Spider Knows the Score


“Jesus, Spider, what a freak you are.” Millisande snorted as she watched her poor husband strutting uncomfortably across the bedroom.

She stepped up to the big man in the little pink frock and she twisted his right nipple, watching with pleasure as he winced.

“Millie, please, it hurts.”

“It should hurt, a little bitch faggot like you needs a little hurting!”

Millie then took her rattan cane from the bed and whacked Spider on his sequined side, and began thrashing him around the head and shoulders and then on his buttocks as he covered himself with his big arms.

Finally, she threw down the cane and laughed as he wept bitterly, though she saw the little chastity tube moving back and forth. And she knew that Spider was quite aroused!

Spider was a foreman working on the Earnshaw Towers, a huge skyscraper project on the corner of Buttermilk Boulevard and Schnapps Streets.. Muscled and scary looking, he really didn’t look terribly convincing in the little pink nightgown and high heels.

It wasn’t really a negligee of today, more of a baby-doll thingie that Millisande had found in a vintage shop. Big enough, of course that it just covered Spider’s body, stopping at his thighs.

Underneath the gown, Spider was naked, except for his chastity tube. Spider and Millisande didn’t really have a whole lot in common. Millisande was an educated woman, a little neurotic.

She was an ecological bureaucrat downtown, and she’d originally met Spider with environmental concerns about one of his projects. And then she’d recognized him from a “play” party Maltepe Escort at the Paincafe, Buttermilk Falls’s BDSM themed hotel and restaurant.

At that time, Spider had been hanging from a water pipe and being thrashed by an angry black woman.

When Millisande realized he was checking her out a few days later during their discussion over the environmental impact report, things had gone rather well.

With her curly light brown hair and formidable hourglass figure, Millisande absorbed many men’s attention, and she was used to kicking the crap out of cringing academics.

She’d let Spider take her to dinner, and that night they’d gone to his apartment, and discussed the scene and their mutual interest in it. Spider had gone in the other room and brought out his old fraternity paddle.

He’d stripped and bent over the bed, and Millisande knew her mission. She’d been able to make the big man cry, and then he’d gone down on her for nearly an hour afterwards.

Today, nineteen months into their marriage, things seemed to be going swimmingly.

Millisande’s goal was to reduce Spider out of all that masculine bullshit. She’d begun humiliating him in front of the men he worked for, and that was a riot.

“So, Jose, do you know what a little wimp your boss is?” Spider would blush angrily as Jose and the other men would laugh their asses off.

Once she’d actually made Spider take his penis out in front of the men, and she’d borrowed a belt and whipped it as he’d stood there, gritting his teeth.

Now, in the little nightgown, Kurtköy Escort it looked like there was going to be real progress in the relationship.

“So I guess you’re wondering why I have you in this get up, Spider.” Millisande stood up, and Spider saw her get her short dog-whip. She stepped over to him, and did she look hot!

Karen was wearing a little corset that just went over her breasts, and hot pants, and heels almost as high as the ones Spider was being forced to wear.

“Yes ma’am.” Spider’s dick was stiffening, but it was locked in a tiny chastity tube.

Millisande had not been familiar with male chastity, that is, with devices themselves.

Her first husband, Anatole, had been a compulsive masturbator, and finally Millisande had locked all the bathroom doors in the house, and she’d whipped Anatole’s penis with a divining rod when she caught him in flagrante delicto.

Sometimes she had surprised Anatole at work, and she’d instructed his secretary to time him when he went to the bathroom.

At other times, she’d covered Anatole’s cock and balls with thorns and stinging nettles, and made him wear them around the house under his boxer shorts.

Eventually she’d given up Anatole as a lost cause, and then Spider had shown her his chastity tube on their third date.

“It keeps me honest, ma’am.” Spider had said humbly, and Millisande had been highly amused by this little contraption.

It was especially hilarious when she’d be doing her morning yoga poses in her cute little outfit, her breasts pushing against Kartal Escort the latex.

And joy, she’d see Spider watching, and his penis trying to expand in the cruel, unforgiving little tube.

And now, the tube was quivering again. Millisande swung the quirt and it slashed Spider’s shoulder. “Bend over and grab your ankles.”

“P-please. Millie, this is too much!”

“I said bend over and grab your ankles you little pansy.” Millie said this with gritted teeth.

She neatly kicked Spider between the legs, and he almost buckled before bending over, so his hairy ass was on display.

“I’m going to have all the men from your crew at work come over here some time and take turns raping that little hole of yours. I can’t wait to see how you cry like a bitch when that happens!”

Millie swung the dog-whip twelve times, and she had to give Spider credit, he didn’t make a sound, but she could see he was white as a sheet when the whipping was done.

Now, Millie stood in front of Spider. She pulled her top down so he could see her full pink breasts with the upturned nipples.

“You like these, don’t you, Spidey?”

Spider’s mouth watered.

“You’d like to suck them, wouldn’t you? You wish I’d let you out of that painfully tight chastity tube, right?”

Spider nodded, and he moved closer to Millisande’s chest. She kicked him again, right in the balls and he fell over, weeping.

“Well tough luck, idiot.”

Screaming with laughter, she left the room.

On the floor, Spider noticed that Millisande had “accidentally” dropped a key, and of course it was the key to his tube.

He unlocked the tube as he lay there, feeling the welts along his butt from the dog-whip, and thought of his beautiful wife.

Spider began rubbing his penis, wondering how he’d gotten to be such a lucky man.

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