eat something doughy or cakey to absorb some of it,” he concluded.

I wanted some chocolate cake anyway, so I took an oversized piece to a cushion by the pool.

“If you two need a rest, you could sleep with me tonight?” he suggested. “I won’t push though, maybe you’d rather fuck all night with the guys that are here from Moscow? They looked like they knew how to have fun.”

“Yes, a night with a lovely mature man such as you, sounds good to me,” Jenny hurried to get my approval to go with hers.

“Sure, I’m getting a bit sore,” I agreed.

“Well, I will still need you to satisfy my simple needs, but okay, let’s go to my suites,” he announced and stood to leave.

The other men around the pool were not happy to see us go, but this guy must be powerful, since no one said a word as we followed the middle aged guy to his villa.

“Go, use the shower and make yourselves presentable while I check the news reports from back home,” he dropped his robe onto a hook and walked naked to a well pillowed area in the living room.

Jenny and I hit the shower together, to blast some of the sweat and cum off of our bodies. Our hair needed a thorough wash, as strings of cum were found in it.

“There is no obvious way off of this resort property,” I advised my friend. “Even if we try to swim for it, the current is heavy here, and the crews of the ocean-going tankers and container ships would not even see you as they ran over your drowning body.”

“Okay, ladies, come with me please,” he took Jenny by the hand and I followed them to a king size bed in a plush bedroom.

“You, on your back please,” he motioned to me and I moved to the middle of the bed, tits up.

“And you, get on your knees and start eating her pussy,” he pointed to me!

“Oh, I’m not Lesbian,” I explained, but that just made him look puzzled.

“Why would I care if you like eating pussy? Did I ask if you like pussy? Did I look like I care about what you like?” He asked me.

I could see that my reluctance was not going to serve us well, so I got down between my friend’s legs, and started to nuzzle up into her vagina.

“You do look real nice Penny,” I complimented my long time friend. My first taste was really just a probe, to determine just how revolting this might be.

“I think this is the easiest way to get through the night, Karina,” Penny wisly considered. “I won’t tell anyone if you don’t.”

So I pushed my tongue in further, and I had my first real taste of pussy. I have tasted my own vagina, fresh on the cock of a lover, but I had never tasted another woman. It wasn’t just the taste though, it was the texture. Eating pussy is so very different from sucking cock! I thought about how I like it, and I tried running my tongue along the top of her labia and on the outside where it folds down and swells with blood when I’m horny. She was sensitive along the outside of her labia, and also on the inside, as I lapped gently on her inner lips. She was pushing herself upwards into my tongue, so I knew that I was doing something right.

I felt the old guy’s cock push into my pussy, filling me with his fat but short pickle. He started to bounce off of my bum, going as deep as his little cock would allow. He was obviously getting excited, watching me lick cum out of my girlfriend’s snatch.

Then he stopped.

“Hold on, I have an idea,” he said, while going gaziantep eve gelen escort bayan to a cabinet.

He pulled out a semi hard dildo and brought it back to us.

“Put this in your mouth, and fuck her with it,” he instructed me as he handed me the toy.

There was a knob end that went in my mouth, then I used my face to push it into Jenny’s wet pussy. He started cranking into me again, but now his 4 inch stroke was causing me to push into Jenny’s vagina with the dildo, with my lips pressing into her labia for the final inch of the stroke. In this way my patron was effectively fucking us both.

When Jenny erupted into an orgasm, her jizz soaked the end of the dildo and her cream came to my tongue. She was still gasping and pulsing with the O, and I was tasting her sex!

My patron burst into me, hammering hard with his short stroke.

“Yeah, reverse Ladies, hurry!” he commanded and Jenny jumped away and took the dildo from my mouth.

She practically ran to get in position, with the toy in her mouth, but our host was far from ready.

“You two do 69 while I watch,” he insisted.

Jenny wanted to repay me for her wonderful orgasm, so she dropped her face between my legs and started tonguing me. I realized right away that it was not a first for her.

“All this time, I didn’t know you liked girls,” I whispered to my life long friend.

“Yeah, sorry about that,” she whispered back. “I just figured that you like boys so much, I never had the courage to try,” she admitted.

“If you two are done gabbing, you could work on my cock. I want to cum one more time before I try to sleep,” he confessed.

We both worked on his cock while he slipped a hand across our asses and played with our pussies with his finger tips. The light touch just made me forget about his 50 extra pounds.

“I think you better fuck me then,” I offered myself by laying down with my legs spread and held high. With my trim waist and this angle, he could get all of his stubby into me, and maybe we would both enjoy the process.

“I want your friend to lick out your ass while I fuck you,” he ordered.

Jenny got on her knees at the foot of the bed, and he stroked into me while my friend found my anus and she pushed her tongue into me. Just over her head, my pussy was taking a pounding. His sack tapped Jenny on the head with every stroke.

I was the first one to lose myself in the passion of an orgasm. The tongue in my ass was so damn exotic that it burst upon me, and my undulations brought the fat old guy over the top, and he shot a few more drops of his juice into my puss.

As soon as he pulled back, Jenny dove in to lick up the bit of cum. My spasms made me sensitive on my labia, so I pulled back, laughing.

“Eat her out,” our host demanded.

“I will suck on her tits, if you reward your friend with another orgasm,” the fat old fucker insisted, so I went in for another try at pleasing a woman. This time I went at it firmly. Lapping hard, I squeezed her labia together and raked across her clit roughly, pressing into her sex. The old guy did his bit, licking her nibs and pinching them with his teeth.

She started to jump, and jerk, but I kept up the hard rubbing with my tongue and lips, bringing my fingers to help. She pumped her hips upwards and cried out for a full minute, until she slowed to a stop.

The old dude pulled a blanket over himself and turned sideways, with a pillow under his head.

“Thanks ladies,” he quietly offered. “If you’re hungry in the morning, you can stay and have breakfast.”

We were both tired, and all three of us were asleep in just a few minutes.

I woke up alone, but I heard noises in the bathroom, and I could see Jenny’s chest pushed up against the wall of the shower stall. Someone was cranking into her from behind, but the stream of water kept the fucker a secret from me until he leaned forward to nuzzle Jen’s neck. His hands came around to massage her plump breasts, and they squeezed them tight enough for them to look like they would burst.

His tempo increased, and Jen’s face started to slide up on the wall with every pressing stroke.

Bap, Bap, Bap, Bap… the onslaught continued while Jen started to cry out with every tap into her pussy.

She was looking right at me as she made her cum face, with her eyes rolling back and her mouth hanging open.

“I didn’t cum yet, if you want a turn child,” the fucker pulled out of Jenny and walked her over to the makeup chair, where she sat looking dazed.

He was at least 45, but he was so handsome. His muscular chest had dark curly hair, but his waist was trim, flat and hairless. He had a full head of silver hair, with a hint of brown at the sides.

I saw his cock next. It was almost pointing straight up, he was rock hard and he stood about 7 inches long, with a modest girth.

“Come on, girl, don’t leave me hard,” he asked, while offering me his hand.

I took his hand without thinking and he pulled me to him, then he pushed me against the wall of the shower and he ripped my panties to the floor. He pushed my feet apart using his feet, then he came up behind me and thrust up and into my vagina from behind.

The thrust almost lifted me off of my feet!

“Oh,” I said.

He rammed upwards again.

“Oh,” I repeated myself.

His hands came around me and he grabbed my breasts, continuing his upward assault on my pussy.

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