The Interstate


I remember the day it happened. It was a day that I had no control over the situation at hand. I had left my office and stared to head home on the interstate. Now, it usually doesn’t take me more than about twenty minutes to get from my office to my home on a weeknight with traffic and all. Something told me to stop by the men’s room on my way out of the building, but I was in a rush to get home that I figured I’d be home long before I really needed to go.

Anyway, there I was, about ten miles from my exit, when traffic came to a dead stop. I figured the highway department was working on the roadway and probably finishing up for the day, so the wait shouldn’t be too long. After about fifteen minutes of just sitting there I tapped the wheel in frustration as traffic continued to be deadlocked on the interstate. I mean the whole interstate heading north was back- to back, and bumper to bumper with stopped cars. I heard sirens approaching, and emergency vehicles raced past me on the shoulder of the road. Just my luck it wasn’t the highway department, but an accident up ahead. I thought briefly about swinging around the car in front of me, and heading up the shoulder like the emergency vehicles had and right to the next exit, but there were cop cars preventing motorist from even thinking about that option. I felt the hard urge to piss, as my bladder began to ache, and my penis muscles strained really hard to try and keep my piss trapped in my body. I was now getting worried that I wasn’t going to make it home, but there was nowhere to go.

I prayed real hard that traffic would move very soon, or else I knew I was going to piss on myself right there in my brand new car; something I definitely didn’t want to do, seeing as how I had just bought my car, brand new off the showroom floor less that three months ago, with a gorgeous black leather interior.

I looked out the windows on all sides of me thinking that I could possibly get out of my car, and relieve myself on the shoulder of the road, but there was no way to do that unless I hopped over six lanes of traffic and made it to the woods on the other side. I had to be totally crazy to even think I could attempt a feat such as that.

Anyhow, some of the motorist ahead of me had turned off their engines and sat waiting for the accident to be cleared. It didn’t look good for me at all. The more I waited, the more I had to go, and probably for the only reason, that I knew I couldn’t. Thank God, I hadn’t had to give my co-worker a ride home that day, because I would have been more than embarrassed. So there I sat there for an hour more, praying that my body could hold off for just a little while longer.

I pushed my hand hard against my aching cock, using my fingers to pinch it hard around the base of the head, trying to squeeze back the impending flood of piss that was trying to push out of my piss hole. I squeezed it for a long time, closing my eyes hoping that traffic would move and move right away. mardin escort The urge to piss subsided a little, and I reached over and turned on the radio trying to occupy my mind with thoughts other than having to piss. But like a shit head, I hit the A/C dial instead of the radio by accident, and got a face full of dust from the vent. The dust made matters much worse for me causing me to sneeze very forcefully, and making my stomach tense enough to push the first hot stream of piss out of my bladder and back up my cock shaft. I felt the first of the hot jets splash on my leg.

That was it. There was no stopping it now. I looked down at my pants as the warm liquid shot down my thigh wetting my pant leg and running down the crack of my ass. I slammed my hands on the steering wheel in disgust, angry at myself for being so stupid in hitting the A/C dial. As more piss rushed out of my piss hole, I figured what was the use now. It was already too late. There was nothing that could be done.

I slammed my head back on the headrest and felt the rest of my piss empty from my cock and down my leg. I could smell the scent of my piss as it mixed with the smell of the leather on my seats. I lifted my head again and I looked down at my pants as the steady stream of warm piss started to slow down, making my pants cling to my leg. Suddenly, out of nowhere and for some unknown reason, as if matters weren’t already as bad as they could get. I felt a warm erotic feeling all over my body, and my cock began to stir to life. There I was, in the middle of traffic, in my car, with pissed pants, and now I was getting a hard on.

I looked out the windows on either side of me with a sudden feeling of guilt, as if everyone around me knew that I had just pissed my pants. My cock bobbed against the wetness of my pant leg, and I figured what the hell. I just pissed my pants while sitting in my car, why not jerk off and put a happy ending to a very awkward and horrendous situation.

I fished my hand into my wet pants and pulled my hardened cock out. There were wet streaks of piss clinging to the back of my hand as I began to stroke my cock up and down in long slow movements. I laid my head back on the headrest again and moved my arm and hand slowly up and down my cock. Something told me to look out the window, so I pulled my head up from the headrest and peered out the window. There was a woman in the next car staring at me. She was a passenger in an SUV, which of course sat much higher up from the ground then my little two-seater. She smiled at me, and I knew that she had a bird’s eye view of my cock and my hand jacking it off. She smiled at me, waved, and put her index finger to her lips, as if saying Shh. The man next to her in the driver’s seat was staring up the interstate, and I assume that the accident was more interesting then what his wife, girlfriend, lover, or whoever she was to him, was looking at out the passenger side window.

I van escort was starting to feel uncomfortable with the wetness of my pants clinging to me, but there was nothing I could do, but try and make the best of it. So, I began to jerk my cock a little faster, bringing it farther to its full erect position, and thinking of how good it really did feel to have warm piss running down the leg of my pants and over my skin, and that there was a really hot woman in the car next to me watching everything I was doing to myself. I was beginning to get more and more turned on, like I had been waiting to experience this kind of thing all my life.

I tried my best to concentrate, and I ignored the woman staring at me, and focused on the feeling of my warm piss shooting out of my cock head, and running hotly down my leg and my ass. It took me about ten minutes before the first shot of cum sprang from my cock. I closed my eyes and threw my head back against the headrest and moaned loudly as the first shot erupted. The force was so great that it splattered against the window facing my female onlooker. I lifted my head and looked out the window. Her mouth was wide open and her eyes were bigger than saucers. I watched the next shot landed on my tie, and I figured my suit was already ruined so, I might as well put it to good use. I finished jerking the last few spats of cum from my cock and then wiped my hand on my pants, leaving a trail of cum down my thigh. I used my sleeve to wipe the blob off the window, as the woman smiled and ran her tongue around her lips. The guy in the SUV with her finally looked my way, apparently thinking I was waving at his wife. He gave me a foul look and said something to her, making her turn to face him. When he didn’t storm out of his SUV, I figured that she must have kept our secret to herself.

Traffic finally began to move very slowly. In total, I was stuck there for two and a half hours in pissy wet clothes, stained with cum. I thought about it for the next ten miles home. I pulled into my driveway and straight into the garage. I cut the engine off and headed into the house for a bucket of soapy water. I prayed that the piss hadn’t leaked through the stitching in the leather and into the foam of the seat. I got the bucket of hot soapy water and set to scrubbing out my new car. When I had finished I headed into the bathroom and showered. I couldn’t believe how turned on I had gotten from pissing on myself. As I replayed what had taken place in the car on the interstate, I got hard again.

I soaped up my cock and jerked it a couple of times before rinsing and stepping out of the shower. I didn’t want to cum again, just yet, I had something else in mind. I climbed out of the shower and headed into the kitchen soaking wet, and grabbed one of those heavy-duty black lawn and leaf bag from under my sink, and headed back into my bedroom.

I ripped it open along its seams and spread ankara escort it out on my bed. I placed a sheet over top of it and climbed on. I lay there looking down at my cock as it started to stiffen again. The harder I looked at it, and thought about the interstate, the harder it became. I know from experience as well as any man does, that it takes a lot of concentration to piss when your cock is rock hard, but I wanted to see if I got the same rush this time pissing on myself as I had in my car.

I stroked my hand up my cock a few more times and then over my balls. I wanted to make it hard, but not too hard yet. I clenched my muscles and pushed. I moaned loudly as the first squirt of piss pushed from my cock head and splashed onto my chest, some it landing on my lips. I instinctively licked it off my lips and before I knew it, a long thready stream of piss was flowing over my belly, up my chest, under my chin, and I couldn’t take my eyes off the yellow stream coming from my cock.

I did get that same rush of ecstasy as I had when I pissed on myself in my car. After the last stream emptied itself from my cock, I was pumped my cock with my hand, making it hard and ready to cum again. I jacked my cock hard and fast as thoughts of the woman staring at me from her car, the puddle of piss under my ass, and the way my piss felt running down my leg made me feel. I moaned and wanted to do it some more. I jacked my cum out on my hand and belly before pulling the bag and sheet up tight between my legs, and holding by all four corners while trying to get up off the bed without spilling it onto my newly carpeted floor. I eased myself back into the bathroom and stepped back into the shower emptying the bag into the tub.

Since that experience in my car, I have grown to love pissing on myself. I do it as often as I can, and anywhere I can. I try to time it so that as soon as it happens, I can rush home and clean up, but sometimes, I just like the feeling of being wet. I haven’t done it in my car again without protection, because like I said, it’s new and I don’t want to ruin the leather seats, but I have done it in my bed, and standing in the my kitchen, or while I’m outside working in the yard. Sometimes when I’m out at the mall or in the movie theater. I admit that my laundry time has increased a lot, but it’s a small sacrifice to pay for having so much fun and enjoyment.

I even went as far as going out to the store, and buying packages of those disposable adult diapers so that I can enjoy the rush of pissing on myself, even while I’m at work. I can sit in a board meeting and piss my pants all I want to, and no one is the wiser. I get turned on that my co-workers don’t even know what I’m smiling at while I’m sitting in a meeting.

Last week I did it again in the car, but this time without worrying about damaging my seats. I get hard each time I piss myself. I think it’s because it’s not something a grown man is supposed to do, much less like doing it. I think it’s dirty, kinky and so very erotic, but when I’m home, I don’t have to worry about wearing the diapers, because I can just piss myself anywhere I want too, and not worry about who is around to see me. I always have a bag or towel handy for the occasion, and when I’m out, I always have my diaper on.

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