Discovered At the Gym Ch. 01


A quick backstory, I am an 21 year old college kid, about 5 foot 6, who just recently joined a gym to try and overcome my smaller frame and slim feminine body. I have a secret love for wearing women’s clothes, especially lingerie under my male clothes as much as possible. I have no issues with getting women, the occasional hook up and girlfriend from time to time, but nothing serious.

Now fast-forward to the day that would change my life as I knew it.

I was a guy that would always fantasize about these crazy scenarios where I am discovered by strangers and they take control of me sexually from there. But that’s all that they were, fantasies, as I would never act on them because I was way too afraid. Still, I would wear lingerie to class, when hanging out with friends, and while doing other things in life.

On my first day going to the gym I decided to skip wearing panties that day because it was a new place for me and I didn’t know how it was going to go. Now this being the first time in my life I was seriously starting to work out, I assumed all those locker room stereotypes weren’t true. Sure enough, there are plenty of men that walk around with no clothes on whatsoever, everything on full display for everyone.

Trying to focus I walked to a locker, sat down and put all my attention to not looking at all the naked muscular men around me. That day went perfectly fine, I figured out how to use the equipment and I finished my workout in about 2 hours. I showered and went home for the night.

The next day I was in class and brought my gym bag with me so I could go on my way home. When class was over I drove to the gym and was ready for day two. After swiping my card and saying my hello to the front desk worker I made my way to the locker room. Once I walked in it struck me that I was wearing a yellow lace thong and a matching yellow sports bra under my guy clothes. My heart sank as I tried to figure out a way to work around this.

Since it was 6 o’clock the locker room was extremely crowded but I figured I could change without anyone noticing. I get to my locker and with the few people around me looking the other way I quickly drop my pants and pull my shirt down to cover up what I could. I then grab my workout shorts and pull them up as fast as I can, heart racing fast. As for the bra I had no way I could do this so I figured I could just work out in the shirt was wearing and keep the bra on.

My first hour went perfectly, always making sure the straps weren’t in view and my shirt never rode up. When I was just getting done on a bicep machine, the front desk employee, who was about 6 foot 4 and clearly worked out here a lot and helped me sign up, came over and wanted to say he saw what I was balıkesir escort doing and to keep up the good work. While doing this he gave me a pat on the back and at that moment my face went bright red and we didn’t quite know what to say.

I stammered, all I could say was, “I uh uh uh I uhm.”

He interrupted me and said, “No worries I got you girl,” and walked away.

Girl? I could hardly even finish my workout I was shaking so much and decided to head to the showers. I took a shower while doing my best to hide the fact my underwear was lingerie and put my male clothes back on top of my thong and bra and went to leave the gym, which after I took my time was pretty empty because it was a weekday night.

On my way out I had to walk by the front desk again. As I did he spoke up and said, “Ma’am.” I kept walking thinking nothing of it, when he said it louder, “MA’AM!” Startled, I turned around and he motioned for me to come see him. I don’t know why I went over there but I did.

“We got some complaints that you were hanging out in the wrong locker room ma’am. Did you go in the men’s locker room today?”

Puzzled but starting to catch on I said, “Of course I went into the men’s locker room. Just like last time.”

As if he was ready for that answer, he states loudly that, “Men don’t wear bras and panties.”

Shit, how did he know I was wearing panties? “What are you talking about?” I replied confidently.

“Cut the shit. You were wearing a sports bra when you were working out earlier which means a sissy like you is no doubt wearing matching panties too. I can even see the bra outline right now.”

When I looked down and grabbed for my chest, you couldn’t see the outline but I just confirmed that he was right about the bra. My face turned bright red and I was speechless. At this point if I would’ve just walked out I could be done with this whole situation, but something inside me wouldn’t let me leave.

“Exactly. So, show me that you are wearing men’s underwear and prove me wrong. No one is around sissy. If you are wearing men’s underwear you can leave and we can forget this ever happened.”

I just stared back at him, my face turning redder by the second, shaking. I looked around and no one was close enough to hear or see us and it was dark outside with a pretty empty parking lot.

“Shocker. Get back here bitch,” he commanded. He then motions for me to come around the counter. I submit to his command and go around the counter thinking nothing of it.

“On your knees sissy.”

“What? Why?”

He chuckles, “Because I said so. Now down.”

Not wanting to raise a scene I get down and take my gym bag balıkesir escort bayan off my shoulder and now on my knees I am just below counter height.

“Take off the shirt let me see what I felt earlier.”

“Here? Won’t someone see?” I whisper.

“The place is almost empty and you’re under the counter I just need to see what I felt earlier.”

I comply not thinking I had much of a choice, he did have me caught after all. I figured I could just show him and then I would get to leave. I quickly take my shirt off and show him the sports bra. After he laughed at me, he ordered me to show him the matching pair of panties. He already knew I was wearing them so it wasn’t a big deal. I pulled down my sweatpants to my knees so he could see my matching thong clearly. When I looked back up he was sitting on his chair with his shorts around his ankles and his cock starring me in the face.

At this moment I froze. I couldn’t get up because I was in my panties and bra and didn’t want to be exposed to more people so I sat there and just starred at it. My eyes never left his cock, even soft it was 2 inches bigger than mine. Without even noticing my mouth was open in amazement and he let me know.

“You can keep your mouth open sissy. Back up under the counter there and get ready.”

Unbelievably I did exactly as he said, and he backed under the counter and he slid his chair up and trapped me in.

“Hello sir…Thank you…Enjoy your workout.”

He was just talking to another person coming into the gym while I was under the desk in lingerie starring at another man’s cock. I had never done anything like this before but now it seems like I don’t have much of a choice in this matter. Except I did have a choice. I could have left at any time, meaning maybe I subconsciously wanted this to happen.

“Something wrong down there girl? Get to work. You and I both know this is what you want. No straight guy goes around wearing that slutty lingerie and doesn’t want to be fed a big hard cock from a real man. Now beg me for it like a good girl!”

There he goes with calling me a girl again. Sure I was in women’s lingerie and I had some bisexual fantasies but I couldn’t be a girl, could I?

“I…uh…want to suck your cock,” I say in a very quiet tone, almost a whisper.

“That’s not good enough faggot. You don’t get rewarded with this cock until I feel you’ve earned it slave, now beg, and call me sir!”

At this point I don’t know what came over me but I responded with, “Sir please allow me the pleasure of serving you and being your personal cocksucker. I want your cock down my throat and I want to please you the best I can. Nothing would escort balıkesir make me happier than sucking your cock and swallowing your cum right here right now like the slutty sissy I am.”

“Much better sissy, you may begin.”

I reach forward and begin to feel the soft hairless member that was in front of me. It was so smooth and I could feel it pulsating while slowly growing with my strokes.

“You don’t get it sissy you’re a cockSUCKER. Get your mouth to work.”

I kept stroking it watching it grow to 6, 7, and 8 inches not fully hard yet. I was so mesmerized and hypnotized by this cock in my hand that I couldn’t focus on anything else around me.

“Fine bitch we’ll do this the hard way.”

He then reaches into his drawer and pulls out a pair of handcuffs.

“You wouldn’t believe how many girls like you we get in here. Put these on behind your back right now.”

Not wanting to displease him I comply and latch them behind me. By now my own cock was hard as steel in my thong begging for release. He pulled himself back close to the counter and the cock was fully hard now, about 9 inches and pointing straight at me.

I lean forward and lick and kiss the mushroom head as I slide the first couple inches into my mouth and begin getting it nice and wet moving up and down like I knew what I was doing. It was like my whole life something was missing and now that this cock was in my mouth I could finally be complete. It was exhilarating how much I liked the position I was in. I was a natural.

I continued sucking, compiling everything I’ve seen in porn and read about trying to be the best cocksucker I can be for him. I continue this for what felt like eternity, as I was as happy as could be, when I remember eye contact is a huge turn on. I look up to see that he is holding his phone recording me! Now I need to put on a show for this guy if I’m on camera! I deep throat surprisingly well and keep making eye contact while sucking and teasing him the best I can. I can feel him tensing up and breathing a little heavier when he suddenly pulls out and covers my face with his warm hot cum and shoots the last few strands into my mouth coating my throat while I finish sucking and polishing him clean. I happily swallow and await further instructions while I clean the rest of his cock.

A flash goes off and he takes one final picture of me looking at him and tells me I can leave. He takes my handcuffs off but before I begin to get dressed he told me I couldn’t clean my face off I had to walk to my car like that. I pull my shirt on and my pants after and ask him what he is going to do with the pictures.

“Nothing as of right now, but next time you come around here, and you will be coming around here often, I don’t want you to be taking off those ugly man clothes you have there. You’ll learn to work out as the girl you are got that bitch? Good now get out of here.”

On my walk to the car I walked by two girls walking in and they both made remarks about my face, but luckily when I come back next time I wont be recognized by them…

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