Daddy’s Weekend


He looked forward to the end of the day when he got to be home with his girlfriend, over the past few years they had established the most amazing Daddy/little relationship that he thrived in and from what she said so did she. She had promised that this was a special “all Daddy” weekend which he was looking forward to very much.

Cal walked into the apartment and his hopes fell just a bit when he realized they had company. He had been hoping to find Jane and as soon as possible help her into little mode so they could play for the rest of the weekend, ignoring everyone and everything else. He fought the irritation as he walked towards the kitchen after setting his laptop case and coat down on the couch.

He walked in and saw Jane smiling at her friend Stacie while they were obviously making something to eat but for the life of him he couldn’t tell what. It took a moment to register that they were both completely naked except for aprons. When the realization struck him he felt his cock get instantly hard in his pants.

Cal stood there, watching the two women who he thought were amazingly hot and sexy. He loved his girlfriend with her athletic body, perfect D cups and blonde hair down past her shoulders. Her friend Stacie was shorter, brunette and had a round ass that could make him sit up and beg if she wanted to.

The two women suddenly took notice that he was standing there watching them with a raging hard on, and they both smiled at one another, some secret between them he was not quite aware of yet. He watched in excitement and slight unease as they both seemed to walked toward him, almost stalking him.

“Welcome home Daddy, Stacie wanted to come over to play this weekend, and we made a very special surprise for you.” Jane said in a husky low tone he knew was an indication she was already turned on. He tried his best not to stare at Stacie, her bare ass peeking out behind the tied apron, her DD tits pushing against the apron, begging to be let free.

“Well baby girl, I’m happy you invited your friend over to play, however Daddy is not quite sure what to do here, or what the new rules are. You need to tell me so Daddy can work on making you girls very happy.” He said, barely managing not to gulp in his excitement and anticipation.

“Well Daddy, Stacie likes everything that I do, and her boyfriend refuses to be her Daddy, and she is very, very sad, and needs a part time Daddy. I told her how amazing you are and thought that you’d like it if you sometimes had two baby girls to play with together….” Jane said as she started sliding her hands into his work shirt and unbuttoning it.

“Yes, Daddy would like very much to have a second baby girl to play with sometimes. Now, what are the rules for Daddy?” He watched in fascination as Stacie knelt down while Jane was unbuttoning his shirt, and Stacie loosened his belt, and made short work of pulling his pants and boxers off his erection.

“Daddy, you need to make us both happy. That’s the rule, you can do whatever you want to your new baby girl when she is here as a baby girl. When she is here just to visit, she is not your baby girl, only my friend.” Jane explained as he closed his eyes, he felt Stacie start stroking his cock with her hands, those soft little hands felt heavenly on him.

“Well then, it looks like Daddy has a long weekend ahead of making his girls happy doesn’t he?” He allowed them both to completely disrobe him and leave the clothes on the floor as he followed their bare asses to the bedroom. They both squealed when he popped their bare asses with his hand and they jumped on the bed, a huge grin spreading across his face.

“Now Kurtköy Öğrenci Escort girls, if Daddy is going to make you both happy, he needs some help first, so he doesn’t give out too fast. Stacie, come here baby and show Daddy how much you like his big, hard cock.” Cal motioned for Stacie to come over to him. She smiled and crawled across the bed, eyeing his large cock. She had not experienced one quite so large and now she knew full well why Jane bragged about his cock every chance she got.

“Yes Daddy.” She said as she knelt in front of him and started stroking him then slowly, licking him from base to tip and then swallowing the head of his cock while he watched her lips, moving up and down on him. He let out a little groan as he felt her wet, hot mouth sucking on him, showing him just how much she liked it.

“Now Stacie, that’s a good girl, you’re very good at showing Daddy how much you love his cock. Keep going, that’s a good girl.” He groaned out as she sucked him further into her mouth, just on the verge of deep throating him. She heard him groan and started sucking harder, moving faster up and down until he took a step back and looked down at her with hot eyes.

“That’s a very good girl. Now, Daddy wants to see how good you feel. Get on the bed and get on your knees. Daddy wants to see that beautiful ass of yours.” Stacie smiled and climbed hastily up on the bed and put her face down and her ass up for him. Cal came up behind her, and slowly, slid a finger across her pussy, feeling how wet she already was. He was going to enjoy this very much.

Cal slid a finger inside Stacie’s wet pussy as he looked up to the head of the bed and watch Jane as she watched everything he did to her best friend. He smiled at her and he was going to make sure both women were out of their minds before the end of the night.

“Baby girl, take off your apron, and lay back against the wall, Daddy wants to see how wet your pussy is.” She gasped and hurried to do as he asked, tossing the apron aside and making her D cups bounce as she got situated against the wall at the head of the bed.

“Good girl, now, spread your legs for Daddy, I want to see you.” She smiled as she spread her thighs open, revealing how wet she was. All he wanted to do was bury his face in that amazing pussy, he loved the taste of her and would get to her later. Right now he had a mission.

“Stacie, turn over and lay on your back, scoot up a little. Baby girl, come here for Daddy, kneel.” He said as he pointed to the spot Stacie just left. He watched the girls both scramble to do his bidding and smiled, he loved how eager and responsive they were to him, it further fueled his desire.

Jane put her face down and lifted her ass up, kneeling just the way Stacie had before his throbbing cock. He pointed at Stacie and when she looked at him smiling, he pointed to the space just in front of Jane’s head.

“Be a good girl and lay down on your back in front of baby girl. Daddy is going to watch while baby girl licks you and teases you with her tongue and fingers.” Cal said huskily. After a slight hesitation Stacie moved over and laid herself in front of Jane, and at a nod from Cal, Jane moved forward, licking Stacie’s thighs, teasing her into being calm and accepting what was happening.

“That’s right baby girl, help Stacie relax and get a little wetter for Daddy’s cock.” He said as he moved to the side so he could watch his girlfriend licking Stacie’s pussy, teasing her, he moved closer to the bed and put his cock next to Stacie’s mouth as she lay there enjoying Jane’s tongue sliding in and out of her.

“Be a good girl Kurtköy Çıtır Escort and suck on Daddy’s cock while baby girl licks you.” He said, sliding the head of his cock on her lips. Stacie opened her mouth and he slid his throbbing cock into it, gently thrusting into her mouth, knowing she could take him from the way she had tried to deep throat him a few minutes ago.

He watched as Stacie started squirming and Jane locked her arms around Stacie’s thighs, holding her down so she couldn’t escape while she kept pushing Stacie closer to orgasm. Cal slid his cock in and out of Stacie’s mouth faster, wanting to watch her cum.

“That’s right baby girl, keep pushing her, we want Stacie to scream for us now don’t we?” He asked, watching as Stacie’s body started wiggling all over, he felt Stacie sucking on him in her pleasure and he groaned. Cal pulled out of Stacie’s mouth and walked behind baby girl still wiggling her ass in the air for him.

“I love your ass when it wiggles for me baby girl.” Cal said as he slid up behind her, grabbed her hips and slid his throbbing cock into her wet, hot pussy. He watched as his girlfriend continued to lick and eat Stacie while he slid his cock in and out of her amazing pussy. Cal felt himself getting closer to cumming and panted a little trying to hold back.

“You want Daddy to cum baby girl?” He asked slightly breathless from fucking her.

“Yes Daddy!” She said excitedly pulling her face away from Stacie’s pussy to speak to him and look back at him thrusting in and out of her. He smiled at her.

“Beg Daddy.” He demanded, and he felt Jane push back against him as he kept thrusting.

“Please Daddy, I need you to cum inside me.” She whimpered so prettily. He growled and thrust into her harder, faster until he exploded, emptying himself inside of her hot pussy. He filled her, enjoying the release, and knowing the night was far from over. After he stopped cumming, he gently slid out of Jane, and walked over to Stacie where she was still laying on her back.

“Now, be a good girl and clean Daddy up, make him nice and hard again so we can keep playing.” He said as he placed his semi-hard, dripping cock near her mouth. Stacie opened her mouth and took him inside as far as she could, licking him, sucking on him, cleaning all of his cum and Jane’s wetness off of him in delight.

Cal felt himself grow hard again and knew this time he would last much longer. He smiled down at his girls.

“Alright, now baby girl, lay down so our new baby girl can do a good job and lick you clean. Daddy made a mess and Stacie is going to clean you up.” Jane lay on her back and Cal watched as Stacie rolled over, eagerly sliding her face to Jane’s dripping pussy. He saw his cum starting to slide out of Jane, and stroked himself as he watched Stacie stick her tongue out and lick it up.

“That’s a very good girl Stacie, keep licking, Daddy wants to watch you make everything clean again.” He said, and slid his finger inside her pussy as her ass was wiggling in the air.

“Mmmm…yes Daddy!” she purred and slid her tongue inside of Jane, making her friend gasp in pleasure. Cal kept sliding his fingers in and out of her dripping wet pussy, watching as Stacie licked his cum off of Jane. He stepped behind Stacie and slid the head of his cock up and down her wet pussy lips, teasing her with it, making her whimper.

“Please?” Stacie whimpered as she tried to push herself back onto his cock. Cal gently moved so she couldn’t impale herself on him and spanked her hard making her squeal.

“Please what?” He said as he held her hips firmly.

“Please fuck Kurtköy Elit Escort me Daddy.” She whimpered, he smiled and soothed the spot where he had spanked her. Cal slowly slid his cock inside of Stacie, he felt how hot and wet she was, it made him throb. When he was finally inside of her all the way, he slid his hands over her nice round ass and very gently wet a finger and while he was pulling out, teased very gently at her asshole.

“You have such a beautiful ass baby, tonight it’s going to be mine.” Cal slid his finger inside her ass as he thrust his cock into her pussy and she moaned in pleasure. He slowly continued to work her ass while he slid in and out of her, he wanted to make sure she was very ready for him, as he was larger than average.

“Are you ready for Daddy to claim your ass baby?” He asked her. He heard her moan again as he slid three fingers now in and out at the same speed as he slid his cock in and out of her.

“Now, baby girl, move up and spread your legs and play with yourself while you watch Daddy fuck Stacie’s ass.”

“Yes Daddy!” Jane said and scooted herself up to the headboard. He saw her spread her thighs open and slide her fingers into herself, rubbing her clit while she watched him. Cal slid his cock out of Stacie’s pussy and slowly slid the wet head up to her ass, sliding his fingers out, he gently pushed the head of his cock into her ass.

Slowly he eased himself into her ass, pushing in and letting her relax, then pushing in a little more, until he was fully inside her. He breathed a deep sigh at the feel of her virgin ass tight around his cock. He started pulling out and then slid back in easier this time. He started thrusting a little faster an heard Stacie moan.

“Do you like that baby? Is Daddy’s cock too big for you?” He asked, wanting to hear her beg for him.

“I love it Daddy, please don’t stop. I love your cock Daddy, it’s not too big, it feels so good!” She purred as he thrust a little harder. She whimpered in pleasure and he thrust faster, looking down and watching as he slid himself in and out of her amazingly beautiful ass.

“Tell me what you want baby.” He said, trying not to go too fast, he wanted to hear her beg him.

“Fuck me faster.” She breathed heavily, Cal spanked her ass and left a pink mark on it.

“Beg Daddy like a good girl.” He said sternly.

“Please Daddy will you fuck my ass faster?” She whimpered. He grabbed her hips and started thrusting faster.

“That’s right baby, tell Daddy how you want to be fucked.” He said soothingly as he felt her start trying to push back against him for more.

“Please Daddy fuck me harder!” She begged, he thrust harder for her, making her squeal in delight. He kept the fast, hard pace and then decided to push for release.

“Are you ready to cum baby?” She nodded her head.

“Yes Daddy, please let me cum for you!” She panted, he thrust a little harder making her scream a little in pleasure.

“What about me?” He asked as she spread her legs a little wider for him.

“Please Daddy, cum in my ass.” She begged.

“Who’s ass is this baby?” He demanded as he spanked her again lighter this time.

“It’s your ass Daddy, only yours, please fuck me Daddy!” She said hardly able to stand it any longer.

Cal grabbed her hips and thrust harder, faster and then demanded what he wanted.

“Cum for Daddy baby, cum.” He growled and he felt her convulse around him, shoving her ass hard onto his cock, screaming in pleasure and not able to help herself continue shoving her ass onto his cock over and over. He thrust hard and emptied himself into her ass, slowly sliding in and out until he was empty. This was his ass now.

Cal let Stacie crumple to the bed and stood there looking at both of his baby girls in delight. He liked having a double weekend, and after some rest, he planned on having even more fun with them both, and to do some more claiming…

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