The Best Gift Ever Ch. 03


By the time Bobby had cleaned the table and returned the kitchen back to its immaculate state he went eagerly in search of his new mistress. Finding her seated in the living area, her chair positioned so she could look out over the lake she intently perused through a woman’s magazine. What struck him now was how thin her waist and slim torso was and how they contrasted so beautifully with the profound mounds of breasts. Whenever he walked behind she loved watching her move, and who wouldn’t? She had that slender-strong build with the sweetest ass he’d ever seen. And from the front she looked even better; two sumptuous mounds, long legs, and a sweet as and a curvatious frame were indeed something to behold. He knew her tits must be firm and he could only imagine how luscious she’d look wearing only panties.

Bobby always considered himself a breast guy. But not just breasts for he loved pussy and ass too. But whenever he looked at her from the side, she nearly took his breath away every time he viewed her profile. Her breasts had to be D-cupped orbs although the possibly they were double D wasn’t beyond the realm of possibility. Indeed mistress had some sweet looking tits. He hadn’t yet laid a hand on them but he had felt them press against him and could tell then they were firm and full. Although she didn’t have gigantic tits, his mind thinking of full-figured women who had mounds three or four times the size of hers, it was the juxtaposition of waist to bust that made them so stunning. If she had anything larger than a 23″ waist he’d be floored; just as he’d be if she was anything less than a 34 D up top. And the way she carried herself; that perfect posture with shoulders back and back straight, the straightness of her neck, her fantastic muscle definition, the way she moved; the strength of her slim athletic body – God, it all added up to the making of one fine – sweet – vivacious – and very wealthy woman who he now loved; and who know owned him.

Bobby didn’t know what to do after cleaning the kitchen so he decided to stand kind of near, kind of behind, kind of out-of sight, kind of in-sight, waiting. Deb made no move for some while and only after she had gone through every page of the magazine that Bobby thought must have been 300 pages long, did she look over her shoulder.

“You know you can sit down and relax if you want. I mean, this is your home now. Well, it isn’t really yours, but you know what I mean.”

“I wasn’t sure if you had other plans. That’s all.”

Deb maintained an inscrutable expression although even then, she still looked utterly gorgeous. “No, I’m just enjoying a beautiful day after having a tasty lunch. Have you noticed the water skiers out on the lake?” She half motioned with a turn of her head to the water off in the distance. Standing she walked over to the massive nine-foot tall windows.

“Honestly I haven’t.” He came next to her and peered out, not really caring much about watching the skiers trailing behind expensive power boats and making small contrails on the lakes’ surface. His mind was far removed although wetness and contrails sure would be nice marks to make on the right surface. Eagle Mountain Lake just wasn’t one of them. At least right now it wasn’t. He was thinking about other surfaces – her surfaces.

“Do you ski?” She asked interrupting his revere.

“Uh huh.”

“Did you mean, Yes Mistress?”

Bobby flushed red. “I’m sorry. I’m distracted. I should have answered you properly.”

“Yes you should have,” she replied, her voice rising in inflection. “No go ahead.”

“Go ahead? You lost me.”

“Say it!”

“Oh,” I’m so sorry.” He dropped to his knees and knelt at her feet, kissing the tops of both ankles and feet. Debra nearly jumped in surprise but stepped back out of the way before he could touch her.

“What are you trying to do, Robert?!”

“I’m sorry I didn’t address you properly. I felt I needed to pay homage to your feet as penance. I don’t know why. I just did.”

“Stand up!”

He did.


Bobby assumed the position and looked into the brown eyes that caused so many heads to turn. Debra stared back watching the flush on his face deepen and sighed.

“Look. If I correct you for something small like this, just right-the-ship so we can move on. There is no need to dote all over my feet simply because you forgot to respond the way I told you. I mean, I know you’ve done it right a hundred times before. You can worship my feet later but now is not the time.

“Yes Mistress,” he whispered guiltily.

“What if you said ‘uh-huh’ when I had company and I corrected you? Would you drop to the floor and make a scene like that in public?”

“Probably not.”

“You mean absolutely not! There is no way in hell, pardon my French,” she added, “that I ever want you drawing unnecessary attention, especially like that. If I want attention, I’ll give you a good reason to give it and in that instance you better – no matter who is with us or watching. But, until that day comes, you do the sensible thing and just get fix it.”

She looked down at his limp cock. urfa escort Most of the life had left the floppy sausage. She giggled sympathetically at it. “What a pathetic pair you two are. When one is happy so is the other. When one is sad, then the other toddles along right behind. It’s only right you two were joined at the groin!” She cupped his floppy cock and flung it upward – hard enough that it slapped against his stomach. As soon as it fell back she repeated the cupping and flinging sequence; laughing even harder with each successive toss. Bobby dropped the ‘I’m so unworthy’ attitude and cracked a smile. When she had tossed his meat against his abs several times it finally responded – twitching and then to her delight she watched it swell. Playing the ricochet game a little longer things really kicked into gear.

“That’s my boy!” Deb cheered. “Come on. Get it up, little guy!” She flipped it again. This time it barely hit his abs and didn’t fall nearly as far.

“He does like you,” Bobby said coltishly.

“Geese Bobby, I think I might be on to something!” She flung it harder still but this time it didn’t barely moved. When it stopped bobbing it looked directly at her hips and then swelled even further until it arched up some thirty degrees above the horizontal. The freaking thing was rockish hard! “I do believe I need to measure that thing. Don’t move Baby. Just keep it hard for me.”

She returned with a cloth tape flowing behind, plopped to her knees and swallowed him in one swift motion. Running one hand lustily over his abs and chest she jacked away at his cock with the other. Bobby momentarily had thoughts that this must be what heaven feels like. His cock swelled almost painfully. It was so hard. He felt Mistress’s squeeze but her fingers made little, to no impression. Not even one more droplet of blood would be going into that thing any time soon.

Satisfied he was as big as he was going to get, she wrapped the tape around the middle of his penis and read, “Five and five eighths inches.”

Sliding the cloth toward the tip she measured again just proximal to the coronal ridge separating the shaft and head and read aloud, “five and five eighths inches again. Let’s see what your head is. That’s a little bigger.”

“Mmmm, I think that it’s almost six but I can’t get the tape to stay. Here, put your finger here and hold it. Yep. It’s six even.”

She efficiently moved to one side, taking in the cock’s profile and squatted, “Stay still. I want to see how long this big boy is.”

Placing one end at the base and barely pressing into the flesh where it joined his pubis she stretched it, letting it slide through her fingers until she aligned her eye with the tip of his head and read enthusiastically, “Eight and one quarter inches!” Hey I knew you were way above the five and a half inch average. You have about three more inches of manly cock than the average pecker!” She giggled once more at the unintended pun.

Bobby laughed aloud. “As long as you like it, I’m happy,” he said modestly.

“Happy! Bobby, I’m ecstatic! I love this thing. I can’t believe Sharon kept it locked all the time. What’s that cage like two inches long?”

“You are dead on. It was exactly two inches.”

“Well this mistress has no intention of letting your best part go to waste.” And with that remark she grabbed his steel pole and pulled him purposefully down the stairs, through the hallway and into the mistress bedroom.

“Finally!” Bobby thought. His chest pounded. The time had come! He felt like his heart was about to explode. Each step down the stairs and through the hallway brought him a step closer to her naked body! “Yes,” he thought, “this is what heaven must be like!”

“Get on the bed. On your back. I’m going to mount you and you are going to lie perfectly still. You are not permitted to cum under any circumstances while I fuck you.”

He knew what was coming next and she didn’t disappoint?”


He grinned. “Yes Mistress. I’ll do my best.”

Deb stood over him, straddling his hips and slipped her top up and over her head. Bobby inhaled sharply. Her thin strong waist and mint green bra popped into view. His cock pulsed. He could feel the pressure of his erection feeling. Unclasping the bra it fell free and her lovely breasts burst into view. Perky upturned nipples sitting atop perfectly shaped voluptuous breasts hung high on her chest. There was almost no droop – just sheer beauty. She looked magnificent.

Looking up from his vantage point her mounds projected outward, sitting on a thin torso and delicate ribs. Mistress bent over, her tits assumed a conical shape. Looking down into his eyes she pulled her shorts and panties off in one proficient motion. She straddled his hips again. Her pussy lips were full and puffy, like some tropical flower ready to open in blossom in spring. Bobby could see the moisture from her wetness. She was horny and he imagined she was just as excited as he was at the thought of mounting him for the first time.

“You’re so beautiful,” he said softly. balıkesir escort

“I won’t disagree with you,” she said smiling. Just then a single drop of her nectar slipped free from her crevice and landed on his abdomen.

“I guess I drip too when I’m horny.” Her voice was soft and luscious. “And I’m going to take all of you, my slave.”

She knelt slowly and deliberately positioning her shaved mound over his balls letting his cock jut upward like some medieval sword. Reverently she pressed the thick shaft against her tummy and then closed both fists around it. They failed to hide all of him from view. He was just that big.

“My slave has a splendid cock.” She cooed and milked it slowly encouraging a long stream of clear fluid to exit the large slit and wander down and over her hand.

Bobby lay in la-la land. She was such a goddess; perfectly created and about to claim him as her prize possession. He only hoped he was up for the task. There was nothing lacking; nothing at all. He watched as she slowly lifted her hips until his spear pointed directly at her tunnel. It had been more than ten years since she had done this but her past wasn’t a factor now. Her issues, her apprehensions, her reservations, nothing mattered. Feeling completely overwhelmed with desire she sunk slowly amidst a gasp of unbridled pleasure. Bobby watched her puffy outer lips part and then stretch wide. Only then did the delicate inner ones latch on to him, conforming perfectly and swallow him. She sank down in stages. First only the bulbous head entered. Then another inch or two vanished. When he was over halfway inside she closed her eyes and fell on him fully with a shudder and gasp. Sinking until she could take no more she rested. Her back arched gloriously as if to present her tits to him. Only the steel collar remained visible. She sat arching, her tits pushed forward, her tummy sucked inward to reveal lean ribs and an even smaller stomach. There was no fat on her body other than where God intended it to be. And those fantastic breasts were topped with pebbled nipples. She drew her stomach in again and arched, grinding her hips in small erotic circles.

She knew he was staring at her hefty tits and knew they satisfied every bit of his imagination. She knew she was beautiful and loved that he thought so. More than anything she wanted him to view her as pleasing. Despite her rise to prominence as a beauty queen there was still a bit of insecurity. When she saw his eyes and saw the obvious lust she grinned.

“I’m glad you like my body.”

“Oh Mistress, you’re beyond beautiful.”

“Thank you,” she groaned. “So are you.”

“You’re so beautiful,” he said again.

“I’m going to take you, my slave,” she whispered. “Lay still and let me enjoy this. You belong to me now.”

“Yes Mistress. Enjoy me. Do whatever you want.” He felt the pressure of her muscles contracting around him. She was so tight; much tighter than any woman he had ever been with. The feelings generated were almost overwhelming and she had barely begun to move. Vaginal muscles milked him as if they had a mind of their own. She rose and sank, this time cooing with pleasure. Rising again she fell more quickly, her tight cunt squeezing and massaging her slave’s cock expertly with each rise and fall.

She hadn’t ever mounted a man. Never in all her years. Growing up with conservative values she had always assumed the woman had to be on the bottom in the classic missionary position so the man could move on her until he came. The fact she had been one of the prettiest girls as far back as she could remember didn’t matter. When she married she perpetuated those same values and after being raped, well, that was the last time she ever had done it. However, since learning of the ways of a mistress from Mariko, she had considered the ‘what ifs’ and the ‘what if I’m in control’ and the ‘what if I get to decide how to make love’ from this position. Considering it all, she knew she had to start things off right and determined this would be her position of choice; and it felt so good sitting on him. Indeed it was. She rejoiced at the feel of her mount the feel of his knob sunk inside.

She lifted, and then looked at the glistening post vaulting upward, its terminus hidden somewhere with the inner folds of her sex. Seeing her juices coating his skin with that translucent sheen drove her on. He was so hers! She could feel it. She had a slave and a fucking stud of a slave at that! Relishing in the sight of his chest heaving and listening to the guttural groans of pleasure she continued her assault. Delighting in seeing his eyes take in her body lustfully, knowing she hadn’t given him permission to touch what he wanted so bad felt good. Feeling powerful for the first time invigorated her. She hadn’t even given him permission to stroke her legs or arms let alone the breasts she knew he ached to squeeze. No, this time was for her even though she could see the surges of pleasure exploding in tiny micro-bursts in his eyes with every movement she made on his most sensitive organ. After oscillating trabzon escort on his club slowly for some minutes she quickened her pace and as she did Bobby’s breath accelerated in near perfect rhythm. She rode this animal; wanting this to last for many more minutes.

“I’m just getting started with you, slave. You feel so good!”

She heard him grunt as she pounded away on his massive shaft. Resting her hands on the tops of his thighs and arching back she heaved her tits heavenward. Rocking her pelvis against the sensitive underbelly of his cock felt so good. The added pressure suddenly brought about the audible sounds of ragged breathing and gasps from her slave beneath. She felt him squirm; she heard him grunt in short quick breaths and then she felt his body stiffen as he arched and tensed in one holistic bodily spasm. She felt it before she could say anything. Warm cream filled her channel.

“You bastard!” she cried out. “I told you not to cum!”

He grunted again, thrusting and shooting more of his juice inside her tight muscular vagina.

As soon he relaxed she pulled herself free and almost jumped on his mouth. “Eat what you shot inside me. Damn you! You had no right to do this without asking!” she hissed.

He heard and felt the disappointment and anger in her tone but he couldn’t stop the inevitable. He had tried; tried as hard as he could but failed miserably. She was simply too tight, too erotic, too something and there was no stopping the inevitable. Lying open-mouthed with his tongue extended he gathered the gobs of the thick creamy milk passively exiting her flower into his mouth.

“Lick me slave. At least let me cum with your tongue if you won’t have the patience to let me cum the way I wanted!”

Her words cut to the heart of who he hated being; an unreliable slave. He thought back to the time when he couldn’t satisfy Mistress Sharon or some of the others during the early stages of his training while under Kamelah’s tutelage. He remembered trying his best to bring those women to an orgasm but to no avail. Those same feelings of inadequacy flooded his mind and he felt horrible. Eating his cream was only right. He deserved this and she deserved better. Pushing the emotions of guilt and shame aside he did his best to find his zone; to find their zone. He knew he could although he needed to relax and not approach her with an underlying storm of anxiety to hamper his ability to do so. He was good; he knew that. To that end, that force superseded all others. Within a few seconds he felt it and then he was there. She responded on cue and from then on he worked his magic in ways she had never thought possible.

Debra felt it. There was something in the way it stroked, the way he used his tongue, his lips, his nose, his chin – every part of him that touched her. It all came together in some orchestrated overture that felt inconceivably erotic. She started moving on him; moving over him; raking his face at times and at others remaining perfectly still. In turn, he accommodated her as if she was a part of him moving in harmony to every thrust, grind, buck and hump. Soon it was Mistress who was panting; it was Mistress who was gasping, uttering indecipherable grunts and groans of delight. It was she who was gasping while in the throes of passion; it was Mistress who bore down on his face and fucked him with an animalistic passion; it was Mistress who fisted his hair and dug nails into the skin on the back of his head and neck as she came to one glorious orgasm that fed the next and the one after.

When Debra came she cried with the most uninhibited scream of passion and one he had ever before heard. He had brought hundreds to climax but she responded uniquely. Yes there was the predicted tensing of her legs which squeezed his head. He felt her feet compress against the sides of his chest. He felt the usual shudders and quakes, he heard the gasps and screeches as her emotions peaked but he hadn’t expected such ravenous wails as wave after wave of raw ecstasy crashed over, through and along every nerve emanating from her pussy.

“Oh Bobby! Ohhh Bobby!! Ohhhh Bob-bee!!,” she repeated so many times. She wanted to lift her cunt off of his face if only to suppress the unrelenting orgasms that kept gushing forth but she didn’t want those same feelings to end. Instead she pressed her sex even harder down over his open mouth giving her all to his assaults. After what must have been her sixth or seventh orgasm in rapid sequence she squirted a short burst of clear nectar. Besides the inexpressible feelings of elation that flowed outward from her loins she felt something even deeper – possession.

“Ahhhhhhhh” she cried. “You – are – so – mine!” she said slowly and with conviction as she came once more. “I – o-own…y-yoouuu, f-for-e,ever!”

Bobby sensed he had lost the mental connection he had entered and didn’t try recapturing what he knew from past experience he couldn’t retrieve. Instead of pressing on, he slackened his ministrations, turning them into an afterglow effect rather than bringing her to another climax. Slowly he brought her down, easing her quaking body but letting her feel enough that she could bask in the pleasure of what she’d experienced. Finally, when the vice grip grasps relaxed, the tonic contractions subsided and those high pitched cries of delight ceased, he stopped licking and gently kissed her swollen vulva that now resting fully on his face.

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