The Gym Ch. 1


John was having the time of his life. He had just turned 18 and he had a job at a local gym, earning some extra money before college started. He had free use of all the equipment, could use the pool, and the job he had wasn’t very hard at all. He was off today, and had came to the gym to work out.

After a hard workout he headed to the showers. He entered the big shower stall and began shampooing his hair. He got some of it in his eyes, and began rinsing his eyes. He didn’t notice that someone else had entered the big shower. After rinsing all of the soap from his burning eyes, he saw the older gentleman standing about three showerheads over. The man was staring at John’s dick. As the man stared, his cock became erect. John watched as the man began stroking himself.

As John watched the older man masturbate, his own cock began to stir. The man’s cock was probably 9 inches long and it was very thick. John became turned on by the site of the man masturbating, and his own cock was suddenly totally erect. All 8 inches stood straight out. John reached down and began stroking his cock while looking at malatya escort the man’s hard on. The man began walking towards John, not missing a stroke, as he inched closer and closer.

Suddenly the man was standing directly beside him. The man introduced himself as Carl, and he reached out and grabbed John’s young hard on. Carl must have been 50 years old, and his cock was young and nice looking. He began stroking John’s hard cock, and John moaned as he squeezed the head. John reached out and took Carl’s huge hard cock in his hand. When he touched it, it sent a shiver down his spine. It felt so hot. He couldn’t believe how good it felt to touch another man’s hard cock. John began stroking the big nine inch cock, wishing he was brave enough to take it into his mouth.

He didn’t understand the feelings that had come over him, he had never thought about being with another man before, but now, he was being jacked off and was jacking off someone else. Carl, knelt between John’s legs and took the head of his cock into his mouth. It felt so hot. John leaned malatya escort bayan back against the shower wall. Carl slowly took more and more of John’s hard 8 inch cock into his mouth. He had the entire length inside. Wow, I am deep inside of his throat John thought. Carl expertly moved his tongue around John’s cock in ways John had never imagined. John had never felt anything so good in his entire life. Carl hungrily sucked his cock while his tongue moved magically all over the head, and worked up and down the thick swollen shaft.

John couldn’t hold back any longer, and he moaned as his cum erupted. Carl moaned as John’s sperm shot into his mouth. John could hear Carl making loud slurping noises as he greedily gobbled up every drop of his hot cum. Carl emptied all the cum from John’s cock, and let it fall from his mouth. Carl began to stroke his own big hard cock again. John got on the shower floor and took the head of Carl’s huge cock into his mouth. It tasted good. He licked the globs of pre-cum from the huge head, and began taking as much escort malatya into his mouth as he could. He had about 7 inches of Carl’s 9 inch hard on inside of his mouth. He began licking the head, and bobbing his mouth up and down trying to imitate what Carl had just done to him.

He must’ve been doing pretty good cause Carl started talking dirty to him and moaning. He gently squeezed Carl’s big balls as he licked the head of his huge cock lovingly. Carl began thrusting his hips and John felt the cock swell even bigger, and it began to pulsate wildly. Boom, the first big wad of cum shot directly down John’s throat, it freaked John out, but he continued sucking. He felt each burst hit his tongue and he loved the taste. It was a sweet salty taste, and it was pretty good. John hungrily swallowed all of Carl’s hot cum. Carl began to soften as the last of his cum dripped from the head. The two got out of the shower and started getting dressed.

Carl asked John what he was doing later that evening. John though for a moment, and hoping for another encounter, replied, nothing that I know of. Carl gave him his address and told him to come to his house at 7:30 p.m. John agreed. Both men left the gym. John thought about what had just happened all the way home. His cock was so hard, he had to jack off in the car to make it go soft. He looked at his watch. Damn, it was only 1:30. 7:30 was a long time away. He went to his bedroom and took a nap.

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