Detention Ch. 01


Daryl Simpson sat back in his chair at his desk and blew out a sigh. The day was almost over and he was ready to go home. He was an aide at a lobbyist firm in Washington DC. Daryl did pretty well for himself and liked nice things. He was fresh out of a seven year marriage but had no children. His ex-wife was tired of the long hours they both worked and basically grew apart. They had no animosity towards each other and were happy to go their own separate ways.

Daryl yawned and stretched. He was taking a few days off to do some travelling and spend some time with his new 24 year old girlfriend, Sevyn. Daryl smiled at the thought of her.

They had met six months ago at a local hotspot. Daryl couldn’t believe his luck in pulling a woman like Sevyn. Here he was, 35 years old, newly divorced, and struggling to adjust to the dating game. Then here comes this little hottie into his life. Sevyn kept him on his toes. He never knew what to expect from her. Sevyn Baker was a wild child from Los Angeles who moved to DC to be around the movers and shakers in the area. She loved living life on the edge and she made Daryl feel like a brand new man.

When they met at that club, Sevyn wasn’t really feeling Daryl. Sure he drove a nice car and dressed well but Sevyn thought she could do better. However, Daryl’s sense of humor and personality won her over and she decided she could mold Daryl into something nice. She would take the conservative-looking aide and bring the beast out of him. Once she got Daryl in bed, it was a wrap.

Daryl never knew sex could be so good. Sevyn loved to play games during sex and Daryl was her puppy dog. He would do whatever she asked and their play took off to levels Daryl could never imagine. They had explored BDSM, swinging, toys, sex in exotic places, all kinds of new things.

Daryl heard his ringtone go off and he smiled when he saw Sevyn’s face on the caller ID. “Superfreak” by Rick James was his ringtone for her and it was so very fitting.

“Yes love, how are you doing?” Daryl said when he answered his phone.

“I’m fine baby. Are you ready to spend some time away with me?” Sevyn asked seductively.

“Hell yes. Almost that time.” Daryl said.

“Yes it is. But before we head out on our trip I have a surprise for you. You remember where I work right?” Sevyn said.

“Yes I do. Why do you ask?” Daryl said.

“Just come by here when you get off. Go to the front desk tell the clerk to give you a message from me. It will tell you where to go.” Sevyn said with a smile.

“So mysterious.” Daryl laughed. “And I don’t get a clue as to what this is all about huh?”

“Nope, you don’t. Just let me know when you’re on your way.” Sevyn grinned. “Trust me; you will enjoy your surprise.”

“I’m sure I will baby.” Daryl said. “I will see you soon.”

“Kisses Daddy.” Sevyn replied and ended the call.

Daryl still had a couple of hours to go before he could leave. He didn’t know what to do with himself. All he could think of was what Sevyn had planned for him. He looked at his desk again. All of his work was caught up. He had no other calls to make. All Daryl could do was sit back and watch the clock. Finally, 5 o’clock rolled around and he called his sweetie once again.

“Baby I’m leaving work now headed your way.” Daryl said.

“Fine Daddy. I’ll be waiting for you.” Sevyn Ümraniye Fetiş Escort replied.

Daryl smiled to himself as he exited the building. It was a beautiful fall Friday afternoon and he lowered the roof on his BMW convertible. About 30 minutes later, he drove into the parking lot of the swanky Arlington Virginia hotel where Sevyn worked. He went inside and greeted the front desk clerk.

“Hi there Mr. Simpson. Sevyn told me to give you this message so here you go.” the clerk said cheerily. “Have a good one.”

“You too.” Daryl smiled in return and walked towards the elevators. He opened the envelope and took out the message Sevyn left for him.

“Hi baby. Don’t go to the regular elevators for the guests. Go to the service elevator around the corner and take it two levels down. Once you get off go to your right down six doors to the one that says MAINTENANCE. Come on in. I will be waiting.” the message read.

“Hmm.” Daryl said to himself and walked away from the guest elevators towards the service elevator farther down the hall. He went in and pressed the 2B button to go down two levels. He did as instructed once the elevator stopped and went right down the hallway six doors. It was dark down the hallway but he found the maintenance office door. He wasn’t sure at first but he tried the door knob and the door was open. Daryl stepped inside.

The lights were on. Daryl looked around. The office was small. There were three chairs along the back wall and a desk at the front of the room. A chalkboard hung on the wall. And there in the middle of the room sitting in a student’s desk was Sevyn.

She wore a little naughty schoolgirl outfit, complete with the frilly socks and the black and white shoes. She sat at the desk with her pouty full lips poked out with a frown on her face.

Sevyn was a tiny thing, only about 90 lbs. but very curvy. She was very light-skinned and small breasted, maybe a B cup. But her nipples were long and hard, and Daryl loved to lick and suck on them. Sevyn was short too, only about five foot tall and at six feet, Daryl felt like he towered over her.

Immediately upon seeing Sevyn in the schoolgirl outfit, Daryl knew what was up. He grinned lustfully at Sevyn then folded his arms with a disappointed look on his face.

“Ms. Baker.” he began and shook his head. “How often must we go through this? You know by now that cutting class is a no-no.” Daryl locked the door and walked over behind the desk to take a seat. He gave her a stern look.

“I’m sorry Mr. Simpson.” Sevyn said woefully. “I promise I won’t do it again. I swear.”

“My dear, after what I have planned for you, I’m SURE you won’t do it again.” Daryl said. He had eased into his role as the teacher very well. “Now come here.” he commanded. Sevyn stood and shyly walked up the desk. “Go to the chalkboard.” Daryl instructed and Sevyn went to the chalkboard. “I want you to write 25 times on the board I WILL NOT SKIP CLASS. Do it.”

Sevyn frowned and began writing. Daryl watched her little body wiggle as she wrote. She had a very nice heart-shaped ass and her round butt cheeks poked out from the bottom of her short skirt. Her waist was slim and exposed as the halter top covered her perky breasts. Daryl’s dick stiffened as he watched his luscious girlfriend write furiously on the chalkboard.

“I’m Ümraniye Gecelik Escort done Mr. Simpson. Can I go now?” Sevyn whined.

“No child. Your punishment is not yet complete. Come here.” Daryl said.

Sevyn came over and stood in front of Daryl with her hands behind her back. She stuck her chest out and Daryl could see her long stiff nipples poking through the flimsy white fabric.

“Look at you. You like being a bad girl don’t you?” Daryl said menacingly.

“I’m sorry Mr. Simpson. I might look bad but I’m really a good girl. I aim to please.” Sevyn complained.

“Well we will see about that. Look at that outfit. Turn around slowly.” Daryl commanded. Sevyn slowly twirled around with one finger in her mouth, seductively sucking it while looking scared and nervous.

Suddenly, Daryl stood up from behind the desk and roughly pulled Sevyn over to him. He turned her around and lifted the short skirt up, revealing her plump bottom. He licked his lips as he admired her lacy thong underwear and her exposed butt cheeks. He sat down in the chair and pulled her around in front of him. He made her lie down across his lap. Sevyn protested and looked back at him but she arched her back so that her ass was tooted up in the air. Daryl made sure the skirt was lifted and Sevyn’s bouncy cheeks were exposed.

“You deserve a spanking.” Daryl said sternly and popped one of Sevyn’s cheeks with his hand.

Sevyn yelped and said, “Oooh Daddy,” then grinned at him. Daryl did not find this amusing and he spanked her other cheek, this time a bit harder. “Mmmmm Daddy. So very mean.” Sevyn grinned again but pouted afterwards.

Daryl gave her bottom a couple of more love taps but he was careful not to overdo it. Sevyn’s nipples were rock hard under her top. She loved this and didn’t want him to stop. Daryl moved her thong to the side and ogled her fat pussyflesh poking out. Her clit was swollen and her nectar was dripping. Daryl caressed Sevyn’s labia and clit, making her moan in pleasure. His finger slid into her clean-shaven pie and she squirmed in his lap.

“Oh Daddy, what are you doing to me?” Sevyn cried out.

“This is your punishment, you bad girl,” Daryl said and took two fingers then spanked her clit from the back. “Oh my God!!” Sevyn screamed out as she came. Daryl made her stand up and he looked at the front of his slacks. Sevyn had squirted cum all over his lap. Daryl frowned. He made Sevyn get down on her knees in front of him. “Your punishment is not yet complete, my dear.” he said as he grabbed Sevyn’s hair roughly and he unbuckled his slacks.

Sevyn had felt his hard dick as she lay across his lap and expected this. She moaned and licked her lips in anticipation. Daryl pulled out his dick and Sevyn opened her mouth wide to receive it. He pushed his stiff member into her mouth and she began to suck it greedily. Daryl let her suck it for a while then he began to thrust into her mouth furiously. All Sevyn could do was to open wider and let Daryl’s throbbing dick beat her tonsils up.

As Daryl throat-fucked her, Sevyn reached down between her legs and played with her dripping honeypot. Tears welled up in her eyes and her mascara streaked as she strained to swallow as much of Daryl’s dick as she could. Daryl’s face wrinkled like linen, making fuck faces as he drilled her throat. He couldn’t Ümraniye Genç Escort believe how much he was enjoying playing this role. And she was letting him too!!

“Arrrgghh.” He moaned and decided he had to stop or he was going to bust a huge load in her mouth. He didn’t want to do that yet so he pulled his dick out of Sevyn’s mouth and made her stand up. Sevyn weakly got to her feet and Daryl made her sit in the chair. He pushed the chair back against the desk and made Sevyn kick her legs back. Daryl slid off Sevyn’s thong and her hot pussy was there for the taking. First he buried his face in her snatch, sliding his tongue deep inside. His tongue sought out her G-spot and snaked around lapping at her sugarwalls. Sevyn almost jumped out of the chair she came so hard.

“AAAAAIIIIIIEEEGGGHHH!!” she screamed as she flooded Daryl’s mouth with her juices.

Daryl stood up and wiped his mouth and chin with his hand. Then he pushed Sevyn s legs back and spanked her swollen pussy with his hard dick. Squirt juice splashed about as she moaned. He slid his dick into her sopping wet opening and rammed it in hard, using the arms of the chair as leverage to drive into her. Sevyn’s pussy seized up in orgasm and she thought she would pass out from the pleasure. Before she could do so, he pulled her from the chair and knocked it out of the way. He turned her around and made her get up on the desk in a low doggy-style. He rubbed his hard dick up and down Sevyn’s wet slit.

“Oh Daddy, I don’t know if I can take anymore. It is sooo big.” Sevyn moaned.

“All the better to fuck you with my dear.” Daryl said quietly and pushed his himself into her torrid lovepie. Sevyn moaned in pleasure as he fucked her, pinching her nipples through her shirt. She began to squeeze her own breasts and Daryl grabbed her by hips to drive his dick deeper into her.

“FUUUUUCCCCCKKK!!” Sevyn screamed as his dick found her G-spot and she once again drenched his dick with her cum. It splashed everywhere with each thrust.

Now it was his turn. Daryl pulled his dick out of her and forced her off the desk and down on her knees again. He pushed his dick into her throat until his balls covered her chin. He pinched her nose and Sevyn’s eyes grew huge as she struggled to breathe. She coughed violently and her drool splashed all over his balls. He pulled his dick from her mouth and jerked his drool-slick dick off furiously.

“Are you gonna cum for me Daddy? You’re gonna let me feel that hot cum all over my face?” Sevyn asked, Daryl’s dickhead right on top of her nose. Her mouth was opened wide and ready to receive. Daryl stopped jerking his dick and again shoved it into Sevyn’s throat. She made clucking noises as his dickhead beat up the back of her throat. She didn’t want his cum in her mouth though. She loved it on her face.

“OH MY DAYUM!!” Daryl cried out and pulled his dick out of Sevyn’s mouth. Sevyn got her wish as his cum began to jet forth all over her nose, eyes and cheeks, covering her face. Daryl squeezed every drop of cum from his dick then let go of her hair. She wiped the cum from her eyes with her fingers and rubbed the sticky man-goo into her skin. She loved the feel of the hot cum on her face. Her cheeks and forehead shined as the light reflected off of the stuff.

“Dayum Daddy. You really brought it this time” she said with a smile. “I didn’t need to coach you or anything. I didn’t know you had that dominate streak in you. Gives me some ideas for more games for us.”

“Well baby, you bring the freak out of me. And I am down for whatever you come up with.” Daryl laughed and leaned down and kissed his freaky girlfriend.


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