Cin 24: 1 am Until 3 am


1 a.m.

During stories taking place over one day, Cinnamon enjoyed phone sex with George; her boss Bill ate her pussy; she takes a late lunch break and visits her lover Mark at a motel, with Mark fucking her ass. Later, Mark fucked her co-worker, Sally, as Cinnamon watched and masturbated; then Sally ate Cinnamon. Late at night in she cybered on the computer, and then decided to return back to the motel room. She found Sally in the shower and Cinnamon made love to a woman for the first time. As Cin awaited a friend to drop by, she masturbated watching the movie Body Heat.

Looking back at the TV, the two lovers were in the bathtub, so sexy. Cin began to roll. Her moans increased. She pulled the hanger out, extending her nipples. This caused her to climax. She screamed.

She closed her eyes. The heat rose up her body. She clinched her toes. Her nipples became so sensitive.

After the climax subsided, Cin pulled the remote out of her pussy. She accidentally changed the channel, and this caused her to laugh out loud. She pressed on the button, but did not return to the movie channel. The remote was slippery, and she dropped it to the floor beside the bed. A home shopping channel was selling jewelry. She was reaching for the remote when she heard a knock on the door. She jumped off the bed, and with the hanger still clipped to her nipples, she rushed to the door.

She opened the door. She stood there naked, with a hanger clipped to both nipples. She was standing there with a very wet cunt. Correction, a very wet naked cunt. The night air hit her.


Bill stood outside the door. And someone else stood behind him. Bill explained, “This is my buddy Bruce. He and I were out drinking tonight when you called me. I thought he would help me play out one of my fantasies.” Bill pushed the door open wide, and walked in. Cin looked at Bruce.

Bruce was about Bill’s age, Pendik Escort and had a matching beer belly. And he was bald, and, looking at his left hand, married too. Cinnamon motioned for Bruce to come into the room. Bruce still had not said anything, just walked past Cin. His face turned as he walked, watching Cinnamon. She was standing there naked, naked except for a hanger attached to each of her nipples. Cin shut the door, went past Bruce who was now standing in the hallway, and walked over to Bill, who had hopped on the bed.

Bill said, “I see that you were playing out one of your fantasies.” Turning to Bruce, he said, “She really gets turned on by attaching clamps and things to her tits. It really makes her cunt so wet.”

Bruce just nodded.

Cin stood there at the foot of the bed with her hands on her hips. The hanger pulled her tits downwards, a gentle weight on her nipples. Bill started to unbutton his shirt, slowly watching her. Then he unbuckled his belt, and unzipped his fly. He lifted his butt, and pulled his trousers off. He was wearing boxer shorts. His cock was soft.

“Bruce, go over and start to kiss and touch Cinnamon.”

Bruce responded to Bill’s order, walking up to Cin from behind. His hands went to her shoulders, and he bent his face to kiss her neck. Cinnamon tilted her head to give Bruce access. Bruce’s touch felt good, and Cin felt her nipples get harder. She looked over to Bill, who was watching the two while he slowly stroked his dick. It was still soft.

Bruce continued touching her. His hands reached around to the hanger. He picked it up, and pulled it outwards extending Cin’s nipples. One hand then reached and cupped her breasts. He had a nice touch. Cin moaned. Bruce continued to massage Cin’s back and breasts and kissed her neck.

“Cin, get on your hands and knees between my legs. Bruce, look at that shaved cunt. It is so Anadolu Yakası Escort wet, and you have not even touched it yet. Spread your legs out a bit, give Bruce a better view. Ok, Cinnamon, start to suck my cock, while Bruce fucks you from behind.”

Cin moved up behind Bill’s legs and started to lick up and down his cock. She got to the head, and wrapped her lips around it. It was still soft, only about three or four inches long. Cin was bound and determined to make Bill hard.

Meanwhile, Bruce moved behind Cin’s butt, and pushed his cock inside her. Cin felt it slide all the way up her. She was glad she was soaking wet, as Bruce had no technique. He just slammed it in her cunt. He then started to bang her hard in and out. Cin wiggled her butt, hoping to receive more stimulation. All it got her was a slap on the butt by Bruce. She stopped moving her butt.

Cin concentrated on blowing Bill. She licked, she sucked, and she nibbled a little. Bill’s cock got a little harder. She heard him say, “Wish I had taken my blue pill tonight.”

Cin laughed inside. She continued to suck on his cock.

“OK, Bruce, pull your cock out of her cunt. Come over here and lay on the bed.” Bill got up off of his back, leaving Cin still on all fours at the bottom of the bed. Bruce lay on the bed on his back as Bill directed.

Cinnamon watched as Bill got between Bruce’s legs. Bill had always talked about sucking another guy’s dick. He was drunk enough to finally do it. Cin moved a little so that she had a good view.

Bill started by pushing Bruce’s dick into his mouth. Like a cheap hooker, he tried to take his whole dick in one stroke. He was not used to doing this. But he wanted to suck this cock, and that made up for his poor technique.

Except for a couple of porn movies, Cin had never seen a man suck another man. She watched Bill, who continued to suck on İstanbul Escort the dick. Bruce laid there, his head against the pillow, a smile on his face. Cin was thinking, Bruce must be in heaven, getting to fuck another cunt and being sucked too.

Bill lifted off and said, “Cin, get over here and suck on my balls.”

Cinnamon got behind Bill, and started to lick his balls. She would have rather watch Bill suck Bruce’s dick. She could only see the back of Bill’s head in Bruce’s crotch. Cin licked and gently sucked on each ball. She moved upwards, and pushed her tongue into Bill’s asshole. She noticed that this caused Bill’s cock to harden. She continued to do this, and then began to alternate between his balls and his asshole. She loved getting Bill hard.

Bill then moved off of Bruce. He said, “Cin, now lie on top of Bruce, and shove his cock into your cunt.”

Cin lay on Bruce, and grabbed his wet dick and placed its head into her pussy. She pushed her cunt downwards, and Bruce shoved right in. Bill moved off the bed, and walked behind her. She felt the bed move, as Bill moved behind her. Cin felt her Bill’s dick against her rosebud. She pushed back a little, and it popped in. Cin pushed downwards and backwards, and his little cock went into her ass. This was Cinnamon’s first time having a cock in both her ass and pussy at the same time.

Bruce started to buck her, and the motions rocked backwards into Bill’s dick deep in her ass. Cin started to moan. She was starting to roll in orgasmic fury, when she heard Bruce start to scream and felt the hot spunk of Bruce inside her cunt. It was way too soon for Cinnamon to climax. Bill continued for about a minute, and came in her ass. His dick quickly left her ass. Bruce pushed her off him, and Cin rolled over and lay on the bed.

Bruce got up, and started to put his clothes on. Bill was quiet also, catching his breath. In literally a minute, Bruce was dressed and started to walk out of the room.

Bill said, “Take care Bruce, maybe we can do this some other time.”

Bruce opened the motel room door, and left the room. Cin cuddled up next to Bill, and in a few seconds heard him snoring.

3 a.m.

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