The Pet Sitter Ch. 02


“My God, Jenn!” I breathed as my hands began to gently roam over her breasts. “You are amazing!”

Jenn just grinned brightly, then dipped her head to kiss me good and hard on the mouth. Even while all of this was happening, I could not believe that it was real. How did I get so lucky?! As we continued to kiss, hungry for each other, I teased her by slowly rolling her erect nipples between my thumb and forefingers. Jenn let out a soft gasp and arched her back, encouraging me to continue my handiwork.

She began wiggling on my waist and it took me a minute to figure out what was going on. But when I heard a soft thud on the floor, I got it, she was kicking off her sneakers. Oh, boy… top’s off, bra’s off, shoes just hit the floor… what’s next? Dare I hope…? Jenn looked at me with a coy grin, a rosy flush coloring her cheeks, and made a request, “Can we, uh, take this upstairs? Y’know to your bedroom?”

“Anything you want, My Dear, anything you want!”

Jenn quickly squirmed off my lap and stood, looking so eager that I thought she was about to take flight upstairs and not stop until she was in my bed! And, trust me, I was right there with her! After, well, crushing on this gorgeous young creature for so many months, I was literally ready to burst at the mere thought of having her in my bed!

I diyarbakır escort took her hand in mine and led the way upstairs. Playfully, I picked her up and tipped over my shoulder, carrying her the rest of the way to the bed. Jenn was squirming in my arms, but I could hear her laughter ringing out, bright and true. I gently eased her down onto my large bed, but, before joining her, I got a little more comfortable. Following Jenn’s lead, I kicked off my loafers, tossed aside my stuffy button down shirt and climbed up next to Jenn on the bed, eager to see where she took us next.

“MMMmmmm!” Jenn purred as she ran her soft hands over my bare chest. “I’m going to have so much fun with you!”

I was about to ask what she meant by that, but, before I could get a word out, Jenn was quickly unfastening my slacks. Her long hair tickled my bare chest as she leaned over me, tugging my slacks and underwear down all in one eager motion.

She paused and sat back for a moment as my erection sprang forth. At first, I was plagued by insecurities, worried that she might laugh at me or something. At 7″ fully erect, I’m surely not doing too badly for myself, but I’m wise enough to know that, at 40, I surely can’t compare to all those young college boys. But Jenn certainly put escort diyarbakır me at ease when she spoke next!

“Wow!” she breathed. “Looks like someone’s glad to see me…. you’ve got a really hot body!”

I grinned brightly and thanked her, then I couldn’t help but ask, “So, you’ve got me here totally naked. What about you, when do I get to see all of you?!” I walked my fingers down her toned tummy to the button fly of her jeans.

“What’s stopping you?” she taunted with a smile, raising her hips towards me.

Unable to resist that invitation, I quickly set my fingers to work at undoing those jeans of hers. As sexy as her legs look in those form fitting, low riding jeans that young women seem to favor these days, I could not wait to really get an eyeful of her body!

With one hand on each of her hips, I tugged her jeans off swiftly and was rewarded with an excited squeal from Jenn. I paused for only a moment to enjoy the sight of Jenn sprawled on my bed, wearing nothing but a deep green thong. But I couldn’t take it, even that small piece of fabric was too much clothing at this point!

Easing her thong off, I let the palm of my hand just barely graze over her mound as I exposed her. I leaned over and playfully bit the inviting curve of diyarbakır escort bayan her waist as I drank in the look of her now fully naked body. I couldn’t wait another second, and I could tell that Jenn was getting just as impatient!, so I got on my knees and kissed her pussy.

Gently at first, just barely grazing the full pink lips. Then deeper, this time allowing my tongue to slide slowly into her. It was heavenly, I tell you, she was so wet, so hot, and so sweet. Honestly, I’ve never seen, or tasted!, a more perfect body! And, judging by the way that she was squirming in my arms and urging herself against my mouth, I know Jenn was enjoying herself as well!

Before too long, I heard squeals of pleasure escaping from Jenn’s mouth. They were quiet at first, but grew louder and louder as I drew her nearer and nearer orgasm.

Dipping my tongue deeply into her eager body and, at the same time, rubbing her sensitive little clitoris with my thumb, I quickly brought Jenn over the edge.

“Fuck….” she gasped, with unabashed pleasure. “That felt amazing!!!”

I moved so that I was now laying side by side with Jenn. Drawing her into my arms, I grinned down at her gorgeous face.

“Good! I am so glad you enjoyed yourself, My Dear!” I chuckled, giving her a soft kiss.

Eager to return the favor, Jenn quickly slid a soft hand down my chest, moving down further and further until she had my erection in hand.

“Well, what do you say I return the favor?”

I was about to say that she didn’t have to, that I just did it to bring her pleasure, but before I could even open my mouth, Jenn’s sweet lips were parting over the head of my cock.

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