The Enchanted Boy Ch. 04


This is a fantasy story set in a fictitious land and in a time of medieval sorcery. All characters depicted are 18+. Although this story is in a time where safe sex is not heard of I would always recommend the practise of safe sex.

CHAPTER 4 — The hunt is on

Abloo wakes up rubbing his head.

‘Ow what the fuck hit me?’ he thinks.

He looks around the shack, there’s no one around, he walks outside, his horse is gone. He remembers what he was doing before he blacked out, damn he so wanted that boy’s ass, he felt sure he was going to get it. He’s gonna make Vernon pay for that. Where too is his bodyguard, not much of a bodyguard if he can’t stop a couple of simple farmers from attacking him, he would fire him if he wasn’t related.

He looks in the distance and sees a group of men on horseback heading towards him. Soon they reach him and dismount. They look like soldiers and he recognises the emblem as belonging to Lord Soltan.

“Good afternoon gentlemen can I help you?” he asks.

Phabian walks up to him while the others spread out.

“Maybe, we’re looking for a boy and an old man, have you seen anything?”

“Not an old man, but a middle aged man and a young blond boy live here. And they attacked me.”

“That’s no concern of ours,” he says dismissively.

“But they almost killed me!” Abloo protests.

“Sir over here!” A soldier shouts out. Phabian rushes over to the soldier and finds him standing over a grave. “It’s fresh sir.”

“Dig it up,” he commands.

“Excuse me but that’s my land your digging up!” Abloo pants catching up with them.

“And you are?”

“The landlord, I own this land.”

“Well unless you Pendik Escort want to end up in that grave with whoever is in there I suggest you shut the fuck up!”

Abloo stands there stunned.

Shortly they reach the body.

“It’s an an old man, he looks like the one from last night,” the soldier says.

“Does he have any injuries?” Phabian asks.

“Yes there’s wounds in his back.”

Phabian turns to Abloo, “Can you describe the man and the boy to me?”

“Well I’m sorry but I don’t like your tone, I think an apology would be in order,” Abloo foolishly says.

Phabian’s hand shoots out and grabs him by the throat lifting him up. Despite his large size Abloo is almost on tip toes.

“Look you lowlife leach, either you tell me what I want to know or you share that grave with the old man in there.”

“Well if you put it like that, he he” Phabian releases his grip, “The man is around 45, slim but muscled, dark hair and green eyes. The boy is of a similar height much thiner but toned too with beautiful blond hair and the biggest bluest eye’s you’ve ever seen, oh and the prettiest ass too.”

Phabian raises his eyebrow and Abloo, “How long ago did they leave?”

“Oh I’m not sure, they knocked me out,” he looks up at the sun now heading for the horizon. “It was shortly after midday when I got here so a few hours I guess.”

Phabian marches back to his mount, “We head south,” he commands his soldiers.

“Wait! What about me, you’re not going to leave me here?” Abloo protests.

They did.

Abloo sits on the step outside the shack cursing and rubbing the bump on the back of his head when he sees some more riders heading towards Anadolu Yakası Escort him. This time he recognises his bodyguard, the sheriff and a priest.

“Where the fuck have you been?” he shouts at his bodyguard.

“I ain’t going back in, it’s cursed!” he complains.

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Abloo asks.

“I saw it, with my own two eyes I did!” he adds.

“He claims that a spirit attacked you,” The sheriff say’s climbing down from his horse.

“Good evening Sheriff Carter, how are you?” Abloo greets him.

Sheriff Carter steps up to Abloo nose to nose, he doesn’t like Abloo, he’s always having to sort out problems like this whenever Abloo visit’s his tenants. The Sheriff is a tall man with chiseled good looks, deep blue eyes and a body that suggest he’s no slouch.

“Have you been upsetting your tenants again Abloo?” he asks.

“Why no Sheriff, I was just paying a kindly visit reminding them that their rent is overdue.”

The sheriff doesn’t believe him.

“Where was you attacked?” he asks.

“In the shack.” The sheriff walks in first.

He sees the pan on the floor and picks it up, it has blood on it and a large dent in it’s base.

“You must have one hell of a thick skull to cause that big a dent,” the sheriff jokes.

“Very funny,” Abloo says as he enters the shack.

“You say it flew in mid air and struck Abloo?” the sheriff turns to the bodyguard behind Abloo.

“Flew like it had wings it did!” he says.

“Have you been at my Brandy again?” Abloo says.

“No honest, like it was possessed.”

“Well it ain’t flying now,” the sheriff adds.

By now the priest has entered İstanbul Escort the cabin and the sheriff hands the pan to him.

“Why do we have a priest here?” Abloo asks.

“Because your bodyguard here thinks this place is possessed.” The priest says. Abloo looks at his bodyguard as he’s lost his mind. “Well I can tell you this, this place is not possessed, I would feel it in my bones if it was.”

“Well if it ain’t possessed what made the flying pan?” everyone looks at the bodyguard as if to say ‘did he really just say that?’

“Well if it really did fly then I would put this down to sorcery,” the priest adds.

“Sorcery? You’re making this up,” Abloo snorts.

“Believe me Sir I am not, Sorcery exists, I have seen it, and I believe so has your bodyguard.”

“Well something sounds a little amiss here.” the sheriff says.

“There were some soldiers here earlier asking questions about an old man and a boy,” Abloo adds. “They found a grave outside, fresh too.”

“Where? Show me!” the sheriff commands.

They all pile out and Abloo takes them to the grave, the soldiers haven’t bothered to rebury the body and the old man is still visible.

“Oh for the love of Aljeron, it’s Sheerkan!” the priest says.

“You know him?” the sheriff asks.

“Yes, he’s one of Aljerons closest friends, he normally lives up north in the Orgeddon district. If he’s this far south he had to be on his way to Aljeron.” the priest informs.

“He’s got arrow wounds in his back, this is definitely a murder investigation now.” the sheriff says.

“Why would anyone murder him, he’s not of any importance to the Kingdom,” the priest says.

“Well I think we need to talk to your tenants Abloo, they may be able to spread some light on the matter,” the sheriff says.

“Are you going to arrest them for attacking me?” Abloo asks.

“Maybe, what’s their names?”

“Vernon and Bain,”

“I’ll get a search party together and head south.”

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