The Cul-De-Sac Ch. 03


My bedside alarm rang at 6am. I showered, dressed in slacks and a T-shirt then picked up the spare key to Eve’s house.

Because it was raining hard it was unlikely that there was anyone around in this area to see me hurry next door, but I did notice a small cabin cruiser tied up on my mooring.

Clothes off; creep upstairs and follow the sound of sex emanating from the door to Helen’s bedroom, which was open.

It was an extremely erotic sight. Two lovely young women, nude, shapely and well developed, were breast to breast with each other and both were really enjoying the situation.

Linda was lying across the bed on her back. Her legs were wrapped around Helen who was bending over her wearing a strap-on dildo. She was supporting herself with her hands placed eitherside of Linda’s head as she energetically pumped the dildo into Linda’s obviously wet sex.

I know it was wet because of squelch when her vulva smacked into Linda and the slurping and sucking noise it made each time that Helen’s hips were pulled back in readiness for the next trust forward.

The smell and sounds of sex were very arousing, at least to me they were.

Schmesch – ooohh – sthrurrppthrurck, Schmesch – ooohh – sthrurrpthrurck.

That’s a background noise I could live with.

I went back along the corridor to what would have been Eve’s bedroom. I removed the lube from the bedside drawer and sprayed my cock before returning to the lovers.

This had not been part of my original plan; that had been for me to uncover Linda’s shapely body and interfere with it until she was in a receptive mood for a really long, slow, fuck. If there had been any residual energy after Linda had collapsed from fatigue I would have been only too pleased to wear myself out screwing Helen.

That plan crumbled to dust as I viewed the scene before me. All I could think of was that for a ‘plan B’, it had a lot going for it.

My attention was now riveted on one fantastic bottom pumping forward and backward with her pink slit visible between her thighs and buttocks. The fact that I could also see what she was pumping into was icing on the cake.

They were for too engrossed in what they were doing to realize that they were not alone. The first Helen knew of my presence was when I held her soft bottom cheeks apart, pushed my erection between her buttocks and inserted it into her vagina.

She jerked; which caused Linda to receive a much stronger thrust against her cervix, which caused her to open her mouth to complain and thereby let go of the engorged nipple she’d just started to suck, and say:

“Peter; don’t you dare stop her. OOHH fuck, OOHH, don’t you dare stop her. OOHH. You’re doing exactly what she wants you to do. She said she wanted you to, OOOH, fuck her again. OOHH AAGH, before we go back to Uni, but you could have waited for me to have my treat, OOH.”

I held Helen’s hips and shoved my cock into her. When my groin smacked into her bottom it forced her forward and rammed the dildo down Linda’s vagina.

Helen humped her bottom backwards as I pulled on her hips and withdrew my cock before ramming it back into her waiting vagina thus causing her to ram her dildo back into Linda’s slurping love tube.

Linda cried out:

“OOOhhhh this is heaven; fuck her OOHH, harder Peter. She fucked me last night and it was so good to have her do that, but this is so fucking erotic. I want more.

“Fuck her Peter; AAGH OHHH, screw her until she cums OH FUCK, and then use her AAGH, anus. She fucked mine and I OHH FUCK, want to see her face when you shove your cock into hers.”

A hand came round my waist; it was holding a slim dildo which was wet with what I assumed was lube. The dildo slid past Helen’s sphincter and it appeared to have no trouble at all in sliding down Helen’s anal canal until there was only the bulbous end protruding from her anus.

Linda spoke; “Mum, AAGH, why are you here?”

“I came for Helen, but as Peter has beaten me to it, I’ll wait for him to tire and then I’ll take her into the other bedroom, Eve is warming the bed up for us. We’ll entertain her while Peter sorts you out.”

I can take a hint. I began to fuck Helen as hard and as fast as I could. She began screaming and yelling just the same as Linda had, because of the dildo up her rear which was pressing the wall of her vagina against my swollen and thrusting cock. This was causing sensations she had certainly never experienced before.

Linda was telling her how much she enjoyed the proceedings, when, for one last time she yelled:

“OH YES, OH FUCK, I’M CUMMING, OOOH that is soohh…”

I pulled my still swollen cock, and the dildo, out of Helen as she slumped forward onto Linda who was now busy trying to extricate herself from Helen’s embrace. This left me with the problem of; what to do with said swollen cock?

Donna was close. It would be a waste not to combine those two facts. Before she had time to react I pushed her onto her back alongside her daughter. I was so Maltepe Escort concentrated in pushing her skirt up to her waist that I didn’t realize just how quickly her legs had opened to present me with an unmissable target.

I entered her, slowly. I savoured every moment of sliding down her tunnel whilst fondling her gorgeous breasts. We began to fuck with a slow steady pace and then I noticed that, once again, Linda was on her back with Helen between her thighs.

She was being screwed with a steady rhythm to which I adjusted mine and we grinned at each other as we screwed mother and daughter.

Mother and daughter turned their heads to face each other and smile as all four of us gasped, grunted, moaned and sighed to our individual climaxes.

Eve applauded from the doorway and announced that as it seemed unlikely that Donna was going to return to her bedroom with Linda, she’d taken the liberty of fetching bread from my house and was now about to make coffee and toast for all. After that she would be quite happy to hear the descriptions of what had happened.

Once the pre breakfast snack was over we dressed in order to return to our original departure points in some semblance of decency to shower and change. Eve of course was not as tired as the rest of us so she caught the washing-up and laundry detail, and anyway, it was her house.

I went back to my own bed and slept for the rest of the morning. On the way back I did notice that the cabin cruiser had left.

After showering and dressing I found that the women were all in Eve’s house. They had been giving it a good clean and airing as well as removing stale or rotting food.

Apart from occasional visits to get a change of clothing, Eve had hardly set foot in the house since my accident and it had needed to be sorted.

I offered a pub lunch and Linda said she knew of a good place if we were happy to walk for about a mile. No problem, and three hours later we returned.

What we did notice as we left the house was that the cabin cruiser had returned and was moored on the opposite bank of the canal. That was odd because there was no tow path on that side and we couldn’t see anyone moving around on the boat.

We returned just in time to see it moving along the canal steered by a woman with a young man sitting alongside her.

We chatted and made plans for the future. Linda and Helen would be back here for the end of term in December and Jean should be with us by then. This made six of us to accommodate and feed. They were in their element planning what we would do and how it would be organised. For which I was grateful. This Christmas was going to be a lot livelier than any of my previous ones.

Donna rang Linda’s and Helen’s college administration department’s voicemail to inform them that Helen and Linda were sick and would be unable to return until Tuesday.

The rest of that day was spent loafing around. We watched a video and generally rested from the previous two days of almost constant and fairly frenetic sexual activity.

Donna and I slept in my bed and despite its size we spent the first two or three hours in the same small area. We didn’t have sex; we made soft gentle love, and fell asleep holding hands. Actually I fell asleep holding a breast and she fell asleep holding that hand in place.

The morning post brought the news I had been waiting for. My vasectomy would take place on the coming Friday. I was also informed of the action I had to take, which was to shave my pubic hair on the day before.

Eve quickly volunteered to do that for me and Donna said that she had no problem with that. I certainly didn’t because it was a certainty that shaving me was not the only service Eve would perform for me and hopefully she’d want to practice before Thursday.

The day was spent just relaxing, there were occasional absences as a pairing took place and then sloped off to a bedroom for a bonding. I was on cloud nine because both Linda and Helen were quite happy to masturbate me as I sat in an armchair.

As Helen worked her magic on my cock she told me that she was really happy to have met Linda and now her mother and friends. She was so pleased at no longer having to pretend that she was a frigid female.

She hadn’t expected University life to be anything but misery and had been determined to stay away from men. It appeared that Linda had done her a bigger favour than she realized.

They said that they were going to miss the chance to feel hard cock whenever they wanted to, so they’d take the opportunity to pleasure themselves by doing what I wanted. What I wanted and got was almost constant masturbation by them. It was followed by a memorable fuck from Eve straddling me, which rounded off a lovely afternoon.

The next day, Linda and Helen returned to their University and the three of us prepared for the good life by deciding that the three of us should live in the one house while the others were away.

For three days it was Kartal Escort heaven. I could fuck a hot body whenever I wished, however I, or they, wished. On Thursday Eve eventually got around to shaving me. On Friday I had the snip. There would be two weeks of enforced abstinence and then I could fuck just as before, but another ten weeks before being tested to see if I failed to produce sperm. If no sperm present then whoopee.

Donna started her new job which meant she had more time at home and wasn’t so weary after work. This in turn meant that she was more receptive to sexual overtures from both me and Eve when she returned home. Unfortunately I had to refrain from using my cock, but Eve made up for that.

The two weeks were up, all the soreness had gone.

Donna was at work so, on my return from the check-up at the hospital Eve took the brunt of my frustrated libido. I didn’t say a word when I arrived home; I just forced Eve onto her back on the sofa and pulled her skirt off.

As I removed my trousers I told her get her knickers off or I’d rip them off. Forcing her legs apart I leant above her and then I shoved my swollen erection into her and rammed it down her vaginal passage. She squealed; she squirmed, she wrapped her legs around me and told me to be rough. I was.

I had a load of lust to get out of my system and Eve had just given me permission to dump it on her. The buttons on her blouse tore off as I ripped it open.

She rarely wore a ‘bra so her breast were nicely available for gripping and squeezing as I pounded into her. She tried to get her hands around my neck but I managed to grasp her wrists and press them against the restrain her.

I sucked a nipple into my mouth and then began to really smack my groin against her as I penetrated deep into her. The litany began softly but gradually rose in volume:

“Oh fuck: oh ffuckk, Fuck me, ffuck me, more FUCK me OOHH FFUCKK OOH THAT HURTS, DO IT AGAIN, MY CUNT’S ON FIRE, FUCK, YYESS OH YYESSSS.”

I felt her vaginal muscles squeezing my cock as she exploded into her climax. She was spent, I wasn’t, but I shouldn’t have done what I did next. I had a red mist and a still swollen and burning cock to get rid of so I didn’t even consider my next move, it just happened.

I pulled out of her slopping sex, lifted her backside high and shoved my raging erection into her anus. It hurt her. I knew it had hurt her by the way she wailed, but it couldn’t be undone so I kept going into her rectum.

She helped me by grasping the cheeks of her bottom and pulling them wider apart. I withdrew half my length and then thrust it back into her and she gasped, but said:

“Peter; get the ‘lube from side table, please.”

I couldn’t reach it from my position so I had to pull out of her arse and get the lube. I sprayed me and her and then set to work on her anus once again. The lube did its job and I was soon listening to happy grunts and gasps as my cock slid in and out of her backside.

I came without a warning of any kind, I just erupted into her. I slowed down and then stopped as my cock deflated inside her.

It was a satiated and sweaty couple who staggered upstairs to the bathroom. Eve took the bath, I took the shower. I was finished first and so, fresh and dressed I went downstairs to make lunch. There was a note lying on the doormat.

There was a ‘phone number in the note and a message asking me to ring it at 3pm.

AT 3pm I did as requested, the speaker was on so that Eve could hear whatever conversation took place. I also recorded it. The call was answered by a woman. She told me that she was in the boat that had been moored across from my house on occasions, and that she had her nephew with her.

She told me that she wanted to have a meeting with me and that because she was in a wheelchair it would be preferable if that meeting was held in my house. In order for this to take place she would appreciate it if I would allow her to moor at our private mooring and unlock the gate. She wouldn’t divulge anything over the ‘phone.

I told her to come and moor in my slot and I’d come down to the canal and she could tell me face to face, then I would decide.

We did that. The boat had been much modified to allow her to get about in her lightweight wheel chair. She was around fifty years old, slim and attractive. After introducing herself as Mary and her nephew as John, she told me that she knew I was called Peter. Then she asked me a question:

“Tell me Peter, do you know how easy it is to hear faint sounds when there is no background noise?”

I told her that I had no idea.

“This why I didn’t want to talk on the mobile.

“We were coming back from the end of the canal and the engine began to falter as we approached this stretch of the canal. I moored on your mooring so that John could clean the fuel filter. Because there are no houses or roads around here it is very quiet. What we heard, and have heard on other occasions was the sound Kurtköy Escort of your friend’s sexual activity.

“It was obviously extremely enjoyable and so it was obviously nothing to be concerned about, but it did have a very surprising and positive effect, both on me and my nephew.

“He really is my nephew; but I’ve become so desperate lately that I decided to seduce him. The trouble is that he can’t manage to do what I need him to do. He’ll happily play with my body, but he is unable to stay stiff long enough to actually enter me. After we heard what we heard from across your street he had an erection stiffer than any I had ever seen him get before.

“It did not change a thing, he still couldn’t do what I wanted. It’s the fact that my legs are totally useless, I can’t feel them and I need assistance to get into, and hold, any sexual position. The trouble is that, of course, he gets all frustrated that he has no real sexual outlet apart from me wanking and fellating him, and a nineteen year old lad needs more than that.

“You have no idea how embarrassed I am about this, but I need to know if you would consider having sex with me occasionally. Even once a month would make me very happy. My husband was a gynaecologist and he showed me exactly what you could achieve with a willing pussy and a cock and I miss that terribly.”

“I think you’d better come to the house.”

Once in the house and seated with coffee and biscuits I told Mary what I’d understood from what she’d told me:

“Tell me if go wrong. You want to have sex, and you have no one other than John to provide it, and he can’t. You’ve heard the sound of sex coming from here and so you want to join us.”

“Yes, that’s the bare facts. I lost my husband and my legs below the knees in a traffic accident when a lorry jack-knifed. I’ve been stuck in a wheelchair for ten years, that’s why I tried to get John to screw me, but I need more than the bloody vibrator that John uses on me.

“His dad is a someone in the church and my sister would never understand, I think she tried sex once and got John. She probably thinks it was a punishment for having a man.

“Have you ever tried a woman?”

“No, I don’t know of any who would be interested, and above all I have to be discrete.”

“What do think Eve?”

“Before this goes any further I think we should find out if she will have sex with a women, otherwise there’s point in continuing.

“So, will you have sex with a woman?”

“It seems that I won’t be accepted otherwise. It can’t be bad for me, so yes I will.”

“What about John, He doesn’t have much to say for himself, does he want to be part of what you’re proposing?”

“I’m sorry, I forgot to tell you that he’s dumb. I can sign and when I told him what I was thinking of asking you, he said yes he would like to be part of whatever happened.”

Eve said that she must by now have realized that we were actually considering her proposal. We needed to know what sort of arrangement would be suitable for her and John.

We learned that Mary was financially secure. She owned her house, which was a few miles away, and by the canal. She’d bought the boat and had it modified so that she could actually get out and about.

What she wanted was to visit us occasionally but she also wanted us to visit her because her house was more suitable for her particular needs.

“You have to understand that I’ve spent a great deal of time watching your family and I could see that you were really happy and obviously loved each other so much that incest was inevitable.

“Eventually I realized that you weren’t all related and that at least two of your group were visitors. That gave me the idea of approaching you, I couldn’t think of a safer group for us to join. I needed to be certain of discretion and I think you would provide that.

“Which woman would I have sex with, your wife?”

“I understand your confusion. Eve is not my wife, none of us are married. As the phrase goes, we are ‘friends with benefits’. I expect that you’ll be enjoyed by all of them, it’s my bet that you’ll enjoy their attentions just as much.

“Currently there are two women and myself living here permanently with one to arrive in the near future. You must have seen two others because they were responsible for most of the stuff you overheard and they will return in December.”

“The third member of our group will be here very shortly so please dine with us then we can bring her up to date. After that we’ll discuss arrangements. It’s obvious that you need to be downstairs and we can cope with that.”

Donna arrived home. Introductions were made and so was dinner. Donna agreed that what we were proposing would be a good thing to do. There was a great deal of anticipation in Eve’s input.

“So let’s get going.”

“How long can you be here for today?”

“There’s no fixed time, John is staying with me at the moment because his parents are away on what they termed as ecclesiastical business.”

“If you wish we can arrange a bed downstairs, but I think we can manage without it for this evening. You’ll have to guide us about what you can manage. We’ll do our best to satisfy your all needs and I rather think that John is going to enjoy this.

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