The Shy One Ch. 09



When the boat reached their favorite small, secluded island, Brad lowered the sails and dropped the anchor. All three of them waded ashore, then walked to a spot surrounded by boulders and trees. It was well shielded from prying eyes, although no one was likely to sail out here anyway. The boulders were covered with soft blue-green lichen and bright green moss. The area was heavily shaded, cool and comfortable.

Lisa spread a large blanket on the ground, then looked at Cassie, nodding her toward it. Cassie obediently stood in the center. She’d left her top off, at Brad’s insistence. Without being told she slipped her bikini bottoms off now, too, then dropped to her knees.

He liked watching this, seeing his little sister’s bare tits and cunt in the sun, obediently following Lisa’s orders.

Lisa knelt beside and slightly behind her. She reach around Cassie to gently touch and squeeze both of her tits. Cassie closed her eyes, enjoying Lisa’s touches. Lisa kissed her neck, then worked her way up to nibble on her ear.

“Come help me Brad. Let’s get your little sister all ready to eat pussy,” Lisa said, her lips still brushing Cassie’s earlobe.

Brad eagerly took up a position on Cassie’s other side, kneeling and slightly behind her, too. Cassie turned to look at him. He kissed her as he fondled the breast nearest him.

When he broke the kiss he saw Lisa energetically sucking Cassie’s other tit. Lisa looked up at him, the tit still in her mouth, then released it to give Cassie a hard, wicked french kiss herself. Brad noticed that Lisa’s finger was already buried in Cassie’s undoubtedly wet slit.

“Let me see you fuck her,” Lisa said to Brad. He realized he was going to have to take some orders, too. Lisa seemed to be a bit of a dominatrix today. “I like watching a brother fuck his sister whore.”

Brad didn’t mind the orders so far. He moved directly behind Cassie while Lisa moved to her front. He kissed the back of Cassie’s neck and shoulders as he slid his own bathing suit down to the ground. Lisa alternated between sucking each of Cassie’s tits.

Cassie stayed motionless, her hands at her sides, silent for the moment.

“I’m going to fuck my little whore, now,” Brad whispered into Cassie’s ear. Cassie turned to look at him, smiling. Lisa grabbed Cassie’s chin roughly in her hand, spinning her harshly around.

“Eyes front, whore,” she ordered, then kissed her hard on the mouth again. Brad pressed his cock against the small of Cassie’s back, while reaching around to grab and squeeze both of his sister’s tits during the girls’ long kiss. Cassie started moaning into Lisa’s mouth the moment he touched her.

Brad lifted Cassie upwards, still squeezing her tits in his hands. He made no effort to be gentle, but Cassie eased any pain by willingly rising herself. Lisa, staring into Cassie’s eyes, reached down to grab his cock and guide it into Cassie. As soon as it touched her, Cassie eased back into him, arching her back to grind her ass and cunt further down onto his cock.

Brad clenched his eyes shut, aware once again only of the wickedly burning, constricting sensation of his baby sister’s cunt taking his cock. The action pushed her tits harder into his hands. As soon as she’d pushed herself completely onto him, she began a smooth, easy, rhythm with her hips and ass, thrusting forward and back, easing his cock in and out of her hole. Brad’s world tumbled away, leaving him with nothing but the feel of Cassie’s blazing soft flesh tormenting the skin of his prick.

Her squeals began in earnest, then intensified as Lisa went back to sucking on her tits and kissing her hungrily. Brad opened his eyes to enjoy the sight of his sister being molested by another woman.

Lisa gave Cassie some time to enjoy their dual affections. Brad watched as the intensity grew on Lisa’s face, too. He could almost see the point where Lisa snapped, where she needed move things along. Lisa reached into a pocket in her shorts to pull out a lipstick holder. She applied it generously to Cassie’s lips.

“Hold still, girl, I don’t want to smear it,” Lisa said, laughing, as Cassie continued to rock back onto Brad’s cock. She held Cassie’s chin firmly with one hand, digging her fingers into her cheeks, while applying the bright red, glossy lipstick with the other hand.

“There, that’s better. Now. This is your ‘whore’ lipstick,” she instructed. “You can’t kiss anyone while you’re wearing it. It’s only for licking pussy and sucking cock. When you’re done with me I don’t want to see any of it on your lips. I want to see it smeared all around my cunt, everywhere. Do you understand?”

Cassie nodded, then moaned again as Brad brutally stabbed her again with his cock.

“I can’t wait to see you lick pussy, little sister,” he breathed into her ear.

She looked back at him, meeting his eyes. Her own eyes were glassy, consumed with lust. Her mind was gone, leaving only her body and a world of swirling sensations to be wrestled with. Lisa’s hand shot up to gaziantep escort bayan reklamları grab her chin, squeezing her cheeks tightly as she spun her forward again.

“I said eyes front, whore,” Lisa barked.

Then Lisa stepped back, wearing a wry smile. She undressed slowly in front of them, taking her time, seemingly enjoying the sight of them fucking for her amusement. They both enjoyed watching her, too. Brad further delighted in the feeling of Cassie’s cunt tugging on his cock as he watched Lisa strip.

Brad had forgotten how shapely Lisa’s naked body was. Part of the beauty of Cassie’s tits was their pointy, conical shape with small, dark, well defined nipples. Lisa’s were larger and much rounder, more like the shape of Cassie’s ass. Despite their size they were firm, with reddish pink nipples still forming into sweet points at their tips.

Lisa had a woman’s shape from top to bottom, too. Cassie had curves at her waist and her hips, but they were subtle, making her look younger than she was. But Lisa’s curves were exquisite, leaving no question, regardless of what she was wearing, that there was an intensely sexual woman within them. With nothing on, Lisa’s body screamed at a man to admire it, or even more to come and touch it.

Once naked, Lisa stepped forward, so her cunt was inches from their faces. Brad admired her curling, dirty blonde pubic hairs, a sharp contrast to the straighter, blacker hairs of his sister. Her cunt was so different from Cassie’s, more of a woman’s cunt, matched with her meaty breasts and round hips.

“You’re both going to lick this until I’ve come as much as I want to. Do you understand, whore?” Lisa asked, looking at Cassie. Lisa grabbed Cassie’s head with both hands.

Cassie nodded her head emphatically, as another squeal escaped her lips.

“Try it now,” Lisa said. “Try out your new whore lipstick. Put a nice red kiss right over my clit.” Lisa swung her hips closer to Cassie’s half open mouth.

Cassie looked up at her, hesitating. Lisa impatiently pulled her head forward. Brad added one hand from behind, helping to push Cassie’s face against the top of Lisa’s cunt. Cassie made a large, comic book pucker with her lips. She pressed them hard, was forced to press them hard, right over the top of Lisa’s clit.

Her eyes were tightly shut at first. They both held her there, until she opened her eyes to look up into Lisa’s face. Then first Lisa, and next Brad, released her. Brad could see bright red lip marks, a pretty little girl kiss the size and shape of Cassie’s mouth, right over the skin and pubic hairs around Lisa’s clitoris.

Lisa backed off to lay back on the blanket before them, spreading her legs, while Brad returned to holding and molesting Cassie’s sweet, pretty little tits. He admired the lipstick mark on Lisa’s cunt. He wished he could see the same on Lisa’s tits. Or Cassie’s. Or both.

Lisa tried to sound firm and in control, but her own voice cracked and rose in pitch with excitement.

“Time to lick it, Cassie. Now,” she ordered.

Brad reluctantly released his grip on Cassie’s tits. She fell slowly but obediently forward, onto all fours, until her face was again only inches from Lisa’s pussy.

* * *

Cassie had held her face this close to Lisa’s cunt before, but had never touched it with her lips until the lipstick kiss. She’d been close enough to smell it, and she could smell it now. The musky scent of sex, of female cum and sweat, was strong.

Lisa had a lot more pubic hair than Cassie, not quite blonde but rather sandy brown, and curlier than Cassie’s. Lisa had trimmed it short, though, into a neat heart shape around her long slit.

Cassie closed her eyes and hesitated, feigning reluctance. Brad leaned forward onto her back and thrust himself into her again. She pushed back with her ass and cunt, grinding against him, savoring the feeling, trying to get as much of him as she could. His hands had fallen to her hips, helping to hold her steady as he pushed eagerly forward. Now he moved them again to caress her tits.

She liked that, she liked everything. His cock was in her, filling her. His hands were on her tits, firmly squeezing them, owning them. The sweat from his chest made it slip across her back, and his breath was hot on her neck. She wanted him to fuck her like this forever.

She couldn’t think about what she wanted, though. She was a whore. A double whore, now, for him and for Lisa. She was a true whore for Lisa. She’d been paid. She owed Lisa, and the price was small compared to what she was getting out of the deal.

Cassie looked over at Brad, his face beside hers now, right against Lisa’s cunt. His tongue snaked out to trace a path up and down one side of Lisa’s slit, then dug into the crevice where her clit was buried. It made quick, small circles there, right in the center of the lip marks she’d left. Lisa purred contentedly in response.

Brad was showing Cassie gaziantep bayan escort reklamları what to do. Brad moved his mouth to Cassie’s ear. She felt his hot breath first, then his tongue tracing her ear lobe, just as it had traced Lisa’s slit.

“Eat her cunt, Cassie,” he ordered.

She was his whore. Their whore. She had to do it.

Cassie didn’t really mind. She played at being scared, being the good little girl who didn’t want to eat pussy. But she’d been ready for this all summer, thinking about it, even fantasizing about it. She was ready. She was actually eager. But she still liked playing the part of sweet, innocent, little Cassie.

Brad rammed his cock into her again, hard, pushing her face forward into Lisa’s cunt. Cassie obediently opened her mouth and pressed it, inexpertly at first, against Lisa’s cunt lips. She pretended to warm to the task slowly, beginning by nibbling around the edges, pulling on Lisa’s cunt lips with her mouth. Then she drove her tongue into Lisa’s hole, tasting her hot, slippery cum.

Cassie felt Brad grab her tits more ruthlessly now, squeezing painfully hard as he pushed his cock ever deeper into her, again forcing her face against Lisa’s cunt. Cassie screamed again. As her mouth opened wide it covered Lisa’s pussy. She felt Lisa’s pubic hairs on her tongue and lips, then returned hungrily to licking pussy, losing all of her feigned inhibitions, doing only as she was told while her brother fucked her mercilessly.

She felt Brad’s hands slide down her belly to grab her thighs. He jerked them suddenly back, lifting her knees off the ground and dropping her abruptly onto her belly. His cock slipped out of her. Cassie moaned her disappointment, but he was inside her again a moment later, deeper this time, slamming his hips rapidly against her ass to drive far into her, and to push her rhythmically against Lisa’s wet cunt.

Cassie slipped her tongue into Lisa again. She was soon frustrated by how small her own tongue was, how little she could do to fill Lisa with it. She gave up and moved to find Lisa’s clit, the wonderful little button that Lisa knew how to circle and press and tease in wondrous ways on Cassie herself.

“That’s it Cassie. Make me come. Let your brother to help you.”

Brad obeyed. He stayed inside Cassie, but abandoned his hard strokes to move his head beside hers. Cassie watched as his tongue reached out to find Lisa’s clit, too, then she moved her own tongue to join his. She closed her eyes, enjoying the feel of his tongue beside and against hers, with his sweaty cheek pressing against hers, as they licked Lisa together.

Cassie stayed with Brad the whole time, letting her tongue follow her brother’s where ever it went, clinging to him with it just as she did during the day with her body. Brad moved to force his tongue into Lisa’s hole, and Cassie struggled to join him, her own tongue feeling small and inadequate beside his. When Brad moved up to Lisa’s clit, Cassie eagerly followed. Together they danced in tight circles over and around the Lisa’s tiny, hard button.

Lisa kept up a monologue of dirty instructions the whole time. The sound of her voice had always excited Cassie. It made her feel like more of the whore that she wanted to be.

“That’s a good whore, Cassie. Lick my cunt with your brother.”

“Make noise, Cassie. Let me hear you licking me.”

“Put your fingers in me, Cassie. Not Brad, just you. I want your little girl fingers in my cunt.”

Lisa’s words became frantic as she neared orgasm. She had always, always been in control, but now she was losing it.

“Find my clit, whore. Find my clit with your whore lips and make me come.”

“That’s it, Cassie! That’s it! You’re doing it! You whore! You whore!”

Lisa was fucking back now, bucking her hips violently into both of their faces. The motion of it started Brad’s cock moving in Cassie again. He felt it, too, and abandoned Lisa’s cunt to return his attention to fucking his little sister. Cassie was left alone to finish Lisa, to suck her and lick her and taste her and eat her and finish her, while Brad tried to fill Cassie herself with brother cock and brother cum.

The thought and feel of it all sent Cassie over the edge, into a world of screams and convulsions. She came over and over again. A corner of her mind knew she’d stopped attending to Lisa, but it didn’t matter. Cassie’s erotic squeals had already sent Lisa over the edge, too. Lisa finished things on her own, ruthlessly bucking and grinding her cunt against Cassie’s lips and face, fucking her hard so that they came together.

“That’s it, Cassie Whore! Make your brother fuck you into me. Make me part of your incestuous brother fuck. Be our incestuous cock loving lesbian whore, Cassie. Be our whore.”

* * *

Afterward, they all lay together on the blanket, in the shade of the trees. Cassie couldn’t tell if Brad and Lisa were napping. She certainly couldn’t sleep. escort gaziantep bayan reklamları She studied both of them, their bodies and faces. Every once in a while she would reach out to touch one of them, to caress the muscles of Brad’s stomach, or the firm soft curve of Lisa’s breast.

Some time later, Lisa stood up and walked off. She returned shortly with a cooler from the boat. They all sat together, mostly quiet, enjoying the warm summer air, simple food and a calming silence. Out on the lake today, on their island, there was no noise. There were few animals and birds here, and the wind was steady and smooth, not gusty, not rustling the leaves of the trees.

Lisa made an occasional joke about the lipstick smeared around Cassie’s mouth, and her own cunt. They all laughed softly, but Brad and Cassie were otherwise comfortably silent.

* * *

They sat in a small, tight circle, eating and drinking. They were close together, closer than they’d normally sit, but none of them were touching. It was like an unspoken truce. None of the three lovers could get any more or less than the others. Lisa couldn’t touch Cassie. Brad couldn’t touch Lisa. Cassie couldn’t touch Brad.

“Do you think you can get hard again, Brad?” Lisa asked.

Cassie turned sharply to look at Lisa. Lisa wasn’t supposed to want him. At all. That was part of the deal. Brad was Cassie’s.

Lisa saw the look in her face, the stern glare. She grinned back at Cassie.

“Not for me, whore, for you,” she said. “Well, sort of for me. I like watching him fuck you. And now that you’ve paid your debt, I think he should reclaim you in front of me. Make you his whore in front of me.”

Cassie continued to look intently at Lisa, then turned to Brad to see his reaction. She expected to see him grinning like an adolescent, but he didn’t. He looked serious and tender. He was waiting to see if it was something she wanted. He was so good to her, she thought. Better than any other guy would ever be.

He still hadn’t learned to treat her like a whore.

In answer, Cassie grabbed the lipstick container from where Lisa had dropped it on the blanket. She made a show of covering her lips with it.

* * *

It wasn’t long before Brad lay on his back on the blanket, with Cassie lying on her back on his chest, legs straddling his. Both of them stared at the tops of the trees, filtering patches of sky, as Brad pushed his cock into her. Cassie was moaning hysterically.

Lisa sat off to the side, watching. She talked incessantly. Each of her breasts sported three red kiss marks, where Brad had made Cassie kiss her before he would fuck her. Cassie had similar marks, where Lisa had eagerly returned the favor at Brad’s request.

“Tell your brother you love him, Cassie.”

Cassie fought to control her voice. The words came out in an almost unintelligible whimper. As soon as they did Brad pushed himself into her again, turning her moans and words into screams.

“Say it like you scream, Cassie. Scream it at the sky,” Lisa told her.

Cassie tried again. The words were more intelligible this time.

“I love you, Brad.”

He skewered her hard again, lifting both of their hips from the ground. Their backs arched, bending to their limits. His fingers pinched her straining nipples. His mouth and tongue slavered over her neck. She felt his sweat drenching her back and his chest. She could feel the hard curves of his chest muscles pressing into her shoulder blades.

She tried to say it louder, to scream it.

“I love you Brad! I love your cock!”

“Tell him you’re his whore, Cassie.”

“I’m your whore, Brad! I’m your little sister whore!”

Brad went wild at the sound of her words. He bucked feverishly, lifting her up, over and over again. His hands came down to her clit to hold it in a death grip, squeezing it as if trying to tear her cunt open.

As she started to come she lost track of everything except the feel of his cock inside her. An army of orgasms trooped through her body, invading and possessing her. She wanted to keep screaming her love for him. She wanted to scream that she was his whore, but she simply couldn’t control her voice enough.

She listened to the sound of his moans as he came, too.

Afterward, when she was spent, she lay on top of him, whimpering and purring. Her body trembled slightly, exhausted and electrified by the experience, but unable to relax. She took his hands, moving them back up to her tits to hold them there contentedly.

Then he spoke, too.

“I love you, too, Cassie. I’m not supposed to love my little sister. I’m not supposed to love your body, and to fuck you, but I can’t stop. I have to. I’d rape you if I had to, if you weren’t my whore. I love your pretty little tits. I love your pretty round ass. I love your hot, wet, tight, little cunt.”

Cassie turned to kiss his cheek as he talked.

“I love the hair that always hangs in your face, and I love the thrill of seeing your eyes when you finally brush it aside. I love seeing your freckles spread as you break into a smile. I love looking at your tiny little mouth, waiting for a glimpse of your sweet little tongue. And I love feeling how hot and soft it is when I kiss it.”

Cassie felt a warmth spreading through her, and as much as she hated to, she let his cock slip out so that she could roll over to face her brother. She smothered him with the longest, deepest kiss that she could muster.

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