Kate Ch. 01


Jennifer looked over her coffee and frowned at her best friend Kate. The red-headed woman had been on a rant since the duo got to the café. Knowing her as well as she did it was probably something about her girlfriend, again.

“Jen are you even listening?” Kate asked as she straightened in her seat.

“Yeah, of course. Umm what’s the problem again?” Jen fought back at laugh at the look Kate gave her. “Fine, I spaced out. You know I don’t do the whole relationship thing well.”

“It’s Danny. We’ve been going out for five months now and she still won’t have sex with me. I just want what you and Jun having going on you know.” Kate said and retreated back behind her mug.

“Hold on there, weren’t you bragging last week about sex being great?”

Kate nodded. “Yeah, the sex is great but it’s just it’s always just me getting off. Whenever we do it she keeps her pants on. Every, damn, time and then this week she’s been avoiding me completely.”

“Huh.” Jen snickered and took a mouthful of coffee. “But don’t you two sleep in the same bed.”

“Yeah but she sleeps in her bloody jeans too!” Kate growled and stabbed at her food aggressively. “Like she got home and was tired from work and would go to bed straight away. Which is fine you know, because she works all day but then she rushes into the bathroom this morning and she locks me out.”

“Hmm…” Jen put a finger to her chin as she pondered it over. “Think she’s cheatin’ on ya?”

Kate’s eyes sunk lower than Jen had ever seen them go and the redhead gave her a lifeless shrug. “I mean, maybe.” Her sentence trailed off and she stared into her cup.

“Nah, it can’t be that Katie. The idiot can’t tie her own shoes without ya.” Jen chuckled, hoping to lighten the gloom that had fallen over their routine morning coffee. Jennifer had met the woman a month ago. She was nothing short of perfect for Kate. She definitely didn’t seem like the kinda girl that would screw around behind people’s backs. “Look Katie, She’s probably shy, afraid to make the first move or something like that. I’m not saying to go and rape your girlfriend Katie but you know, be firm. Got it?”

Kate nodded and took a large sip from her cup. A smile now resting on her face. “Got it. You’re the best Jen.”

“Uhuh, pay for me coffee then.”

“Mmm not happening.”

The morning continued in a refreshing change of topic to Jennifer’s girlfriend Jun. The duo trailed off into complaining about their respective partners until they eventually had to go their own ways. Jun had finished work and wanted Jennifer to pick her up so Kate bid her goodbye and hailed a cab so she could hurry home. She had a night to get ready for after all.

Danny groaned as she fished her keys out of her jeans. Work sucked, customers sucked, her colleagues sucked and food… She didn’t even want to get started on the food. Her gloom was only made worse by the fact that Kate was being super clingy currently. It wasn’t that she didn’t enjoy the attention. She loved her girlfriend and she was really cute when she horny but ever since the start of the month she’d been very touchy-feely with Danny’s crotch. She looked down and frowned at the feeling of something pressing against the inside of her jeans. Before she could unlock the door, it swung open. Kate stood in the doorway. The redhead smiled as she grabbed onto Danny’s shirt and tugged her inside. “Hey babe, how was work?” She said and pressed herself against her girlfriend. Danny held her breath as she could smell Kate’s shampoo overpowering the smell of her sweat.

“Urgh, don’t get me started. I work with assholes. I just want to quit sometimes.” Kate laughed and earned herself a scowl. “Hey don’t laugh, it really sucks you know.” She said with a pout.

“Oh I know.” Kate pushed herself up on toes so she was level with Danny. Tightening her grip on her girlfriend’s T-shirt, she leant in and brushed her lips over hers. “God you taste like…”

“Ass? I thought you liked the taste of ass?” Danny laughed as Kate rolled her eyes and playfully punched her in the shoulder.

“Not that you ever let me eat that hot ass of yours baby.” Kate let her eyes linger on the backside of the woman’s jeans. “Want a coffee?” Kate asked and watched Danny nod, her cheeks were starting to turn red.

“God please.” Danny said dramatically and let Kate lead her over to the stools at their kitchen counter. She sat on one happily. They gave her a good angle of her girlfriend’s ass as she watched her with a smile. The redhead worked part-time in the coffee shop and was practically dancing around the kitchen. The outfit Kate was wearing didn’t help her focus either. She was wearing one of her shirts and a pair of shorts that just barely covered her ass.

“Baby?” Kate said, blushing herself as she realised Danny was staring at her.

“Hmm? Oh thanks.”

“No problem.” Kate sat the cup down and circled around her. Letting her arms fall over Danny’s shoulders, she whispered into her ear. “Baby I’m really horny.”

Danny coughed, istanbul escort choking on her coffee from her girlfriends stupid choice of words. She was suddenly all too aware of the breasts pressing against her back. “Oh yeah?” Danny said, trying to be calm about the situation.

“Mmm. You’ve been avoiding me all week and toys can only do so much.” She huffed. Her arms trailed down Danny’s sides and tugged at the hem of her jeans. “I wanna eat you out tonight.”

“R-right. Umm mind if I shower first?” Danny asked nervously. Trying to ignore the feeling swelling in her crotch.

“Sure but if you lock the door again I’m getting an axe. Baby I am going to sleep with you tonight. I need you.” Kate said softly, her voice nearly begging as her fingers dug tighter into the fabric of Danny’s jeans.

Danny melted as she met her girlfriend’s eyes and nodded. “I know babe, you’ve been jumping my bones all week.” Danny drank the rest of her coffee as fast as she could. Leaning in, she pressed a small kiss to Kate’s lips and smiled for her. “I’ll be quick okay.”

“Alright, I’ll be waiting, baby.” Kate said and let her girlfriend get up, wiggling her ass as she made her way over to the couch. Plopping down into the cushions, she turned the TV over to Netflix.

Danny leant against the bathroom door and exhaled. Somehow she had managed to keep herself from taking Kate right there and then on the kitchen counter. Unzipping her jeans, she tugged them down and glared at the reason she’d never taken her pants off for Kate. She had a penis and a rather big one at that. With Kate being so damn horny all week, she had been hard nearly twenty-four seven. Letting herself slip under the shower, she winced at the feeling in her crotch. She’d grown too sensitive to touch herself even. Just the feeling of the warm water against her skin had her feeling really good. Her mind teased her as it went out to the woman waiting for her just beyond the door. With a deep breath, she pried herself out from the shower and looked at herself in the mirror. She was tall, athletic and rather attractive in her own opinion. The faint covering of muscles on her body brought a smile to her lips. Quickly she untangled the knots in her hair and she pulled on her underpants before she moved out into the living room, not bothering with her jeans. She wouldn’t need them.

“Babe?” Danny called out softly as she approached the figure on the couch. It was dim but she could still make out the head of short red hair poking above the back of the couch. She stopped as she was met with the most calming blue eyes she had ever seen. “Hey.” In avoiding Kate all week, she’d forgotten how relaxing they were to stare into.

Kate gestured her closer and smiled at the sight of the dark blue haired woman. She had dyed it just after they started going out and stubbornly refused to change it back to her natural chocolatey brown. Not that it didn’t look good with her short boyish hairstyle. Her girlfriend had taken her cursed jeans off for once which made her happy. “Hey baby, are you sure you’re okay with this?”

“Yeah.” Danny said and shook her head. “You’ve waited long enough right?” She said as she sat beside her. However Kate took the realisation that her girlfriend had a penis, it was going to happen tonight. “Babe I haven’t been honest these last five months. There’s something about me that I haven’t told you.”

“You’re not really cheating on me are you?” Kate said and bit her lip.

Danny eyes went wide and shook her head. “God no, you’re the only one for me, I wouldn’t. But its uhh… Fuck it, here.” Danny took Kate’s hand and pressed it against her crotch. The appendage swelled at her girlfriend’s touch. “This.”

Kate was quiet as she looked down to the object in her hands. She took a deep breath and took a moment to look at it. “Oh.”

“What do you mean, oh? I was so worried that you’d dump me for it. I still am.”

“Danny, I don’t care about that.” Kate leant over and pulled Danny into a kiss. Firmly holding their lips together as she leaned into it some more, smothering the blue-haired woman in kisses to show her how much she loved her. “Baby I love you for your heart and your ass. But that does ruin my plan of eating you out huh?” She chuckled and eyed Danny’s cock warily. “Fuck it’s big though.”

Danny looked at Kate, her eyes were fixed on her girlfriend who was taking it a lot better than she had ever expected. It never went so well in the past and who could blame them but then again Kate was different. She loved Kate from the bottom of her heart. “So you don’t care?”

“Nope, not if it means you’ll finally fuck me.” Kate said and laughed. “Baby, I am really horny.”

“Mmm I know. I’ve been hard all week because of you too. So what do you want to do?” Danny asked and closed her eyes. Letting her breath out as she felt Kate’s fingers sneak down under the hem of her boxers and over her length. She gasped as Kate’s fingers tightened around her and slowly worked her back and forth. It felt escort bayan a hundred times better when than when she touched herself. “God that feels good.”

“Yeah baby?” Kate asked and smiled at the sight of the pleased look on her girlfriend’s face. She loved every second of it. Danny nodded and bit her lip to stifle her moaning. The last thing she wanted to do was wake the neighbourhood. Kate stopped. Her fingers released Danny’s penis to tug at her underpants instead. “Baby can I take these off?”

Danny nodded and gulped when Kate leant close and tugged her underpants down with her teeth. She watched as Kate slid down the couch and knelt in between her legs. Kate put her hands on Danny’s knees, gently prying them open. “Babe…”

“Mm if it’s what I think then sure, but you know I’m a lesbian.” Kate wrapped her fingers softly around Danny’s cock again, running her fingers down to the woman’s hilt. Her hands curiously exploring every inch of Danny’s penis. “I’ve never even touched a dick before.” She said before she put her mouth to another use. Pressing her lips against the tip, she started down her girlfriend’s penis with delicate little kisses. “Is this good?” Kate asked and kissed Danny’s cock.

Danny nodded and dug her fingers into the couch. Her cock was swelling up and about to explode. “Babe, can you put your mouth over it?”

“Like a blowjob?”

“Uhuh. I’m gonna cum all over myself if you keep going like that.” Danny moaned under Kate’s assault. The redhead still had her hands working her length up and down. “Please.”

Kate pushed herself up and kept her eyes locked on Danny’s soft doe brown eyes as she swallowed the tip of her cock. With some difficulty and gagging she managed a few more inches before she surfaced for air. “Fuck, how the hell am I am supposed to take it baby? In my throat of something?”

Danny laughed and nodded. “That would be pretty fucking hot if you did.”

“Urgh you’re an ass. Now I have to try don’t I.” From the look Kate was giving her, the redhead would manage somehow. She always did. Just to help her, Danny dug her fingers into Kate’s hair and urged her back down on her cock. Her mind going blank as Kate’s tongue swirled around the cock in her mouth. Danny’s stomach tightened in knots and she gasped as her felt herself nearing release. “Babe, cum!” Was all she managed to get out before she moaned loudly. Her cock exploded and shot ropes and ropes of cum down her girlfriend’s throat. Unable to swallow it all, Kate pulled Danny’s cock out of her mouth and took the few remaining ropes of pearly jizz on her face. “Mmm, that tastes weird. Urgh, it’s kinda salty too.”

Kate chuckled and got up off the floor. Settling in Danny’s lap, she smiled and leant closer. “Kiss me?” She asked and raised a cum covered brow.

“No way, you’ve got my spunk on your face. That’s gross as hell.” Danny leaned away from her, whining as she felt Kate smear cum on her nose. “Babe…”

“Baby, you kiss me all the time after eating me out. Don’t be a hypocrite.” Kate said and frowned as she puffed up her cheeks.

The blue-haired woman rolled her eyes and gave in. She put her hand against Kate’s cheek and pulled her into a kiss. Groaning at the taste of her own cum as she locked her lips with Kate. “It does taste weird.” Danny chuckled and kissed her again. Kate let Danny slip inside in her mouth and clean up the aftermath of her orgasm with her tongue. Moaning as it explored every inch of her mouth and playing with her own tongue.

Her fingers clung to the redhead’s sides as she wiggled up a little further. She’d forgotten about her cock until Kate’s hand reminded of the rock hard member in her crotch. She had been too busy focusing on exploring her girlfriend’s mouth to feel herself hardening up again. But now she was ready for round two. “Wanna try it?” Danny asked hesitantly. She’d never even used a strap on with Kate before, especially since that meant she would have had to take off her pants.

Kate wiggled her hips, the feeling of having a cock between her thighs went against her lesbian status but as she looked up into Danny’s doe brown eyes, she couldn’t help but smile and agree. It didn’t matter as long as it was Danny. “Sure, if you wanna. Just take it slow okay.”

“Alright. So, underpants off babe.” Danny said and watched Kate raise her hips and slip out of the black panties she was wearing. She could feel her girlfriend was wet as she pressed her centre against her abs. Kate’s fingers clawed into her shoulders as she rubbed the tip of Danny’s cock against her entrance. Her eyes shot wide into a glare as Danny rolled her hips, pushing against her girlfriend.

“Baby!” Kate looked at Danny who just grinned apologetically. “I just said slowly!”

“Sorry it just did it on it’s own.” Danny blurted out and cursed her hips for moving again. A moan escaped Kate’s hips as she slowly scowled and lowered herself down. Her jaw dropped as inch after inch tunnelled inside of her until a soft fleshy noise signified Ataşehir escort that she had managed. Looking down, she smiled and traced a finger over her stomach. “Oh fuck Danny, you’re all the way in.” Kate giggled as her hips were firmly pressed to Danny’s waist.

“Jeez babe, I thought you’d said you’ve never taken a cock before.” Danny moaned as Kate wiggled a little bit. The way she moved against her thing as she leant in to kiss her drove her wild. “Babe…”

“I haven’t.” Kate said and softly took her lips. “I’ve taken some toys but I was always thinking about you. You laying over me with a strap on. Taking me. Making me yours.” Kate’s smile widened as Danny nodded.

“Alright babe, give me a second.” Danny carefully picked her up and laid her down on the couch. “This better?” Danny asked. Kate nodded and bit her lip, moaning softly as Danny pulled her cock back to her entrance and gently pushed back in. The blue-haired woman rolled her hips, picking up her pace in rhythmic little thrusts. Each time her hips slapped against Kate’s ass, the redhead would let out a cute little moan.

Leaning down, Danny teased Kate’s stomach with feather-light kisses. Unlike her, Kate wasn’t as toned as she was. Leaving her all soft and cuddly, that included her stomach which Danny loved to death. Kate frowned as she felt Danny kiss her bellybutton. “Baby…” She tried to keep up with her girlfriend in fitness but she never could manage. “You know I don’t like it.”

“Why? It’s so cute. There’s so much to tease.” Danny said with a smirk as her kisses trailed upwards.

“You know why.” Kate pouted and fought back a moan as Danny’s kisses neared her breasts. “I feel flabby and you’re so sexy.” She said and let her hand trace up over Danny’s well-defined abs.

“But I also got boy tits and no ass.” Danny added. Her eyes filled with envy as she teased the nipples on Kate’s breasts. “Meanwhile you’re so soft and fluffy. I’m jealous babe.” Danny said and kissed Kate’s breasts, enjoying their softness in all its glory. “Remember that time we went out and that asshole thought I was your boyfriend?” Danny reminder her and rolled her eyes. Kate chuckled and nodded. The duo had gone out for dinner at a fancy schmancy restaurant that had taken them for a straight couple.

“Mhm, I remember. You got pissy and then you dragged me into the bathroom. Do not regret.” Kate huffed as Danny left her nipples with a tug of her teeth and focused on drilling her thing deep inside of her. Danny huffed as Kate tightened around her, squeezing her cock as she massaged her insides. “Babe… You’re getting really tight.”

Kate nodded, her face bright red. “Mmm I’m about to come.”

“Yeah?” Danny asked, not relenting in her thrusts.

Kate’s eyes widened and she nodded hastily before her mouth dropped into a moan. She wrapped her legs around Danny and arched her back. Moaning louder as she clamped down on Danny’s cock and came.

Kate huffed, lying motionless on the couch with the occasional twitch. Danny watched her and smiled, proud of how worked up she managed to get her girlfriend. She winced as she tried to pull out. Kate was still clenched tight around her. “Babe, lemme out.”

“Why? Don’t I feel good?” Kate asked and wiggled her hips.

Danny bit her lip and huffed. “Yes, you do. Really good actually but I don’t wanna let it out inside. What if you get pregnant?”

Kate looked at her for a moment. “Wait, can you?” Danny shrugged, she’d never actually gone to check it out or anything before. “Fine.” Kate said, pouting as she relaxed. A wave of relief washed over Danny as her cock pulled out with a soft pop. “Are you close baby?”

Danny leant back against the couch and nodded.

Kate chuckled and managed to convince her limbs to crawl over to Danny. The woman shivered from her touch alone. “Do you want me help you finish?” She asked, her fingers slowly making their way down to the still rock hard member.

“Can I fuck your thighs?” Danny asked eagerly and watched Kate smile back at her.

“You wanna… you’re so dirty.” She chuckled. “But sure.” She wiggled down to the other end of the couch so she could lay on her back. Looking around her legs, she nodded.

Danny gulped at the sight of her girlfriend on her back, her face bright red and her snatch dripping. All because of her. Her ego swelled and her thing a little more. She took a breath and crawled over, putting her hands on Kate’s legs. “God you’re sexy.” She whispered and leant down and kissed her. Wanting to feel her girlfriend’s lips. “I don’t know why you wanna be a skinny bitch like me.” Danny pressed her cock between Kate’s legs. She moaned loudly as she thrust her cock between the thighs that squeezed her just right. “Especially when you got these thighs babe.” Danny squeezed Kate’s legs tighter as she grew closer and closer. The feeling of Kate’s legs squeezing her cock was pushing her quickly to the edge of climax.

“Baby come for me, I wanna feel you all over my chest.” Kate purred and teased her nipples. The action just earned another moan from Danny who nodded and bit her lip as he thrusts grew slower and slower. With one final push, she buried her cock between Kate’s thighs and shot cum over Kate’s chest, the redhead draining her to the very last drop.

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