Fall From Grace BWWM Pt. 02


Through text while I was eating breakfast I arranged to meet with him again Tuesday night at my house unless I had to work late, in my line of business one never knows. Though Sylvie and I were usually at the precinct before the rest of the team arrived, I was still surprised to see her sitting on the corner of my desk with a coffee for me in hand and a smirk on her face.

She spoke in a voice soft enough only she and I could hear. “Girl, I don’t even have to ask, it’s clear as day he rode you hard and put you up wet. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you walk bowlegged and there’s no way any woman could miss the *I’ve been thoroughly fucked* look all over your face. Was it really that good?”

“Sylvie I’m so swollen and sore it hurts to sit much less walk, dear God I hope we don’t get called out today. He’s a quick learner Sylv, only has to be shown once and from there on it’s all about getting you off before he dumps his load, speaking of loads I’m still dripping, I had to rummage through my towel closet to find a light days pad.”

“Shit Laura, are you gonna be able to keep up with him? How many times did you say you came? More than ten over the weekend. Holy shit LT, he’ll screw you to death.”

Her comment made me laugh, ironically, I’d had the same thought only an hour ago. Knowing I couldn’t possibly keep this boy satisfied on my own it was time to implement Plan B, I figured that if I could handle him a few times a week Sylvie being only forty-seven could probably do the same. Between the two of us we might meet his needs until his hormones settled a bit, after all, you can’t fuck like that every day even if you are eighteen, it was time to prime the pump and see if there was any water.

I gave her my serious look, “Do you recall what you said to me at Joe’s Friday before I left?”

Her face gave her away, with her head cocked to the side she said, “Remind me.”

“You told me that if he was any good you might want me to share him. Does that still stand?”

I could see the gears turning, “Is Albert still gone?” I nodded. “Let’s have supper together, let me think about this and we’ll talk then. I’m not saying no, I just need to process the idea and make sure it’s something I want to do.”

It was a relatively quiet day which meant we were able to get out of there at five, Alice and Min-Jun (the Korean guy) were on standby, neither Sylvie or I would be called in unless there were multiple murders which was rare. During and after the meal we talked in length about my weekend, not only in length but in detail as well, I told her every juicy little tidbit I could remember. Other than an occasional *oh my God*, or *No shit*, and twice *Fuck me* she basically said nothing. When I got to the end, I looked at her and said.


Downing the remainder of her second glass of wine she looked at me with the famous shit eating grin I’d come to know through the years.

“What the hell, why not? I’m clean, you’re clean, yours is the only pussy he’s been in so I know he’s clean, might be just what I need to get me through the funk I’ve lived in for the last three years. I got a new bed after Louis was killed, it’s not like I’d be banging him in our marriage bed, you say he can keep his mouth shut and I trust you, so let’s do this. I don’t have the same equipment you do but maybe he likes them skinny as well. What’s the next step?”

As we sat in her car talking I told her he was due to be at my house the next evening at which time I’d broach the subject slowly, I was pretty sure he’d go along with what we had in mind and with Albert coming home at weeks end I told her I’d bring him by her place Thursday night for a meet and greet. If they hit it off and things began to heat up, I’d simply excuse myself. She wondered if I might feel cheated.

“Heavens no, I’m not sure I’ll be able to take him again tomorrow night, I may have to give him a blow job if my cunt isn’t feeling better. Oooo, by the way, I measured him, he isn’t nine, he’s a solid eight and grows when he cums, not much but you can feel it get bigger. Eight is not unheard of but quite uncommon, research says less than one in a thousand have a dick eight inches, but I think it expands another quarter inch when he unloads, my God he makes a mess between my legs.”

She looked at me disapprovingly, “Cunt? Sometimes you have the dirtiest mouth.”

“Oh, that reminds me, he likes it when you talk to him as he screws, doesn’t have to be raunchy, he just likes to know he’s doing a good job.”

Sylvie smiled, “Well I can do that, geez Laura, I’m getting wet just talking about it. If he’s as good as you say I won’t mind a slick gooey mess between my legs as long as I can contribute.”

I quickly interjected, “Oh you will, I’ve taught him it’s all about getting you off before he does.”

She snickered and snorted as she said, “As horny as we both are at the moment it’s to bad we aren’t lezzies, then we could get each other off.”

“Nah, I don’t really care who another person shows their underwear to, but I’m partial denizli escort to a stiff dick.”

The challenge before me would be convincing Oliver it would be okay to service two women at the same time. I didn’t think he’d oppose it, his issue would be was he cheating on me, that would need to be dealt with boldly and delicately at the same time.

Following supper on Tuesday he was helping with the few dishes, standing behind me he slid his hands up my sides cupping my breasts, this kid liked my tits, and I liked that he liked them. Playing with them softly he whispered.

“I’d like to fuck you right here, right now, can we do that?”

“Ollie honey, you’ll need to go slow and easy, I’m still swollen and a little sore, you really beat my pussy up with that baseball bat you call a cock. Take my panties off and warm me up a little with your tongue.”

Pushing me forward until I was bent over the edge of the counter I grabbed the edge as he lifted my skirt and hooked his thumbs in my panties, they were nothing special, a pair of red boy shorts with lace around the edges that hugged my vulva nice and tight. (I love the feeling of tight panties against my pussy) I wiggled a little as he worked them down, on his knees he raised his face and began to lick me from behind, as he licked he did something I hadn’t expected but found arousing. He let the skirt fall down over his head as he licked, I had intended for him to only wake up my pussy and make me a little wetter than I was, he had other plans, in minutes my body was shaking and I was yelling *fuck me Ollie, fuck me* as my orgasmic fluids coated the labia and his tongue.

Ollie stood, lifted my skirt, dropped his pant’s and slowly slid that firehose into me, it took three strokes before his groin met my butt, standing still we shivered while I moaned, and he grunted.

“Easy Ollie, I want it all but start slow, once I’m warmed up you can bang mama all you like. You’ll know when I’m ready.”

As he slowly gave me half-strokes my body began to relax and adjust for his entire length, I wanted it fast and furious if my body could handle it. I looked back and whispered, “A little deeper baby” as he picked up speed he grabbed my hips hard, my body wasn’t about to get away from him, or was it that he wanted to pull my ass back into him with every full stroke. Once I’d arched my back opening my pussy completely it took no time at all for him to be slamming his meat into my horny hole, he didn’t need to pull my hips into his body, I was pushing back as hard as possible with every thrust, I was fully impaled on his lovely cock and enjoying every second.

I could feel his cock begin to swell, “Cum for me baby, fill my pussy with cream, make mama cum.”

His cock continued to swell and then I felt it, stream after stream of semen hitting my cervix, coating the walls of my cunt marking me as his once more, claiming my pussy as his fuck toy. That was enough to send me into outer space as my hips undulated and my stomach muscles convulsed, I was panting like a marathon runner at the end. With his arms gently around my waist he held me tight to his body, his cock throbbing, my Kegel muscles holding onto his cock like a glove as my legs continued to shake. I felt weak enough to collapse, somehow this young man knew it and helped me stand straight, in doing so his dick plopped out with a stream of our mixed fluids dripping off the end. It was on my legs, his legs, and the floor, we both laughed at the mess we’d created.

After cleaning ourselves and the floor we adjourned to the family room sitting on the loveseat. We dozed off and on with me in his arms, both of us waking seconds apart.

“Did I hurt you Miss Laura. You said you were sore and I’m sorry if I hurt you, but something inside said I had to have you again.”

I laughed, “That wasn’t something inside you Oliver, that was your cock wanting to be inside me, nothing else. I’m flattered though, no one has desired me like that in years.”

“Should I wait to be with you again so you can feel better?”

How could I have asked for a better Segway, “Interesting you should bring that up Ollie, I want to run something by you and see what you think. Let me get through this before you answer. There’s a lady I work with who was widowed a little over three years ago, she’s forty-seven, a black lady like me, very discrete and wants a lover without strings who won’t tell others. I hope you won’t be upset with me, I told her about us, she’s wondering if you would make love with her like you do with me if you two hit off?”

“But I don’t want to be without you Laura, you haven’t taught me everything yet. Don’t you wanna teach me anymore?”

“No, no, no, I’m not talking about you and me not being together, I’m talking about adding one. Honey, I love the way you fuck and take care of my pussy, but baby I don’t think I can give you as much poontang as a soon to be nineteen year old needs. I’m not talking about a three-some, I’m talking about sharing diyarbakır escort you with Sylvie. If we can do something like that, I think between the two of us Sylvie and me can take care of those heavy balls of yours.”

He didn’t say anything at first, he didn’t look put off either, he was thinking before he spoke, another thing I liked about this kid. Holding me tight and kissing the top of my head he spoke very softly as though he were speaking to a child or someone in the hospital.

“Wouldn’t you think I was cheating on you? Is she gonna teach me like you do?’

I thought it was cute that he somehow felt he was mine, “Ollie you won’t be cheating on me, now that you’ve enjoyed some pussy and know how good it feels you won’t want to go without. I won’t be able screw you as much as you need at your age, Sylvie and I have known each other since the academy, we trust each other implicitly. I would be sharing you with her my young studmuffin, that’s all, she isn’t looking for love or a relationship, she simply wants to be laid by someone who cares and can keep their mouth shut. I instantly thought of you when she brought it up.”

He lifted my chin with his finger looking into my eyes, “Are you sure? Are you absolutely sure, because if it means we lose whatever this is I don’t want it, I know we’re never gonna marry or stuff like that, but Miss Laura you’re special to me and I don’t wanna lose what we have.”

What a thoughtful loving boy, and a boy is what he still is with balls full of baby juice that needed somewhere to go, which would be Sylvie and me. I call him a boy and yet he is more man than many I know twice his age.

“We won’t lose anything Oliver, promise. In fact, I think it will help you, not every woman is satisfied the same way, it would be good for you to learn other things from Sylvie. You can be our closet lover, our secret stud if you will, someone who will love and treat us right without all the drama of a romance. What are you thinking Ollie, does it sound interesting or not?”

“It sounds interesting, very interesting, how would I meet her and when would we make love? Will you be there? I’m not sure I could do it with somebody watching.”

Plan B was working flawlessly so far. “I told Sylvie that if you were open to meeting we would go to her house Thursday for supper and then talk. If, and I say IF, you guys hit it off I’ll scoot out the door and let nature take its course, one more thing, she not very big, she’s tall like me but thin, will that be a problem?”

“If she’s as nice to me as you are it won’t be a problem. I need to ask again, are you absolutely sure? If I go with her Thursday night when will I see you again?”

“Albert is supposed to come home Friday, he’ll want to do something Saturday but then he’ll golf again on Sunday, we could meet at a hotel for an afternoon romp. Then you could be with Sylvie say Tuesday or Wednesday and me again in a few days, then her, then me. You get the gist.”

Oliver’s eyes twinkled, “Got a better idea, dad is out of town at some conference all next week, he’s scheduled to leave early Sunday morning, why don’t we spend Sunday together, we can give my bed a workout, do they call that christening the bed when it’s a first time?”

“Yes they do my sweet boy and I love your idea, there’s a craft fair in Auburndale this weekend, we could have breakfast together Sunday morning, go to the fair and then go to your house after lunch. I’m on call Saturday and off Sunday so that will work, are you okay with that?”

His smile beamed, “We can’t hold hands or nuthin like that though. Right?”

“Nope, we’re just friends at the fair but we’ll be with each other and we’ll know we’re going home to rip each other’s clothes off and screw all afternoon.”

I sent him home with a quickie pushed up against the wall next to the front door with him gently filling me from behind, it was gentle enough that it didn’t hurt, even as his cum trailed down my legs he was a kind young man wiping it away with his hankie. My phone rang just after four in the morning, *fuck*, I wasn’t even on call, it was Frank, he and I had been called out to a homicide, he’d pick me up in thirty. Crappy way to start my Wednesday but then these things come with the job and if you don’t want to deal with them there’s an easy solution … find a different job. It wasn’t a wet day but still blustery, fall would be here all too soon and it seemed as though summer had just begun. I asked where we were headed.

“On our way to the northside, Glenville area, double homicide, pretty ugly from what the dispatcher said.”

The address caught me off guard, “Glenville, what are we doing out there, that’s part of the fifth’s territory.”

“They’re overloaded as it is, downtown said we were to fill in for the time being. It aint my circus LT, I’m just one of the monkeys.”

“Aren’t we both.” I muttered.

Thankfully, Frank had gotten a cup of jo for me from an all-night diner, with a little caffeine antalya escort in my system I’d be okay. The northside was not an affluent area, neither was it a poor area, mostly sprawling subdivisions inhabited by upper middle-class people of every race, creed and color you could imagine. It had originally been a separate town, but when the city could no longer house everyone it became a bedroom community for city workers and was eventually swallowed up by the city as it moved outward. Pulling onto Elmwood Drive it was a mess, people trying to get to work, police cars cordoning off yards and parts of streets, nowhere to park, cars not being allowed to back from their driveways, as my drill sergeant would have said, it was cluster fuck.

Frank gave a *whoop* on the siren, uniforms made way for us to reach the property and park, forensics was right behind our arrival, thankfully the discovering officers had secured the home and crime scene, the possibility of contamination should be minimal. I told the duty officer to get the mess on the street cleared up so people could get to work, we didn’t need the entire neighborhood cordoned off, just the crime scene. As we went in I observed that things seemed normal for a home setting, no discarded beer bottles or cans, no drugs in sight, clean and lived in, the only thing out of order that I could tell was the couple had disrobed in the living room. His clothes were in a pile, hers were strewn about as if she’d done a strip tease for him, skirt and blouse tossed on the couch, panties and bra flung in different directions, I’d seen that before, hell, I’d done that before.

The scene in the bedroom was nasty enough it damned near made my stomach turn and I’d seen dozens of murders through the years, the couple was still in bed with him on top doggy, a shot to her head, two shots in the guy , one in the side of the head the other in his groin from behind. He had no scrotum to speak of and we were relatively sure the bullet went into her body as well, once forensics could begin their process we’d know for sure. As I looked at the woman, I thought to myself I know her, with blood and hair on her face I couldn’t remember why though.

What brought the initial call was that loud noises like gun shots were heard in the neighborhood sometime after three although no one was sure when after three, the cops were called and began going door to door, with the front door of the murder victims house being unlocked and no one answering their calls the officers went inside discovering the bodies. Frank and I looked at all we could before we reached the point that we were in the way, it was obvious what happened, now we needed to determine the why. We decided we would do some door to door canvassing while we waited to go back in, Frank went one way me the other. Everyone’s story was about the same until I walked up to a front yard with a cute buxom blonde housewife in a robe and flip-flops looking as though she’d just gotten out of the shower, standing with arms folded.

I approached her, “Good morning ma’am, I’m Lieutenant Grinnel, mind if I ask a few questions?”

Before I was finished she reached her hand toward me open palmed with a piece of paper, “Here’s as much of the registration number as I could get, he left in a big hurry, now I know why. I couldn’t sleep and was doing my early morning jog while it was still cool, when I rounded the corner onto our street a truck not from our neighborhood went whizzing by, the last four digits of the plate was all I could see in the dark. It was an old truck though, you know, kind of boxy looking, not like the new ones.”

Daylight was beginning to overtake the darkness and as it did, I couldn’t stop looking at this woman, I knew her from somewhere long ago, I just couldn’t place when or where. She stared at me in the same way, she smiled, put her hand against her forehead and said.

“Laura Brice, is that you?”

I knew immediately who it was, “Brandi Hughes, I haven’t seen you since graduation. Is this where you live?”

“Yup, suburbanites. Last name is Davis now.”

I was astonished, “Davis, you mean like Brent Davis the star quarterback that every girl in school wanted to date?”

“One and the same, I’m known now as whatever kid you’re talking abouts mom, I don’t think anyone at school actually knows my first name. I’m just my kid’s mom.”

“How many?” I asked.

“Five, Brent wanted one more I told him if that was the case then he could have it. End of conversation, had my tubes tied after the last one. And you?”

“Two, oldest one is a registered nurse, she lives in Dallas, our boy is an officer in the Air Force, an engineer who was just assigned to a Civil Engineering Squadron in Korea, a second Louie, his first tour of duty, been there almost five months now. By the way, how did you manage to land Brent and keep him, he was the most popular boy in school, girls were constantly chasing after him.”

She grinned, put her head down then looked at me smiling, “On my back and a baby in my belly. Once he knew he was gonna be a daddy he settled right down, I took my grandma’s advice by keeping his balls empty and his belly full, he’s never strayed once, I keep him too tired to wander. We own three McDonalds franchises which tend to occupy a lot of his time as well. And you, a Lieutenant in the homicide division, nothing to wave a stick at.”

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