Control is Such a Turn-on Ch. 02


Since Mike’s experience with Heidi their relationship had taken quite the turn. Heidi was not overt about it but when they worked together over the next few days she did not defer to Mike the way someone would their boss when they worked alone. She was never rude or condescending, but she did push him from time-to-time and he always relented. The odd part was every time he relented to her wishes, however small, he always felt his cock start to stiffen and he would relive bits and pieces of him on the floor while her foot rubbed his cock. His was turned on by her overt manipulation.

She was back in his office sitting in one of the chairs in front of his desk. She was wearing a long, form fitting blue dress with a black belt around her waist which accentuated her curvy hips. “So,” she was reading from her legal pad,” it appears the contract is up for renewal and the rates could probably use a 3% increase over the previous terms,” she looked up from the pad at Mike waiting for a response.

“Okay,” Mike seemed to be searching his thoughts,” what was the previous rate again?”

“Are you okay Mike?” she asked with a smirk.

“Um…yeah…yes Heidi I’m just tired I guess,” his words coming out slowly.

“You know,” she said while uncrossing and re-crossing her legs,” I thought you would have asked me by now. It’s been a week already.”

Trying not to look down at her bare leg which was exposed from just above her knee,” Ask what Heidi?” he replied understanding exactly what event had happened a week prior.

“Were you so distracted you forgot my invitation?” her eyes took on a predatory look.

“Invitation for…,” his words seeking an answer.

“Oh Mike you already are starting to understand my talent for controlling a man,” she stood up and walked around his desk. She perched herself up next to him using her foot to swivel his chair towards her. “Don’t you want to ask me Mike?” her heel fell to the floor and her foot came to rest on his leg just above his knee.

Mike searched for words as he felt his cock start to stiffen, “Um…Heidi…I…I can hardly concentrate around you,” he continued on hurriedly,” you drive me to distraction. Is that what you want to hear?” The frustration was apparent in his voice.

Heidi tilted her head as she looked down at him her foot started to slide back and forth on his leg,” oh you’ve got it bad don’t you?” The question went unanswered as she continued on,” Mike I think we need to take this a step further. All you have to do is ask.”

“Heidi I want you so badly…I can’t think about anything else. Is that what you were trying to prove to me?”

“Oh Mike,” her foot moved up and he felt her toes gently grab his cock,” it certainly is a start, but I want to show you how good it can really feel for you.” He gasped as she caught the end of his cock between her big and long toe and started rubbing it through his pants.

“That’s better isn’t it Mike,” she cooed,” but what I want to do is have you so turned on, so befuddled with lust for me that you can’t even form a complete sentence.” His hips lurched and her foot pushed him back down,” you have no idea of how I can make you feel. Your hard cock is going to have your mind so clouded you’ll do anything I want.” Her foot continued its slow massage of his hard cock.

“You feel it don’t you Mike? Feel the power I have over you growing?” Mike gasped again as he felt the rush at her words. “Are you ready to have me tie you up Mike?”

All he could do was nod as his hands Maltepe escort bayan gripped the arms of his desk chair.

“Ask me Mike,” she waited.

“Please Heidi…”

“Please what Mike?”

“Please tie…tie me up and show me what an orgasm can really…feel…feel like,” his lust had him in a stupor.

Heidi’s foot stopped,” That’s better Mike,” she stood up and put her shoe back on.

Mike looked up confused. He was dreaming of cumming in his pants again…how had he come to want that??? When he looked at Heidi across his desk she was writing on her legal pad. When she finished she tore off half the page,” here is my address Mike,” she handed the paper to him. “Be there at 7 tonight and…don’t bother wearing underwear.” With that she turned and walked out of his office. He watched her hourglass figure hugged by her dress and wondered how he was going to get through the rest of his day. He could feel the damp spot of precum in his underwear and was at least glad he had it on or it would have shown through his pants. He knew he would not disobey Heidi by wearing any tonight.

Though the day dragged on Mike found himself finally pulling into the driveway of Heidi’s house. She lived in a decent neighborhood, no car was in the driveway likely parked in the garage. He walked up the sidewalk and upon arriving at the front door rang the bell. Shortly thereafter the door opened to reveal Heidi who was dressed in a black silk robe that stopped just above her knee. Her legs were encased in black stocking and she had on three inch black heels which accentuated the shape of her calves.

“You can stop staring,” she said with a laugh. “Come on in,” she waved him through the door.

“Sorry Heidi,” he replied,” I feel a bit out of my element when you are around.”

He started to follow her in but she stopped and turned at his words,” Oh Mike,” she smiled brightly,” you are out of your element and believe me when I say I will use it to my full advantage,” she stepped close to him and unzipped his pants. Her hand reached in and found his cock,” so you listened,” her hand gently caressing his cock,” it would not have been as enjoyable had you worn underwear.” She turned with her hand still on his now growing erection and started to lead him into her house.

With her hand on his cock what could he do but follow the gorgeous blonde woman in front of him. She led him into her living room. There was a black leather couch, small coffee table and a black swivel reclining chair with a foot stool that matched the couch.

She turned to face him,” now strip for me Mike.”

“Um Heidi,” he stammered,” not that I am opposed to getting right to sex but…”

“Is that why you think you’re here?” she smirked. “I said strip.” The smile had left her face and the look in her eye held a threat to it. Mike did not know what threat but now that he was in the door he did not want to leave. He started unbuttoning his shirt while Heidi watched with her arms crossed under her full breasts. “That’s better.”

He continued on but as he was wearing no underwear was completely naked after only a few moments.

“Now sit in the chair for,” she pointed to the swivel recliner.

Mike moved over to the chair and Heidi followed him then moved around to the back of the chair. Her hands moved down over his chest and rubbed him gently for a minute. Moving down to his stomach,” oh I am so excited about this Mike,” her hands continued to caress his body. “A nice, successful Escort Maltepe guy like you is such a change of the kind of guys I have had to do this with,” her hands moved down his arms and he felt her hot breath in his right ear. Her tongue probed it as her fingers encased his wrists and moved his arms down to the sides of the chair. She was sucking on his earlobe and he almost did not notice her sliding his hands through some type of cords on the sides of the chair. Suddenly he felt the pressure around his wrists as the cords were pulled tight. “There we go,” Heidi breathed in his ear,” that’s better.”

Arms strapped to the chair Mike was at a loss for words when Heidi walked back in front of him and slowly took off her robe. She was wearing black silk panties with matching bra and garters. “Is this what you have been dreaming about Mike?” she motioned her hands towards her body.

“Um…” his voice cracked,” you are so beautiful Heidi,” as if his rock hard cock left any doubts about it.

“You are so sweet,” she said walking over and picking up a small bottle of something off her coffee table,” I almost feel guilty breaking you like this.”

Mike was caught dumbfounded between wondering about what was in the bottle and what she meant by ‘breaking him’. “What…what are you talking about?” he exclaimed.

“Oh don’t worry sweetie,” she said as she moved the footstool to the side of the chair and sat down,” you are going to love every minute of it.” He now saw she had a bottle of Astroglide which she opened and squirted a small amount into her hand. She then started rubbing the lube up and down his cock which was starting to lose its rigidity. The feeling of her hand on his cock quickly returned it to its previous hardness. “There we go,” she looked him in the eye,” this is going to feel so good Mike,” she rubbed under and over the head a few times causing him to gasp.

“Heidi please…” he breathed.

“Please what Mike?” her hand continuing to tease his cock.

“Please don’t do…anything…”

“Oh Mike I am not going to hurt you,” she started slowly stroking the full length of his shaft. “If anything I am going to overload you with so much pleasure you are going to melt in to putty for me to mold as I see fit.” Her hand job already had him close to the edge after the earlier encounter in his office. His legs started to tense up and suddenly her hand stopped moving.

“Take a deep breath Mike,” her hand coming off his cock as his body shook,” just breath deep and get control of it. You’re not going to cum yet.” He did as she asked and took some deep breaths. Slowly he felt his body start to calm down and the shaking subsided. As he began to relax he heard the lube bottle again and her hand returned to his cock. After only a couple of strokes he could not hold back a moan.

“Ohhh that’s it Mikey,” her thumb and forefinger making a ring which moved back and forth over the head,” feels so good doesn’t it?”

His hips lurched towards her hand as he moaned again in the affirmative. “Yes this is so good and the longer you hold out the better it will feel. I am going to make every orgasm you have from now on feel like you have been dropped into an ocean of ecstasy.” Her hand stroked the full length of the shaft again and his hips started to lurch as his orgasm started to build. Her hand stopped again.

“Breathe deep for me Mikey,” she cooed,” just breathe deep and the tremors will stop soon.”

“Please Heidi,” he moaned.

“Please what Maltepe Rus Escort baby?” she asked.

“Please make me cum,” he begged.

“Oh you are so worked up Mikey but we can keep this up for a while and it will only get better.”

“Please Heidi,” he begged,” I need to cum.”

“I know baby,” her hand reached down and started stroking again,” there is a quicker way but then the pleasure comes all at once and it might be too much for you.”

“No…cum…please,” his breathing quickening again.

“Baby I did not want to break you this way…”

“Pleeeasssse,” he moaned.

“Okay baby,” she started working only the head again with her thumb, forefinger ring. “Look me in the eye as we do this.”

He looked up at her. Beautiful blue eyes staring down at him. His cock was so sensitive. All he wanted was to cum.

“That’s right Mike,” stroking,” you feel so helpless right now.” Her words sent a rush through him that was followed by a loud moan. “Oh you’re breaking Mike. I own your pleasure,” his orgasm was starting to build. “You will do anything for the pleasure I give you,” she moved over and slid her legs under the arms of the chair, effectively pinning him down while she sat on his legs. “Oh keep staring into the eyes of your conqueror Mike,” his moans started coming faster. “Yes Mike I’m breaking you down so hard right now. Keep staring into my eyes Mike.” His orgasm started to rip through him like a tidal wave. “Keep looking into my eyes Mike,” the cum was shooting out as he yelled out,” your mine Mike. I am breaking you down so good.”

The orgasm felt like it was going on and on. The cum erupting out of him as he moaned and stared up at Heidi. Her fingers still working the head of his cock. They kept going and she kept staring down at him. His cock had ceased shooting out cum but she continued to work the head. Mike’s hips were bucking from the feeling of it. It was too much but she kept going.

“That’s it baby,” she said as his body jerked beneath her,” you are so weak next to me.” His over sensitive cock was being rubbed in all the right places leaving him crying out. It was too much. The pleasure was so intense it was painful. It was like torture and she would not relent. “Oh Mike you are all mine now aren’t you?” He could not stop convulsing every time she stimulated the head of his cock.

After what seemed like an eternity her hand finally stopped. “Just breathe baby,” she said staring down at him. “That’s it just breathe deep.” His heart was racing and he was having trouble catching his breath. He continued to slowly calm down after each breath.

His head had dropped down, his chin resting on his chest, his eyes had closed. “So exhausted aren’t we Mikey,” her hand started caressing his cock again. The sensitivity was not as bad and in fact he felt it stiffening again. “That’s better Mikey, I’m so hot right now,” he looked up at her and saw a hunger in her eyes he had not seen before.

“I need a cock right now Mikey,” she slid her hips towards his,” and now that this belongs to me,” she said squeezing his erection,” I might as well use it.” She slowly slid it in and started to move up and down on him. Her pussy felt like heaven. He could not stop moaning taking in the beautiful woman now riding his cock.

“Yes baby,” her hips were moving up and down,” who owns this cock?”

Her question was met with moans from Mike. “I said who owns this cock?” her voice a cross between a yell and a moan.

“Ohhh…you do,” Mike moaned.

Heidi started moaning louder and he felt her body start to shake. “Yes…yes…yes,” she screamed as the orgasm rocked her. “Fucking…mine,” she yelled. She collapsed into him as her orgasm ebbed.

She nestled her head next to his ear,” breaking you has been the best yet.”

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