Erika’s Story Ch. 06


This is the sixth segment of the Erika story, if you would like to know how we got to this point please go back and read the other chapters. Also I appreciate feedback, comments, and a 5 star rating is appreciated if you think the story warrants it.


I slept like a baby that night, I think I was worn out from all the excitement of the day before. Mary had awoke before me and had breakfast waiting on the table by the time I strolled out to the kitchen in my silky nightie. It was strange how a few months back, wearing a silky nightie casually around the house would have felt insane, but now it just felt comfortable and right to me. Breakfast consisted of some Greek yogurt and a small bowl of fresh strawberries. Obviously Mary had decided that I was going to be on her diet and see how much work it was for a woman to stay sexy.

“Enjoy breakfast baby, I’m going to start on my makeup while you eat.” Mary slapped me on the ass as I walk by her in the hall. “Hurry up though I have plans for after breakfast and your sleepy ass is already running late.”

The food was completely unfulfilling and I finished quickly. I took Mary’s lead and went to the bathroom and gave myself a good face shave before starting on my own makeup for the day, keeping it simple. After a couple days of doing this every day I was starting to speed up and it only took me about twenty five mins to finish up and bring Erika to life. Mary was already dressed by the time I finished and was wearing a pair of workout leggings with mesh panels up the sides and a tight pink workout top.

“What are the plans for the day?” I asked. “More yoga today?”

“Today is a jogging day.” Mary said calmly.

“Jogging, you mean outside in broad daylight?”

“It will be the same as last night when we took a walk, Its the same park.” Mary leaned in and kissed me on the cheek. “Trust me, it will be fun to be outside again, we cant spend the rest of our lives cooped up inside the house every time Erika comes over.”

“You know what, lets do it.” I said confidently. “If anyone notices I’m a guy then fuck them. I’m allowed to go outside dressed however I want and if someone doesn’t like it, then I guess it will just have to be their problem.”

I suited up for the run and slipped into a black thong panty that was tight enough to hold my chastity cage in place. Over that went a pair of tight blue leggings, a blue sports bra, and top I had to borrow from Mary since I didn’t have any workout outfits of my own. I pinned my blond wig in place with several bobby pins to make sure it wasn’t going anywhere and pulled it back into a loose ponytail. Mary gave me some light purple ankle socks that I put on and slipped into my girly purple jogging shoes. I gave myself a look in the mirror and saw a passable girl looking back at me, maybe someone could tell if they looked hard enough, but how many people were really going to be looking that hard. I was a little bigger then most girls and completely flat chested in this top but I figured anyone staring at my tits deserves what they get. Overall I felt pretty confident that I could venture out into the world as Erika and experience things as a girl. Conversely I felt all too confident that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with Mary on our jog without passing out, I hope she would take it easy on me.

Mary grabbed her car keys and we headed down the apartment stairs and across the courtyard to the metal gate in the back where she had parked after the walk last night. It was weird as hell being outside in the daylight where anyone could see me. I thought that I could handle this but while crossing the courtyard, my pulse quickened and I started to have second thoughts about things. As I approached the gate I started to slow my pace, I thought about turning back for a second. Outside of the apartment building was the real world, and this time I couldn’t hide in the safety of the dark. I would be out in the world dressed as a woman, what if someone I knew saw me like this, would they even recognize me with all the makeup and wig? I paused for a second at the gate, my hand on the handle. I started to say something when Mary put her hand on the small of my back and leaned in.

“Babe we don’t have to do this if you don’t want too, I’m not trying to force any of this on you.” Mary reassured me. “I really care about you and I’m trying to have a fun time with our crossdressing this weekend and try some new stuff, but if you are not ready or are never ready to take Erika out into the daylight then I completely understand. It is your call baby.”

I breathed in deeply a few times, my hand still on the gate. I gently pushed… my feet started to work again and we headed to the car.

“Lets just get in the car and start driving, I can think about things in the car on the way.”

The trip to the park was amazing, the sun almost felt different somehow and I felt so exposed, It was all exciting and new. Mary drove and I took in all the views from the passenger seat. Was I really going to run around in broad daylight izmir escort as a woman? Thank god the workout top was a longer one and covered the bulge in the front of my panties from the chastity cage I was still wearing. I still wasn’t really getting much out of this chastity cage thing to be perfectly honest, I wanted to just have sex with Mary but she was in control of when that was going to happen I suppose I would just have to be patient. One thing was for sure, when the cage came off Mary was going to get a load of cum like a fire hose. Three days of no orgasm and all the teasing and frustration from the cage had me horny as hell all the time. I guess that was the whole point of the chastity, to keep me horny. We pulled into the parking lot of the park and my mind drifted away from the blue balls in my panties and centered on the people that were in the park. There would be no hiding from the people this time, no darkness, I had better relax if I was going to do this and pass as a woman.

“Well Erika, what do you think do you want to try it? Like I said before, it is your decision, I know this is a big step for you and I don’t want to push you into anything.” Mary took my hand and said comfortingly.

“I think it will be awesome to be able to be out and about as Erika, I really do… but it is also kind of scary. I know it doesn’t matter what some stranger in the park thinks, but at the same time I’m afraid I will embarrass myself or you if people can see through me and know that I am just a man dressed up and pretending.”

“Well what if we just jog down to pond and back, it is only about a twenty min jog and you can wear my sunglasses if that would help hide your identity.” Mary said trying to help.

I took the sunglasses and looked in the mirror, it did make me feel a bit more secure knowing that people couldn’t see the fear in my eyes. My hand fumbled for the handle of the door and I opened it. Stepping out I felt the warm sun on my exposed shoulders and soaked it all in. One foot then the next, I was jogging slowly down the path toward the pond. I hadn’t stretched out properly so I didn’t want to over do it to start out. Mary was beside me on the path keeping my pace easily, I could see her smiling at me when I looked over at her. I don’t think I could have done any of this without her support. Erika would have still been trapped in a old duffle bag I was ashamed of in the back of my closet. Thanks to Mary, Erika was beautiful and confident enough to run through a park for the world to see, I owed Mary so much for this experience.

When we reached the pond, Mary asked If I wanted to turn back and I shook my head and kept going. So far the jog was exhilarating, we had jogged past about twenty people and none of them seemingly paid any attention except a few guys that I noticed were eye fucking Mary as she ran by. Apparently having Mary next to me in her tight ass workout clothes was enough to keep most of the guys attention on her and off of me, at least I hadn’t noticed anyone checking me out. At about a mile out from the parking lot the path started to loop around and head back to the car which was a good thing because as exciting as the experience had been, the workout was starting too wear me out. I passed several more groups of people on the way back and still nobody seemed to take notice of me. Sometimes it is a good thing that everyone has headphones in their ears and their eyes buried in their phones, a crossdresser can jog right past them without their knowledge.

We arrived back at the car, I was spent from the run… Mary managed to break a sweat as well. Mary hugged me and gave me a kiss right on the lips in the parking lot.

“I’m so proud of you baby, I wasn’t sure you were going to be cool with being seen as Erika, but you really seemed to gain confidence on the way back.”

“I did to be honest, nobody was really paying attention to me and it was great pretending to be a girl out in the real world.”

Getting in the car, Mary pulled up to the intersection and turned left instead of right to go back home.

“Where are we going hun, home is the other direction.” I asked unsure of what she had planned.

“Well on jogging days I like to go to the coffee shop afterward as a treat, you know how much I love my Frappuccino’s.”

“Well ok I suppose, but could you order mine for me? I might be able to pass the eye test if you don’t pay too much attention, but as soon as I talk I’m afraid the barista will know I’m a guy.”

“No problem baby I can get ya this time, but maybe we should work on the voice a bit if you want to keep venturing out as Erika.” Mary said while putting her hand on my knee and giving me a little squeeze.

At the coffee shop Mary took care of the ordering as promised and we made our way over to a couple chairs facing each other set off in the corner to wait for our Frappuccino’s. Honestly as Erick I generally just order a latte, but as Erika it seemed appropriate to have the same drink as Mary. When the escort izmir girl behind the counter cried out ERIKA, I confidently walked up to the counter and smiled as handed me our order. Mary and I chatted for while as we enjoyed our well deserved drinks after that jogging and then decided to head back to the apartment.

The drive home was delightful, everything seemed so enhanced as Erika. Just having the sun on your exposed skin reminded me that I was a woman now even if it was only for a day. When we got back to the apartment I felt so confident after our outing. Walking up the steps to the apartment, there was a guy behind us and I didn’t even care. I figured let him have a look at my ass if he wants why should I care? Entering the apartment, Mary turned to me and grabbed me by the cock cage and planted a wet tongue filled kiss on me.

“I know I said the cage had to stay on all weekend, but its been days and seeing you as Erika has me so fucking horny I need a good fucking baby.” Mary breathed into my ear lustily while dragging me my the cage toward the bedroom.

Mary grabbed the key to my cock off the nightstand and unlocked me, removing the prison I had been inside for days. It felt almost weird having my cock out of its cage after all this time but I was glad as hell to be rid of it for now at least. Mary started rubbing my flaccid cock to get some life back in it and within moments, my penis started to get the message and became turgid to her touch. Wasting no time, Mary fell to her knees and started working over my cock with her greedy mouth. Up and down her throat worked on my shaft, tongue greedily lapping away, mouth creating suction. After days in my cock prison, I wasn’t going to last long the way she was working my cock over.

“Baby if you want that fucking you have got to stop sucking!” I said, taking her by the hair and nearly pulling her mouth off my dick.

“Ok baby, bend me over and fuck me hard then!”

Her inner slut was ready to play and it always made me horny when she was like this. I stripped off my leggings and top and was down to my bra and panties almost as fast as Mary did. The delayed orgasms for the last two days had us both rutting around like animals. I put my hand on her back and bent her over the bed forcefully. Rubbing the head of my cock over her slit a couple time to lube myself, I could tell she was nearly dripping on the floor in anticipation. I slammed my rock hard cock into her quickly, her ass slamming down against the base of the shaft in only a moment. Backing out of her cunt slowly, I grabbed her by the hair and pulled myself back into her forcefully. Again and again, using her hair to slam her back onto my waiting shaft, her back arched and her hips bucked against the fucking she was receiving.

Mary liked it rough from time to time and she was absolutely loving the near rape she was receiving at the moment. Slap, slap, slap, her ass cheeks sounded out as I pounded my cock into her hungry cunt, she started to half moan, half gasp with each thrust into her. I was in absolute heaven after having the damn cage locked in place for to days it felt good to be free and fucking my beautiful girl again. Say what you may, the cage had certainly made me horny and ready to fuck as soon as Mary granted my parole. I could feel my orgasm building, and knew I was close. I pulled her hair hard the last thrust, pulling her nearly upright as I exploded into her pussy. Pump after pump of my seed splashed into her hole filling her insides with my warm cum.

“Oh fuck yes! Fill your whore with cum baby!” Mary screamed as her own orgasm pulsed through her body.

We both nearly collapsed together onto the bed and lay next to each other, our sweaty bodies glistening in the sunlight.

“Damn girl that was fucking hot, it felt like I pumped a gallon of cum into you that time.” I said a bit proud of my sexual prowess.

“I know, the chastity cage turned you into a wild animal when I let you out. I needed a good hard fucking like that. You could have taken it a bit easier on my hair however.” Mary said while giving me a evil little smile letting me know that the loved every second of the rough fucking she had just been given.

“So I guess I must have been a good girl, since your let me out of chastity… so do I deserve the special sex you promised if I behave.”

“Baby, you have been a perfect girl this whole weekend. I could not have been more proud of having you as my girlfriend/boyfriend this weekend.” Mary admitted, her eyes filled with love. “You deserve all the special sex a woman can give you.”

With that Mary swung a leg over me and got on top of me kissing me deeply. My cum was running out of her all over my panty covered crotch as she kissed me, coating my cock and balls with cum.

‘I know we have only done anal a couple times and I wasn’t very good since I was always to tight back there for either of us to really enjoy it, but I wanted to give you something special this weekend so I have been izmir escort bayan practicing wearing butt plugs on and off for the past few months so I could give you my ass as a present.”

“Damn Babe I didn’t even know you had a butt plug, wish I could have helped you out with the anal training.”

“Don’t worry about that, Lately I’ve really started to get off on wearing the plugs and thinking about being sodomized by you. I promise, we are going to have plenty of fun with the plugs.”

Mary had pushed all of my cum out of her, and my panties and cock were completely covered in cum. I could feel the cum dripping down my balls and coating my asshole. Mary went over to the dresser and pulled open her panty drawer and retrieved a medium sized butt plug and brought it back to the bed. I lifted my ass off the bed and quickly pulled my cum covered panties off and threw them over at the laundry basket. We had played around a little bit with butt play before, nothing serious like me getting pegged or anything like that, mostly a couple fingers in my ass while she sucked me off. I always enjoyed having my ass played with, but felt a little ashamed of myself for liking it so I never really asked her to do it.

Mary crawled up the bed with her butt plug in hand and her eyes fixated on my cum covered cock. She took her hand and scooped up the cum that had pooled on the duvet and reached back to rub it into her own asshole. I could see her fingers working on her puckered pink hole, using my cum as lube to open her willing ass up for me. While she played with herself she positioned her head over my cock and began cleaning the cum off of me with her tongue. What an amazing sight to have before me, Mary slurping up the cum that had been inside her sweet pussy a few moments before, my cock began to inflate again watching her behave like such a whore. My hairless groin was nearly clean when she picked up the butt plug and positioned it against my still cum slick asshole. She was going to fuck my ass with the butt plug and my cock was growing quickly at the thought. Slowly she started to work the toy inside of me, pushing and rotating as she went. In and out in small advances and retreats, my ass felt so tight and stretched having never had anything this big attempting to penetrate it before. Mary took it slow and nursed on my now completely erect cock while she gently worked over my hole with the toy. I felt a strain in my backside as the toy opened me up seemingly as far as I could go, I was about to tell Mary to stop when I felt the plug slip inside me. What a sensation, one moment being held open so far and the next feeling the toy slip past the resistance and settle into place inside you, filling your ass and applying pressure from the inside.

“OK baby girl… keep that ass plugged and get behind me and ass fuck me like a porn star.” Mary demanded.

I don’t know if I was every this turned on in my life and took my place behind Mary’s waiting ass. I could see the cum still smeared into her ass, and couldn’t wait to see that hole stretched around my cock. Slowly at first, I stared to feed my dick into Mary’s eager ass, She had done a good job getting herself ready to be fucked. Before she was so tight it was never easy to open her up enough to accomplish anything close to sex in her ass, but now I was able to slide my cock inside her warm welcoming hole after a few warm up thrusts. The butt plug resting inside my own ass felt strange yet wonderful, as I slowly began to gyrate my hips to fuck Mary’s hole, I found my ass clamping down around the plug within, straining against the intrusion.

“Fuck my ass baby… give me a good butt fucking like a naughty girl!” Mary loudly demanded. “You like that fucking plug up your ass while you fuck me?”

I really did like the feel of being plugged during sex, it was a odd sensation feeling the plug move around and grind into my prostate as I bucked my hips into her ass.

“Yes I fucking love the plug up my ass, it feels almost as amazing as your tight little ass wrapped around my cock!” I yelled freely. letting go of any pretense or shame I had about having a plug shoved up my asshole.

“Cum in me Erika… filled my fucking ass with cum goddammit… I wanna feel you pump me full!” Mary felt like such a whore and reveled in feel of the cock in her ass.

Hearing my girl order me to fill her ass with my cum in addition to the plug inside my own ass was too much and I erupted inside her, filling her bowels with my hot seed. I pumped and pumped until I was spent, my cock twitching inside of her well fucked backside. Her gift of her ass was a most welcome surprise, I didn’t think I was ever going to have complete access the all her holes, but now we both knew she was going to be taking my cock in her ass on a regular basis, and I was most likely going to have a butt plug of my own to enjoy.

The bedroom was a mess, cum was all over the duvet, sheets a mess, and clothing thrown everywhere. It have been a great afternoon of hot sex and we both laid on the revolting sheets, Mary with cum leaking out of her ass and me with a plug seated comfortably in my bowels, and basked in the glow of our sex. We had opened each other up to sex we never knew we would like and now there would be no going back to normal vanilla sex after this much fun. we were a pair that seemingly were made for each other.

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