By the River Pt. 01


She was standing there beside the bush heaving after her run, sweat glistening on her toned arms and long legs, and her round firm breast stretching her tank top. I was just completing my third lap around the trail beside the river, on a Saturday morning, when I saw her, and I guess I stared at her a bit too intently, because after a couple of seconds she caught me staring and smiled. As soon as I realized my mistake, I gave her a quick nod of acknowledgement and sped on my way. After a couple of minutes when my embarrassment settled however, I realized that she had actually smiled and wasn’t creeped out. I was a bit too horny at this point, considering that I hadn’t jacked off in more than a week, so my horny brain told me to go back to where she was and try chatting her up- knowing full well that it could blow up in my face and she could think that I’m a creep, but I said fuck it and went back anyway.

I ran back to where she was- a stretch of the trail not surrounded by trees, and instead a bit of open space on either side. She was still standing where I had seen her earlier, and was now stretching, so I promptly went to a spot opposite her where I wasn’t too close, but close enough to talk. I started stretching a bit and asked her if she came here often. She said mardin escort that she usually came here earlier in the morning but today she woke up a bit late. She asked me the same question. I said that I’m not regular with my running but if I knew that she comes here regularly then I might just return daily.

“Oh, just like how you retuned to see me?” she asked cheekily.

“Hahaha you caught me there.”

We both completed our post-run stretch while talking a bit. Towards the end, I asked her if she was in a hurry? Otherwise we could chill at a nearby spot on the river and talk for a while. I thought that I had blown it by being too forward, but she agreed!

We slowly made our way off the running trail onto the small trail leading up to the spot I told her about. At this point my mind was racing with the possibilities and I had a raging hard boner in my boner which I didn’t notice. When we reached the spot and sat down on a log facing the river she noticed the bulge in my shorts, which I was still oblivious about because I was just happy that here I was with a hot, fit stranger.

“Do you have something in your pocket or you’re just reaaallly excited to be with me”, she said with a smile.

I van escort looked down, realized what she was talking about and was so embarrassed.

“Oh shit, sor… sssorry about this…I didn’t mean to…It’s not because of you.”

“That’s a shame, I thought that maybe you found me attractive.”

I recovered from my embarrassment and realized that this was my chance. I placed a hand on the small of her back and said,” You are attractive, but you will have to earn this dick.”

She leaned in to kiss me with one hand reaching for my hard cock through my shorts.

“Oh, I will earn it and some more”

I was in pure bliss as our lips touched and I tasted her. She started stroking my cock slowly and I placed my hand on her breast. As I started massaging her breasts, her stroking started getting faster. I stood up and lowered my shorts to reveal my cock. She stared hungrily at it, then looked upwards into my eyes and swallowed my shaft into her mouth.

I let out a small sigh and caressed her hair and ear with my right hand as she started bobbing her head on my dick. She increased her pace and I could feel the pressure build up. I held her head with both my hands and she kept sucking as I blasted a massive ankara escort load into her mouth. She looked into my eyes and kept sucking me until I started shaking.

As she got up I ordered her to turn around. I moved behind her, slid my hand down the front of her shorts, into her panties and whispered in her ears, “I won’t let a lady leave unsatisfied”.

As I moved my finger down into her hole, I could feel the wet mess in her panty. My finger slid right in and I started moving it in and out rapidly. She started letting out soft moans and I also started nibbling at her neck and ear a bit. I played with her pussy, letting my finger explore in all direction, especially the upper wall. I then removed my finger and started rubbing her clit fast. I kept doing this for a while until she told me to put my fingers back in. I shoved two of my fingers in this time, with my thumb still on the clit. I cranked up the pace and kept it up until I could feel her pussy falls tightening and loosening around my fingers. She started moaning and I started fingering her faster, until her muscles constricted around my fingers and she let out a long moan. My fingers were dripping at this point, so I removed them and started licking them. She smiled at me naughtily and kissed me.

She started to tidy herself and leave when I said, “Hey, I never got your name.”

“Let’s keep it that way for now. Meet me at the same spot tomorrow morning at 8am.”

I smiled and stared at her beautiful round butt bouncing away as I thought about how next time I would like to fuck her doggystyle.

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