Dr. Awful


Greetings all; the characters in my stories exist in my head, but there might be real life inspirations for some of them. Who knows?

Anyways, my regular readers know that I enjoy writing about the transgender experience from different perspectives. Here I write a three act play about a straight man that is made into a transgender woman without his knowledge or consent.


Act 1.


Ike and Trina Turner could easily pass as sisters. Trina was a beautiful woman and Ike was a pretty man. Other than that, they were regular people living normal lives in metro Atlanta, and doing the typical things that most people do. That included the two of them taking trips to Las Vegas, where Ike provided Trina cover while she got a dose of uninhibited sex.

To add a bit of spice on one particular trip, Trina suggested that she and Ike dress like sisters when they went to a club catering to the kinky crowd. Being that anything goes in Vegas he said what the heck, and was more than happy to do it. He soon found out that his big sister’s ultimate fantasy was to share sucking a cock with him when he was dressed in drag. Ike flatly refused her offer because of an unfortunate technicality, he was a straight man.


Scene 1; Trina and Ike go clubbing.

They were in their suite at a swanky hotel and casino. “Ike will you hurry up,” said his sister. “I swear you take longer to put on a dress than I do.”

“Don’t get your expensive panties in a bunch big sister” her brother retorted. “Age before beauty; besides, we’re in Vegas; the real party hasn’t started yet.”

Trina put a hand on her hip, and used the other hand flamboyantly as she spoke. “Well I’m not here to party, I’m here to fuck. I want to get to the club before all the hot guys are taken,” she countered.

He then walked into the living room of their suite in a little black dress. He was now Rachel. He put both hands on his hips, and spoke in as sassy a manner as he could. “The hottest guy in the club will be arriving with you, and he’s your sister too,” he said with a laugh.

His sister looked at him and smirked, “Oh gawd, stay away from me while we’re in there with your pretty self, or I won’t get hit on at all.”

“Don’t worry, if any of your prospective boy-toys hit on me I’ll be sure to send them your way,” he said with another laugh.

A few minutes later they walked into one of the dungeon nightclubs. After agreeing to meet at a particular spot at the bar every half hour, they parted ways.

The second time they met at the bar Trina told him she had three guys who were down for a foursome.”Hey lil bro, I’m headed into a private room with them,” she said, while subtly pointing in their direction.

“Hm,” said Ike, after a quick glance at them.

Trina then giggled and said, “The taller one told me he’d be open to playing with my sister, if she wants to suck him.”

After raising an eyebrow, Ike gave her a peck on the cheek before saying, “Rachel eats pussy, but she doesn’t suck cock.”

“Well Rachel, all men are fascinated with cocks, probably more than we women are,” Trina said to Ike. “I can’t tell you how many men I’ve fucked, who asked me about other men’s cocks while they were fucking me. It’s that macho stuff that keeps you men from sucking dick.

“Hm, well anyways, I’ll tell you all about the tall one’s cock later. I know you’re interested,” she teased.

Trina then took her harem towards a private room.

When she came out the room after fucking and sucking them Ike was gone.


Scene 2; two months later.

“Hi there; it’s good to see you’re finally awake,” said the nurse.

Ike closed his eyes for a second, then opened them again while struggling to figure out where he was. He didn’t remember drinking that much, and he didn’t do drugs, so why the hell was he so out of it? Finally he closed his eyes and kept them shut. “Who are you and where am I?” he asked in a voice he didn’t recognize.

The nurse’s demeanor was compassionate when she said, “I’m nurse Cratchett, and you’re at Southern Crescent Hospital. There’s someone here who wants to talk with you.”

Ike struggled to open his eyes again and licked his dry lips.

“Here, have some water,” offered the nurse. She then stepped aside again.

Ike squinted as he looked at the serious look on his sister’s face. “Ike, is that you?” she asked.

Ike raised an eyebrow at her. “Who do you think I am?” And then his voice trailed off. His eyes bugged out from surprise at the sound of his voice.

Trina’s eyes bugged out too. Her jaw also dropped open and she covered her mouth with her hands.

At that point one of the two police officers that were in the room took charge.

“Excuse me miss,” she said to Trina. “Ike, I’m detective Jo Friday.”

Ike frowned at her.

“Ahem,” she cleared her throat. She’d gotten that reaction a million times before when she introduced herself. “I work at the missing person’s division of the city’s police department. eskişehir escort You were reported missing two months ago, when you didn’t return to the suite you shared with your sister. You were dropped off outside Southern Crescent Hospital’s emergency room a few days ago. Surveillance video shows two people taking you and the gurney you were strapped to out of an ambulance, and then they hauled ass.

“We used your fingerprints to identify you. Your name is Ike Turner? You’re single. Your parents are deceased. You have one sister, Trina. You work for Acme Everything Company Inc.” She then looked at him and waited for a response.

“My parents liked rock and roll music. Yeah I’m Ike Turner.” He was still wondering what was up with his voice.

After clearing her throat Detective Friday said,

“Do you have any idea who did this to you?”

Ike looked at her like she had a third eye in the center of her forehead. “What are you talking about?” he asked. “Did what to me? Why am I in the hospital? What do you mean I’ve been missing for two months?”

His series of questions was interrupted by his being startled again by his feminine sounding voice. Why do I sound like a woman?” he asked, almost in a panic. He then suddenly became aware that he couldn’t move.

Detective Friday didn’t sugarcoat her answer when she told Ike everything the police knew about the reason his voice was so high. “Your nuts have been cut off and your vocal cords have been shaved,” she said.

Ike fainted. So did Trina.

The nurse glared at Detective Friday. Her partner Bill Cannon frowned before saying, “Jesus H Christ Jo, you don’t blurt out a thing like that to a man.”

Nurse Hatchett then pushed the button to alert the nurse’s station that she needed help with Ike.

A half hour later he was conscious again, after he received medication to take the edge off.

He looked at Detective Friday through half closed eyelids. This time when she spoke to him she used some tact. “Ike,” she began. “It appears that you’re the latest victim of Dr. Awful. He’s a copycat madman. He’s inspired by Dr. Evil as well as the doctors who drug people and take one of their kidneys.

“Dr. Awful chooses men he believes he can transform into a beautiful woman. We believe he spotted you during your trip to Las Vegas dressed as Trina’s sister. One of his people hit on you, then abducted you.”

Dr. Awful performed gender reassignment surgery on you, gave you a boob-job, shaved your Adam’s apple and vocal cords. Afterwards he injected female hormones into you, and kept you sedated until you somewhat healed from the surgeries. His henchmen then dropped you off at the hospital in a drugged up state.”

Detective Friday looked at Trina, the nurse, the psychologist and Detective Cannon, who were all in the room. “Was that better Bill?” she asked.

Detective Cannon exhaled, but held his tongue.

But Trina had a question, “Does what you just said mean that my brother is now my sister?” She’d always wished he was really her sister.

Ike was wondering if these people were playing some kind of sick joke until the nurse held a mirror in front of his face. When he looked at himself he couldn’t believe it, he looked even more like his sister than usual.

The nurse smiled and said, “At least you’re beautiful.”

The psychologist who had come into the room spoke in a monotone voice when he said, “Ike, my name is Dr. Brig Johnson. I’m a psychologist. I have also been assigned to your case. I have many transgender patients as well as being transgendered myself. I can help you navigate through many decisions you’re going to have to make.”

Whatever the nurse had injected into his intravenous solution was keeping Ike calm, but he still went off. “What the fuck are you people talking about? There’s no decision to make other than changing my ass back to a man,” he said, sounding high instead of angry.”

He looked at the nurse and then looked at Dr. Johnson and then the two Detectives. When no one said anything, Ike began to panic. Nurse Hatchett took one of his hands into hers. Dr. Johnson moved closer to the bed and spoke softly, “I’m afraid that won’t be completely possible. Your face would become masculine again if you stop taking women’s hormones, and of course your breast implants can be removed, but your nuts are gone forever.”

Tears welled up in Ike’s eyes, then streamed down his cheeks. “What about my dick?” he asked through trembling lips.

Dr. Johnson just shook his head no.

Trina started blubbering uncontrollably.

Dr. Johnson then cleared the room so he could console them. He hugged Trina with one arm and held Ike’s hand while they cried it all out.

Once she had regained a measure of composure Trina said, “What’s he going to do without his dick? What’s a man without his dick?”

“Well,” said Dr. Johnson. “There’s more to being a man than having a dick.” Then he smiled before smirking.

Trina and Ike escort eskişehir looked at each other before looking at Dr. Johnson. It was then that it dawned on them that he’d said he was transgendered. He’d cut his hair short and managed to grow barely enough hair on his chin to call it a goatee, but otherwise left his face alone. They could see his feminine features in his eyes and his smile. His body looked lean and muscular, and his breasts had been removed.

They both looked at his crotch, but they couldn’t see the two inch clit-cock in his pants.

Ike didn’t respond, he had some thinking to do. Perhaps Dr Johnson didn’t understand how much his cock meant to his identity as a man.

Trina was still wondering what Dr. Johnson had in his pants.


Scene 3; Ike sees his female body for the first time.

Dr. Johnson called everyone back into the room so the detectives could resume their interview. Before they asked another question, Ike asked Nurse Hatchett to remove his restraints then said, “I want to see what I look like.”

Nurse Hatchett scanned the room before saying, “Ok men, give her some privacy. Out, out, out.”

As Dr. Johnson and Detective Cannon turned to leave the room again Ike said, “Dr. Johnson can stay. For that matter so can the Detective. This body isn’t mine anyway so it doesn’t matter.” Dr. Johnson then helped nurse Hatchett get him out of bed and helped him stand in front of the mirror. Detective Friday untied his gown and removed it.

Ike’s breasts were natural looking d-cups. The massive amounts of estrogen he’d been given by the quack doctor had drastically feminized his body. As a result he had an hourglass figure that was as fine as cat hair. But the biggest change to his body was between his legs, or more precisely, not between his legs. Instead of his respectable sized cock and manly balls, he had a set of pussylips and a light dusting of nappy pubic hair.

When they saw him naked Nurse Hatchett smiled big, Dr. Johnson’s clit-cock got hard, Detective Friday’s pussy moistened, and Detective Cannon looked at Trina before looking back at Ike. The thought of the two sisters naked, made butterflies flutter in his stomach.


The next day Ike and Trina had a private discussion with Dr. Johnson. The doctor said, “Mr. Turner, you may still think of yourself as a straight man right now, but your nuts are gone and you’re taking female hormones. You’re going to continue to develop more and more characteristics of a woman.”

Ike considered the implications of what the doctor said. “Are you telling me I’m going to become a woman whether I want to or not?” he asked.

“I’m saying your psychological profile is going to become more like that of a female. It’s up to you whether you see yourself as a woman.”

Since you’re already in touch with your feminine side, all you have to do is embrace your pussy.” He then raised an eyebrow at him.

“What the hell are you talking about? What feminine side?” screamed Ike. “I was only dressed like a woman because we were going to that dungeon nightclub you fucking quack.”

Lucky for Dr. Johnson that Ike was still being restrained.


Act 2.

Scene 1; Ike gets out of the hospital.

Trina spent her nights at the hospital until the big day finally came, Ike was scheduled to be released. She gave him a big smile and said, “Care for a lift home?”

They were surprised to see Detective Friday sitting in the waiting room. The stocky built detective had investigated the nightclub’s Trina liked to frequent while she was in Vegas, so she knew Trina was a freak, and detective Jo Friday wanted a piece of her action.

As Trina walked beside Ike who was in a wheelchair, Detective Friday approached them. “Are you the two people who called for a driver for hire?” she asked cheerily. “How about I trail you home and help you two get settled in. Trina you’ve been here at the hospital for a week, so I’m sure there’s a lot for you to do when you get home. And Ike is hardly strong enough, or healed enough to be left alone.”

“You’re hired,” responded Trina with a smile

“Now that that’s settled, I want both of you to call me Jo,” said Detective Friday.”

She dropped by to see Ike everyday for the next few days, but in truth she came by mostly so she could see Trina.


Scene 2; Ike goes shopping.

Ike didn’t want anyone to see him now that he’d been made to look like a woman. The next few weeks Trina tried to talk with him about embracing life as a female, but he wasn’t at all interested.

She’d say to him often, “You used to love to dress up in women’s clothes.”

His reply was always the same. He’d look at her with tears in his eyes and say, “That was when we were kids, and just having fun. Now I’ll feel like a perv wearing panties and a bra.”

“Don’t be silly,” she’d respond. But she left him be for the time being. It was hard for her to see him dealing with what he was going through, eskişehir escort bayan but she had to be strong for him. So she let him keep wearing men’s clothes, but she insisted that he take his hormone medication and dilate his vagina.

“You might decide you want to use that thing some day,” she said to him. “It’d be a shame to let it close up now wouldn’t it?” She just hoped that Dr. Johnson was right that in time he would accept himself as a woman.

A few weeks later she along with Jo dragged him kicking and screaming to The Pampered Coochie boutique. “You’ve been wearing your men’s underwear long enough,” she announced, as they walked into the pretty smelling store.

They browsed the isles until their basket was full. “Ugh,” said Ike. “What am I doing in here with all these ladies’ under things?”

“Don’t be silly,” said Trina. “Now c’mon, let’s go try this panty and bra haul on.”

To say Ike felt awkward being in the same dressing room with Trina and Jo while they tried on underwear was an understatement. Sure, he’d seen Trina in her lingerie many times, but they’d never gone over the line of brother and sister. They’d even gone to separate rooms when they had sex in the kinky clubs.

As for Jo, she wasn’t his type, but his eyes were drawn to her 6 feet tall, hard muscular body, especially her six-pack. He suddenly had a weakness for her well developed abs.

He tried not to look at their naked bodies, but that proved to be impossible. He briefly looked at both women’s round breasts, and each of them had neatly trimmed pussy hair.

When Trina saw him glancing she said, “You would not believe the amount of sit-ups I do. I always hid that from you so you’d think I was born with a better body than yours.”

Jo laughed and said, “I practically live in the gym when I’m off duty, that’s how I got all these muscles.”

The women’s comfort with being nude around each other ended the tension Ike felt.

Ike had always loved looking at pussy, but surprisingly he wasn’t aroused as much as he’d expected to be by Trina’s and Jo’s nakedness. He knew it wasn’t all due to her being his sister, and while Jo was physically imposing he found her attractive.

Despite the fact that he’d been hiding it from everyone, the female hormones he was taking had been causing him to bond with his female self more and more each day. And now with his reaction to Trina’s and Jo’s nude bodies, he not only questioned his gender he questioned his sexual preference.


Their search for clothes was less stressful. In fact Ike enjoyed learning about Trina’s approach to creating her own style. In the past he simply wore whatever she told him to. He was now 5’10 and curvy, and not wanting to encourage men to approach him, so he went for the librarian look.

Trina then tried to convince him to wear makeup saying, “Wearing makeup is something I do for myself because I want to look pretty.”

“I don’t know if I’d feel comfortable doing that for real,” admitted Ike. “When I was doing it as a goof I could laugh it off.”

Trina explained her thinking, “I’m not talking about putting on make-up like you’re going clubbing. I’m suggesting you try putting on foundation and eyeliner.” She then helped Ike apply his makeup when he finally relented.

After they finished with their shopping they went into a restaurant that was attached to the mall. Their server had just walked away with their order when Trina said, “Don’t look over your left shoulder, but a guy sitting at the bar has looked at you two or three times.”

“No thanks, I’m not interested in men,” said Ike. “I went panty shopping today. I’m wearing makeup. And I bought some dresses. That’s enough being a woman for now.”

“Ok then,” said Jo. “My spidey sense says those two ladies over there sitting by the window swing both ways at a minimum.”

“Will you stop it,” said Ike, glaring at her.

“Honey, you’re gonna have to get back in the game,” insisted Trina. “You’re a woman now, we don’t judge you if you enjoy the taste of pussy and you like cock too.”

Ike just looked at her before going off. “I’m not a fucking woman. I’m a man without a dick,” he said a bit too loud. “And I sure as hell don’t like cock.

“Do you eat pussy?”

After looking around to see if anyone had heard him Trina said,”Shush. Everybody doesn’t need to know your business. And my little brother doesn’t need to know if his big sister eats pussy,” she said with a chuckle.

“But you just said I’m a woman,” countered Ike, with a sneer.

He then leaned in close to Jo’s ear and said, “My sister eats your pussy doesn’t she?”

“Yep,” responded Jo.

“Do you eat hers?” asked Ike.

“Nope, I’m a top with a woman,” she said casually.

“A top?” repeated Ike.

“Um hum. Ladies eat me, and I like fucking them with a strap-on.”

“So you’re a lesbian then, right?” asked Ike.

“Nope,” responded Jo cheerfully. “I love men and cock too.

“Why? Are you interested?”

“Both of you are freaks,” he said, and laughing.


Scene 3; Ike and Fred reconnect.

Ike and Trina were meeting Jo for dinner Friday evening. He was wearing a new pencil dress that showed off his curves. He hated it and promised he’d get even with Trina for her making him wear it. She had also invited his best friend to meet them at the club.

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