The Lancaster Men


Author’s Note: This is a work of fiction, any resemblance to people living or dead or situations is purely coincidental. All persons depicted are over the age of 18 and consenting adults.

Warnings: Includes gay incest, allusions to perceived non-con and dirty talk.

All comments are welcome. Hope you enjoy!

Also, this is a re-upload. I lost the password to my old account CarolinaDubois so I made an all new one (don’t worry, I wrote down my password this time!). So no, I didn’t steal this story. CarolinaLynnDuBois is CarolinaDuBois. She is me and I am her!


Trent pulled off the thick veiny cock with a slurp and watched as it sagged downward towards the muscular thighs of the man that owned it. It was getting harder and any minute now it would be the rigid feast he was so familiar with. He knew he shouldn’t be doing this, sucking on this cock while the man slept, but he was so addicted now. Once he realized he could suck to his heart’s content and not wake up the man he had taken to doing this at least twice a week. His green eyes slid over to look at the clock on the nightstand. 2:37 am. He still had a little more time to indulge.

The man felt his cock bob to the side when it was released. Again. It was happening again. And like every other night this has happened, when the sweet pull of lips around his member woke him up, he played like he was still sleeping and allowed it to happen. He knew it was wrong, this late night molestation. Seduction. But he couldn’t help it not with the sensations that mouth could put his body through. He should have put his foot down that first night. When he woke up with a gasp and squinted just enough to see his handsome 19 year old son between his thighs, bobbing away at his pipe like it was a carnival prize. But he hadn’t. He had been too shocked at first to speak and the hesitation allowed time for him to realize that his son was a natural born cocksucker. It was the best he had ever had. Even his wife (rest her soul) couldn’t suck him off like that even with all her years of practice. So now, two months into his son’s bizarre night time fetish he still selfishly indulged himself.

Trent licked his lips and looked down at his father. He couldn’t believe what had become of himself. He had never been this lusty and cock hungry before. He pushed his longish black hair back and bent back down and took the tip between his lips again. He thought back to that first night, when he had boldly touched his father and found himself enraptured.

Trent had been visiting for the summer. He had moved out when he was 17 to a small apartment closer to the beach. His father hadn’t really wanted him to go, but with Trent being a well-rounded and respectable boy he knew he could trust him to take on this responsibly. He had moved away a town over and with his dad’s busy schedule and him getting ready for senior year they had been too occupied to really see each other, though they talked on the phone every day.

Trent loved his father. Steven was a well-known businessman in his city, kind and honest. Most people thought him to be a conservative man with the perfect family. His wife was respected as well while she was alive. Her sudden death from a car accident had rocked their inner circle. Trent had been ten at the time and her death had brought him closer still to his father. As he became older and their conversations became more adult oriented, talking about work and money and the like, Trent began to looks at Steven in a new light. Trent already knew his father was handsome, at six foot two and with a great physique most of the women in their professional group of acquaintances could barely contain their giggles when Steven would look at them with his bright blue eyes and smile warmly showing off a row of perfect teeth and deep dimples in each cheek. He recalled hearing his mother tell him not to color over the gray at his temples. She said it made him look distinguished and more handsome. He didn’t understand until he was 18 and his father colored over it, it did change his face and he had taken it upon himself to tell him not to do it again. His father had laughed and agreed.

Trent came to visit one weekend on the fly. It was last minute and he left from work on Friday and drove the three hours to his dad’s. He didn’t call, he wanted to surprise him. When he got there his father was cutting the grass. He was shirtless and the sheen of sweat had defined every muscle of his broad smooth chest. His dark nipples were jutting out and looked suddenly inviting. The tight jeans looked great as they stretched over his firm ass. Trent knew his father was handsome, but this was the moment that he realized he was sexy as well. That entire visit he caught himself looking at his father. When he went back home he had a dream his father was holding him down and rubbing his cock against his. When he woke up he was so turned on that when he gripped his cock he instantly started to denizli escort come.

He tried to slake his desire for his father by meeting up with older men at the local gay bar. While the sex had been awesome, every single time he wound up imagining it was his father. When the last encounter ended with him calling out ‘Daddy!’ during orgasm he knew he had to do something about his attraction.

During the next visit he worked on just being Steven’s son and not looking at him with lust. It was working for a while and he was confident he could get over his desire. However, when his father came into the kitchen Sunday morning, still groggy, with a morning wood that was tenting his pajamas to near bursting he knew it was over. He wanted that cock and be damned everything else. He went home that evening and masturbated multiple times to the thought of his father’s bulge.

He couldn’t wait to go back the next weekend. This time he indulged and looked at his father every chance he got. He even boldly masturbated in the shower. Saturday was the turning point. He woke up in the middle of the night to take a piss and he could hear very faint sounds coming from his father’s room. He tip toed over to the door and noticed it wasn’t closed all the way. He couldn’t see inside so he took the risk and pushed it open just a bit. His eyes grew wide when he saw his father at his computer desk, naked, with that glorious dick in his hands, watching porn on his laptop.

Trent figured his dad watched the stuff, without his wife and his refusal to date it was natural that he had to do something about his libido, but seeing it for real, seeing his cock hard and leaking at the tip sent Trent into a tailspin. He almost kicked open the door, ran to him and sucked him down like a starving man. In fact he had to grip the side of the doorframe to force himself to stay. His eyes scanned to see what video his dad was watching. There were two men and a busty woman. They had her pinned between them, one cock in her pussy and one cock down her throat. She had tears in her eyes, but was handling the duel pounding like a champ. The scene wasn’t one that would turn him on, but the guys were hot, muscular with dark hair, just like his dad. What he wouldn’t give to take the woman’s place…

The scene changed and he heard his dad groan and the sound sent shivers down his spine and blood to his cock. In the new scene the woman was on her back, one man plowing into her and calling her names like ‘slut’ and ‘bitch’, while the other man sat beside them. Suddenly the man pulled out of her pussy and the other man bent down and started to go to town on his cock. Sucking the female’s juices off the erection with gusto. Trent’s eyes went wide and he heard his father whisper ‘just like that’ and his eyes snapped over to watch his father again. Steven had leaned forward and was pumping his cock faster and licking his lips. His eyes were glued to the two men. Trent thought he must be dreaming. Surely his conservative father wasn’t getting off on the gay moment between the two guys! He looked back and the man was still sucking away at his buddy’s cock. Trent’s own dick was so hard right then it was almost painful. He turned and rushed to the bathroom to jerk off. He had to stay in there longer than he would have liked, waiting for his erection to abate so he could urinate.

Finally free of the toilet he walked back to his dad’s room. The porn was gone, but the laptop was still open, the screensaver glowing just enough for him to see that his father was sprawled on the bed sleeping, still naked. At first he didn’t move, he just took deep breaths and stared at his dad’s beautiful member. It was thick and unlike his it was cut. It was still semi hard too. When the beast jumped Trent pushed the door open and walked inside, mesmerized by the pure power of the thing.

He gently lowered himself to the bed and picked up his dad’s hot shaft and before he could change his mind took a quick lick of the tip. It was salty, tasting of his father’s ejaculation and he loved the flavor. He took the whole tip onto his mouth and sucked. He only did so for a few minutes then he quickly rushed from the room. In his haste he didn’t even notice he had left the door open. Steven had opened his eyes then and rubbed his hand over his cock, it was still wet from his son’s mouth. He didn’t know what had gotten into Trent, but he was aware of just how good that had felt. He had gotten up, shut the door and put on his pajamas. Perhaps as his father he should have some sort of talk with his son about incest and how wrong it was, but truthfully he had taken to fantasizing about his hot boy for a couple of years now so it would be too hypocritical. So when morning came around and Trent wasn’t acting strange he didn’t bother.

College and a job promotion made it increasingly difficult for the men to see each other and the incident was all but forgotten denizli escort bayan by Steven. Until two months ago, when Trent finally came to visit and the strange incident repeated itself. With his eyes closed Steven vowed to have a talk with his son in the morning about it. He never did.

Now two months later after countless times of waking up to his son’s lips around his member Steven had a whole other talk he wanted to have with his son. Trent, he assumed, in fear of waking his father never sucked him to completion. He would give him this wonderful blow job then run away just as Steven’s climax was building. At this point they both were so far down the hole with this that he just wanted to come and fuck if it was wrong or not. When Trent did that wonderful swirling maneuver with his tongue he loved so much he let out a moan of approval, the first sound he’s ever made.

Trent froze, his green eyes shot up to look at his dad and he let out a whine when they locked with Steven’s blue. He tried to pull away but Steven placed his large hand on his son’s head and pushed him back down, even further than he had went before. Trent gagged a bit and looked at his father in shock.

Steven grunted, “If you’re gonna suck off a guy at least make him come. Damn,” he smirked, “you look like a slut.”

Trent didn’t think his eyes could become any wider but they did. He felt his father’s cock jump in his mouth and he took a deep breath and wiggled his tongue. He was already caught and clearly his father didn’t mind. He reached up and pushed his dad’s hand away. He pulled off the cock with a loud pop, his saliva dripping from his lips. He took a deep breath and gripped the base of his father’s erection and began to pump it. It was slick from his spit, hot and the largest vein was throbbing against his palm. Trent loved it. He tilted his head slid his tongue up the side of his dad’s firm member, following the pulsating vein with the tip. When he reached the underside of the cockhead he flicked his tongue over it until precum beaded at the tip. He took the precum between his lips and sucked it directly from the slit. He looked up at his father was pleased to see the older man panting in pleasure.

Steven took his cock and yanked it away from Trent’s lips, “How many cocks have you sucked to get this good son? ” As he asked he was smearing his precum and his son’s saliva all over Trent’s lips.

“I lost count,” Trent panted out trying to capture the cockhead with his mouth and looking like a baby bird grasping at a worm.

“Fuck,” Steven moaned, “you are a slut.”

Trent shivered at the language. He nodded as he gave up on the head and lowered himself to suck on Steven’s heavy balls.

“Yeah that’s it, put my sac in your mouth,” Steven gripped Trent’s hair with his other hand and shoved his face closer, “tease me all these months…I’m coming tonight you know. Gonna use you like the cumdump you apparently are,” he let out a growl before he forced his son’s head up and back down onto his cock.

Trent was still in a bit of shock, he never knew his father could speak like that! It was exciting though and it made him lap at his father’s cock with renewed vigor. He must have been doing something right because Steven began to buck his hips, thrusting up into his son’s mouth faster and faster.

“Fucking open up,” Steven demanded as he got to one elbow so he could see his son better, “take my cock down your whore throat and love it!” He continued to skull fuck his son, loving the gagging noises he forced him to make. When he finally released Trent the boy pulled off with a gasp for air and shining tear filled eyes, “Get naked son.”

Trent scrambled from the bed and obeyed. He was soon standing at the foot of the bed, naked, his uncut penis hard, his purple cockhead peeking out from the flesh just a little and leaking from the one eye. Steven scooted closer so he could get a good look at his son.

“Unlike you son, I’m not a whore, I’ve never touched a cock other than mine before. Always wanted to though,” Steven took his son’s member in hand and smirked. He was so far gone and overcome with pleasure that he didn’t care what happened tonight, “It’s about as thick as mine. Your mom wanted you uncut,” he reached up with his other hand and tugged on the foreskin, “I didn’t care either way, but looking at it now…it’s kinda sexy,” he pushed his finger in the pocket between the skin and the cockhead and rubbed it up and down. He could hear his son whimpering above him, the tip spit out more precum, “can you believe I made this cock,” he glanced up with a wicked grin, “shot my cum up your mother’s cunt and made this cock,” then he moved his finger and began to flick the wet opening with the tip of his tongue.

Trent was shivering, his legs felt weak and he thought he might fall. He looked down and watched his handsome dad lick his tip. He had to grip escort denizli his father’s shoulders for support when Steven pressed his tongue alongside the foreskin and head, just like he did with his finger, and started to wiggle it mercilessly. Trent was panting now, his asshole twitching with the need to be filled.

“D-dad…fuck…too much,” he pleaded.

“Mmm,” his father pulled away, “no, not enough,” he wrapped his lips around the foreskin and tugged it until Trent was gasping for breath and precum dribbled nonstop from the cockhead. He let the skin go then reached up and pinched it together and pulled. Covering the head of his son’s dick as he twisted and rubbed the foreskin together.

Trent’s legs buckled a little and his father smacked his ass then told him to get on the bed on his hands and knees. Trent did and his father positioned himself behind him and pulled his ass cheeks apart. His rosebud was wrinkled and opening and closing like a panting mouth.

“Did you lose count on how many cocks been up this ass of yours?” Steven asked as he took his index finger and rubbed the opening, watching get a little bit wider.

“Dad! Shit,” Trent gasped, “yes! Oh God that feels good!”

“I’m just rubbing it!” Steven chuckled, “You’ve had so much cock it’s that sensitive now? Just like a slutty cunt this is hmm?” He pressed his finger in only to feel his son clamp down on it, “Fuck it’s still tight though,” without warning he removed his finger and licked the puckered hole. Trent whined and Steven licked his lips, “You want me to play with it don’t you?”

“Yes, please,” Trent was trembling in anticipation now.

“Tell me what you want.”

“I want you to play with it.”

“No,” Steven started to rub the opening again, “tell me what you want.”

Trent bit his lip, “Um…I want to feel…um…your tongue again.”

“Don’t be modest,” his dad reached down and pulled on Trent’s loose foreskin again, “you were an eager cockwhore when you thought I was asleep. I never was by the way. You’ve been sucking me off for months and I’ve been well aware and loving it.”

Trent looked back, “What the fuck-”

Steven spanked his ass, “Don’t cuss at me slut! Now tell me,” he tugged on the foreskin again until Trent was moaning loudly in pleasure, “what do you want!”

“I just did!” Trent cried, “Please please Dad! Lick my ass with your tongue! Eat me out! Please!”

“I only eat out pussy…” Steven smirked and released his son’s cock.

Trent was taking deep breaths and when he realized his father hadn’t began he groaned in frustration and said, “Daddy, please, eat out my pussy. My boycunt is hungry for your tongue. Suck it, lap it up. Please hurry!”

Steven’s cock twitched at hearing his son’s lewd words and as he bent his head to lick him again his member started to leak onto the bed. That thick vein on the side pulse quickened as more blood rushed to his engorged rod, making it hard as steel. Steven ate out his son quickly, eager to plow into his ass with his dick now that they crossed a line never to return. He used his fingers to pry his son open more, his hole was gaping now and easy for him to push his tongue in and swirl it around. It was hot in there, tasty and smelled of hot man musk and sex. Steven smacked his lips, “What now boy?”

“Fuck me!” Trent had lowered his forehead to the bed, “Now! Fuck my ass!” He got a hard slap to his buttocks, “Oh God! Ugh, my pussy! Fuck my horny pussy!”

Steven got up to his knees, “Turn around, get me wet and ready again.”

Trent was quick to comply, turning around and descending on his father’s cock with a long moan. Steven just gripped the side of his son’s head and began to face fuck him again until Trent was crying and gagging on his girth. He threw him off, his cock dripping wet and told him to turn back around.

“I’m going to slam into this used pussy and have my way with you, fucking cockwhore,” Steven grabbed his son’s round butt cheeks and pried him apart then lining up he snapped his hips and drove in. He started up a quick pace and didn’t let up even when his son was asking for him to slow down.

Trent cried out, but he had been fucked enough times that it didn’t take too long for his body to adjust and him to enjoy the brutal pounding. He dug his fingers into the sheets and spread his legs wide.

“Yes Daddy! Like that! Deeper!” He cried out, tears of pleasure in his eyes.

“You’re mine now slut!” Steven began to spank his son, “No more cock but Daddy’s is allowed up this cunt!”

“Yes! Okay!” Trent was gasping for air, moaning and whimpering, “Oh fuck that feels good!”

“You’re tight, like your Mom,” Steven groaned, “your cunt tasted better though!”

Trent bit his bottom lip and began to climax into the sheets below him. Steven felt his ass milking his cock and he shivered in delight, “Yeah, come you little whore, you cumbucket little bitch. Squeeze my cock till I fill you up. Shoot my load like I did all those years ago to make you! You slut, you incest loving cock whore! Take it! Now!” He climaxed as well, crying out Trent’s name as he filled him up to the brim. He kept pounding though, frothing up his cum until it was leaking out the sides of his son’s well fucked asshole.

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