A Threeway Checkup


We were off to my Dr’s appointment. I had to see the Dr. for a checkup. The examination room was a beautiful shade of teal. The curtains were long and flowing. The table was a cold beige.

The nurse came in and made me get undressed before the Dr. came in. We were waiting a while. When the nurse comes in and tells us she will be doing the initial exam.

She was a beautiful woman. Long black hair pulled back into a tight bun. Lips so wet and pouty. Her eyes were a beautiful shade of green. And her body was like an hourglass. Her tits were so perky I thought they might pop out of her uniform. I could tell you liked her.

She asked me to pull my top down so she could examine my huge chest. As she started feeling for lumps, my nipples started to harden. I was mortified. She just said it was normal to be a little turned on. Then she started to lift my blanket off my legs. She had to look and see if I had any issues down there. She then saw I was soaking wet. She eskort görükle smiled and said it would help if she could massage my clit. What was I going to say, no!?! She then put my legs in stirrups. She asked if you would play with my tits while she squeezed some lube onto my nether region. I was moaning just from the anticipation.

She pulled my clitoral hood up and started to massage my throbbing clit. I felt electricity shoot up my back. I reached over and freed her luscious breasts. They had the most sexy little nipple rings. I told her to bring them to my face so I could feel her beautiful pink nipples. I took her tit into my mouth and sucked generously. I bit her nipple ring. She really liked that.

I knew n it was time to unbutton your pants. I pulled them down and your cock was so hard. It had a little pre cum glistening on the tip. So I lapped at it to get every little drop.

She then decided to take my pulsing clit into her mouth. I felt I was kestel escort going to cum to quick and she knew it. So I decided to go down on her instead for a while.

We switched places and I bent over and pushed her skirt up around her waist and buried my face into her dripping cunt. You loved her nipple piercings. So loved to grab them between your teeth.

I then got on top of her and put my pussy in her mouth. As she lapped at mine. You came up behind me and and slowly put just the tip of your dick into my gushing slit. And pulled it back out. Then a little more until you finally buried your member into my pussy. All the while she was lapping at ur balls and my clit. You would pull it out and jam it into her mouth and then back into me. You pulled my hair back while you rammed into me. I then decided to turn around and put my pussy to her pussy.

Our buttons were melding together with such ferocity. U buried your cock deep in her bursa sınırsız escort throat while I vigorously lapped at ur balls. I thought u might come then and there.

I told u to come and fuck us. I turned around and lay my back to her chest. Then u come and jam ur stiff wet cock into my hot dripping pussy. I receive you so deep inside me. You then take it out and slap my clit with ur dick. I scream in such delight. She reaches around and pinches both my nipples as she cups my breasts in her warm hands.

You take your cock and slam it into her all the while slamming into my clit. I feel her start to buck back at you. As her clit rubs on my ass. She let’s out a high pitched moan and starts to cum all over my rear. And then you switch back to me. Fucking me so hard I thought I might fall. Then she takes my clit between her first finger and thumb and pinches and rubs until it’s too much. Then I start to feel the orgasm rise from my toes. And I start to cum in such waves grabbing ur cock with my pussy so hard. I think u liked it because u started to slam me with such force that I felt your cum squirt into me and then run down my ass.

We collapsed in a sweat and cum filled lump. We quickly got dressed and made our next appointment.

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