Surreptitious Love Ch. 146


Chapter 146 – Charlie And Emily

After the divinely unctuous period sex with Nguyet a few days ago, she didn’t have time to meet this week, which was fine, as I was keen on seeing my young friend Charlie, anyway. He had already asked multiple times if we couldn’t go for coffee again. Charlie, who was 19, seemed somewhat down, as the last two encounters with his gorgeous aunt Yen, who he adored, hadn’t gone well. Neither was he happy with his relationships with the two girls in Saigon, where he was attending university. He hadn’t said it directly yet, but I surmised that he was eager to join our little orgy circle here in our sleepy town again, until he would have to go back to college in October, but he was too shy to get in touch with the ladies himself.

The funny thing was that Emily, Casey’s young calligrapher-friend, had also asked me if we couldn’t see each other and perhaps go to the vintage hotel, where our sensual encounters usually were taking place these days. Emily was Casey’s colleague, who once had drawn ideas for tattoos on the latter’s voluptuous young body. Of course, that afternoon with the two of them was escaladed nicely, and Emily and I had added two more wild, thoroughgoing fuck sessions at said old hotel, where our orgy circle usually met. Emily had described herself as ‘sexually starving’ – which now was apparently true for Charlie as well.

My idea was, of course, to bring the two of them together; ideally on the secluded balcony at ‘our’ coffee shop. They could sniff each other out a bit, and we would go from there. Should I tell them beforehand what they could expect, though? Well, since Emily, as a woman, perhaps needed a bit more time to wrap her mind around the idea of a threesome with two guys, I let her know in the end, described young Charlie a bit, and sent her two photos of him. She had already indicated a while back that she wanted to try sex with two men, and her affirmative answer came within 30 minutes.

The day we were going to meet, Nguyet tossed two ideas into my lap that she wanted me to mull over before we would see each other again the following week: first, our petite blind masseuse Hanh wanted to take part in a role-play, but Nguyet didn’t have any clue how we could arrange that and what Hanh could play, as a blind young woman. And then my long-term affair had developed an idea further that we had already discussed: Couldn’t we make better use of the 15 or so rooms at the old, charming but defunct guesthouse, where we had been meeting for the last two months?! What Nguyet had in mind was some sort of brothel, where we could reunite and breathe some fresh air into our orgy posse.

When I arrived at the café, I ordered an iced coffee, before I went upstairs to the secluded balcony and lit a ciggy. As requested by Nguyet, I began to ponder the brothel idea some more. Of course, I found it promising, partially as I also had often felt recently that it was a shame that we all had drifted apart. I never liked it, though, when people separated themselves during group sex – which was bound to happen if we had so many rooms available – but, by and large, the whorehouse idea definitely had potential. The rooms were nicely furnished, and we still had running water and electricity as well as a small kitchen. Emily, our slightly starved artist, would sure like to fuck there frequently. And Charlie probably too.

That our young blind masseuse Hanh wanted to take part in a role play was simply endearing. Outright adorable. But Nguyet was right: Who or what could she play?! I didn’t want to assign her a role as a hooker, standing at the curb – blind, as she was – but we couldn’t really film her stealing at the supermarket and then blackmail her into coming to a cheap hotel with us either, could we? I had done that with Tina once and then again with Mira and Charlie. Even giving Hanh a room at the new brothel would be iffy from a moral point of view, I found, but then Nguyet texted me that Hanh could work at the guesthouse as a masseuse. When I inquired, however, where the role-play would be then – as Hanh was already working as a masseuse – Nguyet replied a tad cryptically that ‘we could approach it differently’.

Well, so I kept thinking, as Charlie hadn’t arrived yet. Hanh couldn’t play the cleaning lady or the cook, either. And she would be in an environment with which she was unfamiliar. The only thing I could think of was that she could play a masseuse with firm principles who was still a virgin but then there would be a customer who really fell for her cute, cuddly body. That would probably yours truly. Or we turned one room into a workshop for the blind, where one customer would end up in by mistake. But that seemed a tad contrived, didn’t it?

Well, if everything went well today, at least Charlie and Emily could have fun together, grinding off more than just the peaks of their desires. From time to time, they could join us at the new brothel, or Emily could get a ‘contract’ there. She didn’t like it if there was Sex Hikayeleri another woman present during sex but that, on the other hand, was easy to arrange at the guesthouse. The downside was, though, that one couldn’t be there during the hottest scenes that the other couples had gotten themselves into – if everyone fucked in a different room. But I grew more and more optimistic that there was hope for our orgy bunch. All this went through my head, while I was waiting for Charlie, smoking and sipping coffee. Eventually, I reached for my phone to send Emily a brief message to double-check if she was coming, but then Charlie was traipsing up the rickety circular metal stairs behind me.

Oh, did Charlie look good with his new goatee, which he had grown over the last five or six months. If I had heard right, he had already ordered downstairs and now plopped his ass down across from me. Unfortunately, the cute little waitress with the tattoo on her thigh – who I wanted him to hook up with – wasn’t working today. But Emily would be here shortly. Charlie was wearing light long pants and a purple T-shirt, over which he was sporting a checked flannel shirt like a jacket, as was his habit. He fumbled a pack of cigarettes out of his shirt pocket; he had picked up the habit from Vu and Hoang – the two other guys in our fuck squad. He seemed somewhat chipper, but I could tell that there was something on his mind.

“Get cracking!” I invited him instantly, as it was already quarter past 11, and I wanted to get the piquant stories with his aunt Yen and the damsels in Saigon out of the way before Emily would get here.

“Well, Mister… e-hem Ben,” he remembered, “I don’t know if it’s me… but my aunt is acting kinda strange at the moment… sometimes, she wants me to meet her, but then, when we’re spending time together, it’s totally awkward… it’s not at all as nice as it used to be…”

His aunt Yen had given him a massage once, after he had injured his thigh, playing soccer. Aroused by her allure, he had splashed his cum over her wrist and hand, which she had taken with humor, but then she had passed him onto Nguyet and me to help the hapless male virgin along a bit. Which had worked out so splendidly that even Yen herself had come back to our orgy parties.

“Well, what do you expect her to do that she doesn’t deliver?” I asked him kinda clumsily.

“Oh, well… there are no more nice massages, for instance… once she gave me a blowjob, downstairs at her house, in the living room… but, the whole time, I was looking at their huge wedding picture across the room… right at my uncle’s eyes… and the long row of books…”

I snorted, trying not to crack up completely, but then encouraged him to continue. Simultaneously, we lit another ciggy and took a sip of our coffees.

“A tender massage? Let me lick her pussy up in her daughter’s bedroom, like we used to do?” he tossed out two ideas.

“Well, at least, she blew you… but I know you’re hoping for more, like back in spring: beguiling erotic tension galore and then proper sex…” I teased him.

Although we had licked Yen’s pussy and had penetrated her several times, Charlie had only been allowed to come inside her once; at his farewell party at the hot springs in March. But even then, she had kept her skirt on, like she was ashamed to show herself completely naked and then have sex with her biological nephew. Well, who could blame her?! But now he was suffering, longing for her divine female form, large breasts and womanly hips, her fine face and beautiful fragrant hair.

“Well, we either do it properly, or she shouldn’t invite me to her house… and feed my hopes… I know that we shouldn’t have sex… as relatives, but still…” he was torn.

“But then, you have already done it… I know you want to do it again, over and over, but… anyway: What’s the embarrassing thing you wanted to tell me about? Being blown while looking at your uncle?”

“Ha! No,” he said at first, before he took another sip of his coffee. “No, well, last week, when I was at her house, we actually did go upstairs to Linh’s bedroom… but then she wanted me to do it in her butthole… she ripped her panties off her legs and tossed me a bottle of lubricant… but, Ben, this was all so… so desperate… so hectic… it was actually kinda embarrassing…”

Linh was my hot former student with the short hair and slight limp, who was studying pharmacy in Hanoi.

“Hmh, well, actually Yen is normally outright classy… I don’t get it, either… that IS strange…” I concurred. “And why her ass?” I was curious.

“She told me that you two had done it in her butt once, and she really liked it… I think we couldn’t have sex in her pussy that day, but she didn’t have any condoms…”

“But she knows how to develop sensual situations…” I expressed my surprise again.

“Yeah, I know… but I don’t think that – just because you like anal – I will like it, too… do you know what I mean?!”

“Yeah, yeah, sure… Erotik Hikayeler odd,” I cleared my throat and nodded. “Perhaps she was ovulating that day… man, I don’t know…” I shrugged shoulders.

“And then, Ben: there were those two little balls near her butthole… like little knots… I was really afraid they would burst if we did it there…”

“Did you start, at least?” I laughed, trying to make light of this whole awkward situation.

“No, I didn’t get it on… I tried, though: I caressed her butt a bit and kissed it…but, no, those two little lumps…” he complained again.

“Those were probably hemorrhoids…” I told him. “But Yen’s such a health nut… I mean, she hadn’t realized…?! Did you tell her?”

“Nope… that whole afternoon was… a mess… I don’t know… she should just have massaged me… I would have caressed her and then come on her hand or her boobs… that would have been so lovely… and enough, I guess…” he added quietly.

As his story was a bit depressing – as promising as it, by and large, was – I switched topics and asked him about his love affairs at college in Saigon, as Ho Chi Minh City was often called here in Vietnam, knowing that that might not turn out completely cheerful, either.

“Well, at first, I had a girlfriend who was pretty shy… she only wanted to do it in the evening, before we would sleep… in the dark, under the bedsheets… and only with a condom… but then I met another chick and broke up with Vien… but Trinh, the new one, got on my nerves soon… you know, she drinks too much… so that was a big mistake…”

“But sex is more exciting with Trinh, I presume?”

“In the beginning it was, yes… but then, she’s often too drunk… actually, she only wants sex when she’s drunk… Ben, do you think there’s a chance that we could sort it out with my aunt?” he broached the topic again.

Ha! He couldn’t let go of Yen. But I also admired him for his tenacity.

“I think the problem is that she has a bad conscience… I think your best bet might be in a group again… with Nguyet and Thuy… and Vu, perhaps…”

“I think you need to be there too, Ben… she’s always so sexy and ravishing when you are around…” he remembered. “Then, she laughs a lot… and everything is easy…”

Well, that was true. Yen and I had only had awesome hours together. With or without Charlie.

“Do you want me to…?”

He didn’t even let me finish the question.

“Yes, please…” he nodded, but then added: “But do you know what: she made me curious about this anal sex thing… with her… when those small knots… those homo… hemo… hemorrhoids are gone… but we need to develop the whole thing nicely…”

“Sure. I don’t think I’ll tell her to have them removed – she knows that – but we could certainly invite her to another session… your cock isn’t too thick… oh, you’ll love it… but does it have to be Yen, or can you imagine trying anal with another woman first. Nguyet or Thuy, let’s say…?”

I didn’t want to bring up Emily, as Charlie didn’t know her yet. He didn’t even know that she would be here in five minutes. And that he could fuck her if they liked each other. Probably in her ass, too.

Her face was brightening: “Frankly, I’ve thought about that already… I mean, meeting with Mrs. Nguyet… or Mrs. Thuy… yes, but… I wasn’t sure if I could… ask them…”

Both, Nguyet and Thuy, were more than ten years his senior. Each.

“Unfortunately, Mira is still in the Philippines… but she said she’ll be back in October or November…” Charlie added quickly.

“Well, let’s get in touch with Nguyet, first,” I proposed and then told him about our plans to start a ‘brothel’ together at the old guesthouse.

“Hanh might be there too… her massages are divine; you know…”

“Oh… yeah, but she’s blind,” he had another complaint.

“So what? Yes, she’s blind and tiny but she likes sex, as you know… and she’s quite experienced…”

“Yeah, ok, perhaps when she’s in a group, together with Mrs. Nguyet or Thuy… sure…”

“Well, Charlie, are you ready for this: Do you wanna meet another young woman today?” I finally popped the Champagne bottle.

His eyes instantly widened: “Who? You mean right now? I mean, today? I’m supposed to meet someone this afternoon…”

“Dude, with all the shit with the girls that you went through lately… don’t you just wanna fuck and get it out of your system?!”

“Well, yeah, sure… but who is it?”

“You don’t know her yet… but she’s quite a treat… I didn’t know her, either, when we did it the first time… it was absolutely awesome… perhaps because we didn’t know each other…”

“She… she… I mean… so you already have… her?”

I nodded and hollered downstairs to order another round. Should I tell him that she was as sexually starved as he was? Maybe not. But I was also too lazy to describe her to him, as she would be here any minute now. Instead, I checked my phone Tecavüz Hikayeleri to see what time it was and then saw that Emily had sent a message. ‘Will be 5 min late’, it read.

“Yeah, I think her name is Que Truc or Truc Que, but she goes by Emily… she’ll be here in five minutes…”

Charlie was thinking, perhaps how he could gracefully get out of his other appointment.

“Well, ok, I mean, if she’s here in five minutes… but maybe she won’t like me…” he showed his self-deprecating streak again.

“Well, there’s always that risk… but if the two of you don’t click, we’ll see Nguyet in a few days, perhaps together with Hanh… then, you can sow some wild oats…”

“Oh, Ben, that’s not what it is about…” he backpedaled. “I just don’t like this emotional roller-coaster with my aunt… Are we going to do it or not?! That’s just nerve-wrecking… it’s like being teased on and on… well, to be fair, with Trinh, the drunk girl, sex was almost always pretty good…” he added for some reason.

The waitress had brought our second round of coffees, and we again lit a ciggy at the same time.

“How old it Truc Que… Emily?” he began to get used to the thought of her showing up shortly.

“Like 24. She’s pretty adventurous… and somewhat experienced… she works at the same company as Nguyet… she does web design or something… she can draw really well…”

Since the fair lady was letting us wait a bit, I decided to tell Charlie how Emily had drawn her tattoo ideas onto Casey’s lush body. Charlie seemed to like the story and was perhaps already thinking of getting a tattoo himself. When I mentioned that Casey was Hoang’s girlfriend, Charlie asked if he couldn’t also see those two during a little orgy, perhaps.

“Sure. I gotta call them anyway… I haven’t seen them for while… I was busy breaking in Nguyet,” I laughed, before I briefly told him the plot of our role-play – which seemed to be ending, though.

For some reason, he ignored what I told him about Nguyet to ask about Thuy, the woman who had deflowered him last Christmas, after he had shied away from Mira’s large, almost penis-like clit.

“Same here, man. I haven’t seen her for a while… we’ll ask Nguyet,” I had just said when we heard an older motorcycle arrive downstairs.

A minute later, Emily was finally coming up the stairs. She smiled at me, before she extended her hand toward Charlie. They were looking at each other slightly longer than necessary, which I liked, of course. And as soon as she had sat down, they were checking each other out again, as they knew they were meeting to fuck this afternoon. Eventually, they started some smalltalk, which gave me the chance to look at her for a bit. Emily was wearing a tight, thickish white top, which left her shoulders exposed, and darker blue jeans, which weren’t tight enough, though, to show her trademark camel toe. She had put on lipstick, but I wasn’t sure if the straps I saw belonged to her bra or her top; narrow and adjustable as they were.

As I needed to pee, I offered to order her a drink downstairs:

“Well, I don’t have much time,” she said quietly. “I gotta drive back to the headquarters around 1:30. I went home, briefly, you know…” she apologized, appearing out of breath.

Or was she already aroused, in anticipation of double-cock? Well, as nondescript a she could come across, Emily had dolled up quite a bit, but in a really stylish way: simple, clear, solid colors and a tight top to amplify her bosom (which wasn’t ample by itself). Charlie offered her a sip of his coffee – which I found graceful – and which she took after two seconds of hesitation. She smiled at him when she returned the glass. Oh, yeah, it really looked like things were materializing. Charlie typed a message – presumably to the person he was going to see this afternoon – and I moved six inches to the right to be able to admire her better. After all, I hadn’t seen her for almost two months. Eventually, Charlie moved a bit to his left, and now we had ambushed her nicely.

“Have you hit on Quynh?” I was curious.

Emily had fallen in love with a young female colleague on a business trip recently, with whom she had even shared the hotel room, but she had been too bashful to make her feelings known. She had told me that seeing that young girl’s lovely black bush under her seersucker PJ shorts had driven her over the edge. Quynh’s thighs were apparently divine, too. Smooth, long, and shapely. She was about 19 or so and had naturally curly hair, which was a rarity in Vietnam.

Emily laughed: “Technically, I haven’t hit on her, but we’re spending quite a bit of time together… at work and also afterwards…”

“Does she know yet how much you like her, though?”

“Well, I’ve hinted it…” she shrugged shoulders. “But it’s gonna take time… she’ so young and inexperienced…”

Well, I didn’t want to press the issue further, partially as Emily and Charlie could fuck themselves senseless over the next month or so. I realized that Emily had a new pair of glasses, which had brought an end to the endearing gesture of nudging her frames up her nose. I missed it already. As it looked like we were going to leave any moment, I suppressed the urge to piss to continue to witness the dynamic between the two.

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