Becca’s Fantasy


On a beautiful spring morning turned quiet afternoon, becca stood all alone in her apartment’s kitchen at the sink washing zucchini, squash, and cucumbers for a dinner salad. She heard a slight noise upstairs, but chalked it up to the cats wrestling. With the water running, she failed to hear the light footsteps behind her.

Suddenly an arm wrapped around her chest and a hand covered her mouth. She tensed in fear…her rent-controlled apartment lay in the center of a BAD neighborhood. Then she smelled a familiar scent of sandalwood and felt pointy nails touching her cheek and she knew it was her lover, J, come to give her another of his famous “surprises”.

“Bitch”, he growled, staying in his role as rapist, “I am gonna take my hand away, and if you know what’s good for you, you won’t scream…nod your head if you understand.”

becca gave a slight nod, and “the man” took his hand away.

becca IMMEDIATELY started to scream, but he read her mind and clamped his hand back over her mouth. He pushed her forward over the sink and said, “That’ll cost you”

Using his body to hold her against the counter, he released his left hand from her chest and grabbed a clean dishtowel. He let go of her mouth and promptly whipped the cloth around her head, gagging her. becca wriggled and moaned but didn’t struggle TOO hard. “The man” now pushed her lower with his left hand on the back of her neck, forcing her face closer to the sink. He moved his body back a bit and said, “Time to pay.”


His right hand arced to becca’s bottom, making a loud slap over her pj’s, but only giving just enough sting to make her itch inside.


The hand came down again and again, spreading the warmth and sting all over her ass, making the itch inside progressively worse. becca couldn’t help herself, she slid a hand inside her jammie shorts and under her panties to touch her clit. Her lover saw this, and a cruel, knowing smile curled his lips. He slowed the spanking, and used his hand to slide her shorts and panties down. becca stopped stroking in order to use both hands to assist him. In a trice, her bottoms lay on the floor at her feet, and her lover’s hand caressed her buttocks, feeling the slight heat from their redness.

Teasingly, he slid one finger down the cleavage of her buttocks, sliding just a bit in between. It danced along her anus, then lower to touch the moisture seeping from her lips. His finger brushed her fingertips there, as they resumed their dance inside her.

The touch was like an electric charge. Pushing his pelvis against her to hold her close against the counter, her released her neck, allowing her to straighten a bit. He reached around with both hands and roughly fondled her breasts through her top. His teeth found the pulse beat in her neck, and his lips closed over it as he bit softly, grinding his hips against hers. Becca sighed through the gag.

Pulling his mouth away, he leaned back a bit, grasped the bottom of her pajama top, and yanked it up, forcing her to break her hands away from her treasure. He slammed his hips back in, forcing a grunt from her, and yalova escort reached around to roll and tug her now exposed nipples with his callused fingers. He whispered dirty things in her ear, keeping up the “evil rapist” act, calling her a nasty little slut who was going to get hers. She smiled a little, hoping for exactly that.

Stepping back a bit, he unzipped his jeans and, without bothering to remove them, slid his rampant cock out. Pushing his body back up against hers, he stoked his cock in the cleft of her ass. He released one beleaguered nipple, pulled the gag out of her mouth, and grasped her hair. Yanking her head back, he licked up the line of her neck and stopped at her ear, whispering “Tell me little slut, do you want to get FUCKED?”

becca mewled, not sure what to say. Of COURSE she wanted his cock inside her, but if she said the wrong thing he might just laugh his evil laugh and leave her there on the brink.

Impatient with her silence, he tugged hard on her hair and said “I KNOW you’re a slut, and sluts BEG for cock. If you want me to fuck you, say PLEASE”

becca trembled, and managed to choke out “p…pplease!”

“Please WHAT little slut?”

“Please…I…I want it, I want…” She broke off, stammering over the words.

Growling in disgust at her timidness, he twisted her nipple viciously. “Well slut, if you don’t want it enough to say the words I guess I can just leave you here like this.”

becca groaned in despair and tried again. “Please, PLEASE, I want you, I NEED you to fuck me! Please give this unworthy slut your cock!”

Her lover released her hair, shoved the towel back in her mouth, and reached down to grasp his throbbing cock. becca gasped in fear as he pressed the head for a moment against her dry ass, causing her to go against her better judgement and whimper “no, no” through the gag, but he slid it down lower, working it between her lips. Becca’s juices flowed like a river, making it easy for him to slide inside, but he wanted to TEASE her. So he rubbed it back and forth, never letting more than a bit of the tip inside. Moaning around the gag, frustrated and wishing for her voice, becca tried to push back and capture him in her body, but he chuckled cruelly and pulled away.

Just as she thought she would cry or explode from the tension, he pressed back against her and SLAMMED his dick home. becca screamed behind the gag, not at the slight pain but at the SHOCK of being filled so suddenly and violently.

He whispered in her ear “You are MINE little bitch, and I will have you whenever and however I want, MY way, in MY time”

With that, he began sliding savagely in and out of her. becca’s fingers thrummed on her clit, dancing against his shaft as he moved Faster than she thought possible, becca felt herself approaching an orgasm Her lover sensed it too, and slowed his strokes.

“Not yet slut, not until you KNOW [i]ALL[/i] of you is mine”

Out of the corner of her eye, becca saw him pick a bottle of vegetable oil up off the counter. Sliding his cock half way out, he opened the bottle and poured edirne escort a trickle of the oil down the crack of her ass. becca whimpered again, this time in anticipation of her lover filling her there. He did not disappoint, sliding his cock in and out of her ravaged pussy twice more, then pulling all the way out to rub it in her crack, slicking it with the oil. After a few seconds of this, he placed the head against her pucker, and poured more of the oil over it. He pushed forward a bit, forcing a little of the tip in, then pulled back for a bit more oil. This time he slid forward with a smooth stroke, easily sliding the head past becca’s first sphincter ring, and holding it inside.

becca took a deep breath and exhaled, forcing herself to relax her muscles. She moved her other hand to her cunt, knowing the increased pressure on her clit would help ease the pressure on her ass. Her lover leaned forward, the head of his cock now slipping past her inner ring. He kept up the slow forward pressure, letting her lean back, and filling her ass with his cock. Just as it neared bottom, he grabbed both her nipples and tugged, snapping his hips forward, biting in to the back of her neck, and growling “MINE.” At this, becca felt the first small orgasm wrack her body. She rode it like a wave as her lover began to thrust in and out of her ass, slow and deep at first, but quickly moving to the faster, shorter, punishing thrusts he’d used on her pussy.

becca whimpered and came again, harder this time. Suddenly her lover pushed her forward and slid out of her ass. becca felt a pressure at the lips of her pussy and she wondered if he planned to switch-fuck her. She puled in protest at the thought, but then realized the thing pressing in to her was FAR rougher than her lover’s cock. In fact, it was one of the zucchinis she’d been cleaning! becca growled as she felt the long, rough vegetable filling her, its bumps and contours stroking her insides. Her lover worked it all the way in, then twisted it a few times, seating it in her cunt. He proceeded to spread her cheeks and SPEARED his cock back in to her eager ass. Once again the sting was overwhelmed by surprise and the sudden feeling of being FILLED, this time doubly so. becca took one hand off her clit and twisted the zucchini as her lover sawed in and out of her ass.

He leaned low over her body, whispering a mix of endearments and obscenities in her ear. becca felt herself closing on her biggest orgasm yet. Her lover sensed it too, and he sped up his thrusts, whispering, “Do it pet, come for me, show me what a good little slut you are.”

becca shook all over, feeling the sting outside and inside of her ass, the ache in her nipples, the tingling, burning places on her neck, the rough zucchini buried in her cunt, the relentless cock moving in her ass…her fingers tapped out an ancient rhythm on her clit as she abandoned herself to the feelings. Shuddering, shaking, screaming, sobbing behind the gag she came harder than ever before. Her lover rode her ass, right with her, matching his thrusts against her body’s spasms, his tongue erzurum escort darting out to taste the tears sliding down her cheeks.

becca’s hands halted as her body started to return to normal, and she felt her lover still moving in her ass. She realized he was still hard. He hadn’t come yet! Again she felt him pull away. His hand moved past her line of sight, then back again, holding something she couldn’t make out through the mist of her tears. A second later, she felt something smooth and cool at her ass. She gasped as she realized he was sliding the narrow end of a wide-bottomed squash in to her abused anus.

“A slut should always be filled completely,” he said as he slid the squash home. He untied her gag as the vegetables filling her settled, and then he spun her about for a bruising kiss. He pulled away to look at her beautiful tear-stained eyes, and for the first time in an hour she saw her lover’s face and the smile covering it. Eager for the taste of her lips, he leaned in to connect them again. She melted in his kiss, feeling the shocks still running through her body and the fullness of the veggies in her. After a timeless instant he broke the kiss and said “You know what I want baby. I’ve had your pussy and your ass, now I want you to show me you’re my bitch, my slut…finish me like a slut finishes her man after a good ass fucking.”

becca nodded, lost in an erotic haze, and she slid to her knees. After all, what could be sluttier than sucking the cock that just reamed her ass? Kneeling, her strong muscles clamping the veggies inside her, becca looked up at her lover…her poutiest, sluttiest look, with a hint of a smile. SHE had control now, and she was going to make him lose his.

becca grasped his cock at the base with her right hand, and put her left back on her clit, stroking gently at the tender surface. She gave one long, slow lick along the bottom of his cock, from base to tip, drawing a shudder from him. Without warning, she PLUNGED, engulfing him, causing his knees to buckle slightly, before he caught himself, unwilling to break away from her mouth. becca pulled back, licking him carefully, removing all traces of the oil and her juices.

He growled now, and ran his finger through her hair, but refrained from forcing her down. He couldn’t help pumping his hips a bit though, making her have to pull back a few times against his force. Looking up at him and smiling, becca again took him deep, this time going slow, using her lips and tongue to torture him, scraping just lightly with her teeth.

“Oh gods becca, oh my little slut, my lover, my darling, oh GODS I am so close!”

becca sped up her rhythm slightly, feeling the approach of another small orgasm herself, and knowing the taste of her lover would bring it on. Howling her name, he threw his head back and pumped his hips as his cock ERUPTED, filling her mouth. becca worked hard to catch it but some escaped her lips. She shook as she came again, feeling the stray drops trickle off her chin and on to her nipples.

Her muscles relaxed and she let the veggies slide out as her lover pulled back slightly. She struggled to keep her mouth on his cock, trying to get every drop. He stroked her face gently, letting her drink her fill. Then he pulled away, dropped to his knees in front of her, and embraced her. Heedless of his own leavings on her face, he pulled her tight for a kiss and whispered “my pet” as he closed his lips on hers.


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