A Night with Good Friends


My girlfriend and I have been together since we were sixteen, juniors in high school. After graduating from high school, we moved two hours away to go to the same college together. We still went home to visit pretty frequently on the weekends, though the frequency decreased as time went on.

Prior to getting into a relationship with my girlfriend, I had never really been in a long term relationship, I was pretty promiscuous and slept around a lot. I had been with eleven or twelve girls before my girlfriend, and even when I first met my girlfriend and we went on our first couple of dates I was still sleeping with two other girls until we made it “official”. My girlfriend on the other hand has only ever slept with three guys (one of which is me) who she was in long term relationships with. I have always been very interested in having an open relationship, and I never really liked the idea of monogamy and sleeping with one person has been a struggle for me. On the other hand my girlfriend loves the idea of monogamy and has really not been interested in an open relationship in any way, to my frustration and disappointment.

During winter break of our junior year, we went home to spend Christmas and New Years with our families and though I have never cared to keep in touch with those from high school, my girlfriend loves it and always has. One night, we went over to a friends apartment who lives on the campus of the university that is in our home town who we went to high school with, she was primarily my girlfriend’s friend but over the years I developed a friendship with her too, her name is Sophie and she lives with her boyfriend who she met in college, his name is Jake.

Another couple that we went to high school with that we are pretty good friends with were there early in the night until around midnight. We just sat around, listening to music, drinking alcohol, talking, and having a great time. I do not smoke marijuana, I really do not like it or how it makes me feel, but the others chose to partake a bit halfway through the night, not to excess but just a little.

After the other couple left at midnight to head home, the conversation topic changed towards sex, eventually I started talking about how I had always been interested in experimenting in three-ways, four-ways, couple swapping and other things along those lines. My girlfriend talked about how it made her extremely uncomfortable, but it seemed like Sophie and Jake had talked about it before and were both pretty interested in experimenting. I do not think that Sophie ever thought in a million years that they would suggest that we ever try anything as two couples.

The four of us were pretty good friends and had been for a while, they would come and visit every few months where we lived and it was always a good time. It was actually Sophia and Jake who recognizing that three of the four of us really wanted to try new things and experiment suggested that if we were going to try it at anytime we might as well try it that night for the first time with each other considering that we were good friends and trusted each other.

I was very interested, I have always been extremely attracted porno to Sophie, and I knew that Jake would treat my girlfriend with respect and not cross any boundaries that she set. At first my girlfriend was extremely uncomfortable and didn’t want to do it, but Sophie was able to convince her, I am positive the only reason was because she was both drunk and high but I didn’t care, I was really excited.

Anyways, around two in the morning we all decided that we were going to “go to bed”, Sophie and I were going to take the bedroom and my girlfriend and Jake were going to stay on the couch for the night. We made the rule that we would go into our separate rooms and would not come out until the morning when we woke up.

I went into the bathroom to take a piss and came out to Sophie cleaning up the front room of their apartment, she finished up, grabbed my hand and led me into the bedroom. Even though I knew that it was okay and I had permission from my girlfriend, I felt really weird and like I was in the wrong doing anything with Sophie, but I warmed up pretty quickly.

I grabbed her hips, pulled her in, got a handful of her ass, and started kissing her passionately.

Sophie is five foot six inches tall with blonde hair and blue eyes, she is skinny, has a really nice ass but her boobs are only around a B-cup. Like I said, I have always found her extremely attractive and had always wanted to know how she was like in bed. I am five foot ten inches tall, I have brown hair and brown eyes, I run and lift weights almost daily so I have a pretty nice and solid build.

Sophie pulled away, walked over to turn the lights off but lit a few candles so that there was a little bit of light in the room. She had been wearing sweat pants and a tank top all night long though I had been able to see her nipples through her tank top. She walked back toward me, she lifted her tank top over her head and threw it on the ground, she hadn’t had a bra on, she then dropped her sweatpants to the ground revealing that she also wasn’t wearing any panties.

Her naked body was so sexy and my cock was immediately throbbing and uncomfortably restricted by my jeans. She could tell how turned on I was and just started laughing as she leaned toward me to continue kissing me.

While she was kissing me she pulled my shirt up over my head and began fumbling with my belt. She couldn’t get it so I reached down, undid my belt, unbuttoned my jeans, and dropped them to the ground along with my boxers. Sophie started kissing my neck, down my chest and stomach until she was on her knees in front of my cock. She guided my feet out of my jeans and boxers and threw them aside. She grabbed my balls with her hand and made my entire seven inch cock disappear to the back of her throat.

I couldn’t believe how good it felt, while fondling and playing with my balls she starting moving her head back and fourth shoving my cock to the back of her throat with each thrust of her head. I was in pure ecstasy, I couldn’t believe how good she was at sucking cock, she was better than I could have ever imagined. She got lower and took my balls into her mouth giving them quite a bit of attention while also licking right under my balls.

I picked her up and tossed her on to the bed, she responded with a little giggle and smile. I immediately went down between her legs, she clearly shaved her pussy but hadn’t in probably a week as there was a little bit of stubble and hair, I couldn’t care less.

I wanted to tease her like I teased my girlfriend, I started with kissing her thighs and right around her pussy lips. She couldn’t stand it, she begged for me to just lick her pussy, I gave in and did as she requested. She let out a moan the moment my tongue touched her clit, her pussy tasted so good and she was going crazy, I could tell she was enjoying it by the way she was grabbing on to my hair and pulling me deeper into her pussy.

“Would you lick my asshole?” She begged.

I didn’t even respond, I grabbed her ass cheeks, lifted her up and began licking her asshole. She had even more of a reaction to this than me licking her pussy, she clearly liked her asshole receiving attention. She was back to grabbing my hair and pulling me in.

I let her back down to the bed and I hopped up on to the bed, grabbed her legs, spread them open, her pussy was so gorgeous, her lips were swollen from how turned on she was, I grabbed my cock that was so swollen and throbbing that it hurt and began rubbing it up and down her pussy. I looked down at her beautiful blue eyes, she was bitting her lips, and then I looked down at her sexy B sized breasts. Simply being this close to one of my girlfriend’s best friends who I had always wanted to fuck had me so turned on.

“Are you sure that you don’t want me to put a condom on?” I asked just to be sure.

“No, I really hate condoms, I am on birth control, and I really just want your cock inside of me” she responded.

That was all I needed to hear from her, I slowly began sliding my cock into her tight pussy enjoying every facial gesture she made at me. I got all the way in and could hear my girlfriend in the next room moaning loudly, it didn’t bother me and I didn’t care. I was worried that when it actually happened that I might care and get jealous but I didn’t.

I laid down on top of Sophia, reached under her, grabbed her ass cheeks and began thrusting in and out kissing and sucking on her neck, probably giving her hickies but I didn’t care at the time. She returned the favor, sucking on everything she could get her lips on and biting on my lips with aggression. She was moaning so loudly, grabbing and scratching at my back, thighs, and ass. She was aggressively pulling my ass into her hard every time I would thrust outward. I couldn’t believe how aggressive she was in bed.

I stopped thrusting and took a moment to passionately kiss her, bite on her lip, and look into her beautiful blue eyes. I pulled out of her pussy, got on my knees, and told her to roll over. I wanted to fuck her doggy-style, it was one of my favorite views and positions.

She got up on to her knees, “Do you think that…. We could try something…?” She asked.

“Yeah sure, what is it?” I asked curiously.

“I really like anal sex, I don’t know if you guys do it or if you’re grossed out by it, but Jake and I do it quite a bit, I just really enjoy it… It makes me cum quickly… do you think you would be willing to?” She asked.

“Uhh yeah, sure, I would love to” I responded in an overly eager tone.

At that moment I remembered in the past that Sophie had made jokes about liking butt plugs in the past. The truth was that my girlfriend also liked butt plugs sometimes but had always refused to do anal but I had always desperately wanted to do it, I love the idea of fucking a girl in her tight asshole. Sophie reached under the bed and pulled out a bottle of lube, she poured a bit in her hand, rubbed in on her asshole and fingered her hole a little bit and then rubbed the rest of what was on her hand on my cock.

She rolled over on all fours in the doggy style position. I looked at her amazing pussy, I truly love how a girl looks bent over with her pussy and asshole staring directly at me. I lined my cock up with her asshole and slowly slid it in, and fuck was her asshole tight. I could see her biting on her lip and I began thrusting in and out, my hands on her hips as she rubbed her clit. I could not believe how absolutely amazing her asshole felt, I usually last a pretty long time during sex but I knew that if we kept this up I wouldn’t be lasting very much longer.

After ten minutes or so, she looked back at me and told me that she was going to cum and that she could only cum once during sex and afterwards she gets too sensitive to keep going. I told her that I was feeling really close to cumming too. She smiled, giggled and responded with a very simple “good”.

I could feel her pick up pace with rubbing her clit, I could see her pussy leaking juice all over the bed and down her thighs, I grabbed her hips and picked up the pace in which I was fucking her ass.

My balls started getting tight, Sophie started moaning louder and louder, I could feel her asshole contracting around my cock as she began cumming and loudly screaming, I couldn’t hold back anymore, I started cumming and filling her asshole with what felt like a 30 straight seconds of orgasm. It felt like the longest and most intense orgasm I had ever had, I pulled out of her and rolled over on to my back as she did the same.

“You’re not bad” she told me in a joking tone.

“Neither are you Sophie” I said laughing.

We laid there catching our breath, I could still hear my girlfriend moaning in the front room. I knew that we had made the rule that we would stay in our respective rooms until the morning but I was too curious. I walked over to the door of the bedroom that led into the front room and slowly and quietly opened the door, glancing out to see what exactly they were up to.

My girlfriend was sitting on the couch completely naked with Jake in between her legs completely naked thrusting in and out of her while sucking on her neck. I could see his balls slapping her asshole with each thrust, he was kissing and sucking on her necks and tits. It looked like she was enjoying herself, I hoped that she was because I definitely had enjoyed myself with Sophie.

I stood there watching them for around a minutes, closed the door, got back into bed with Sophie, she cuddling up on my chest and we went to sleep nakedly embracing each other.

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