Maria and Her Boys Ch. 21


I am an older woman who craves sex with young men — much younger. The age they’d be if they were my son. And I have found some lovely boys who have been ripe and ready to meet my needs.

I was married. But after he left me for a younger model, I started thinking about my own youth. My wonderful first explorations with sex and with young men in my university days. I took a risk one time and seduced a healthy, virile young man into my bed. I have not looked back. I am in my late forties and there is room in my bed only for boys too young to have graduated.

All this I have confessed previously. Because I told myself they were harmless flings — not serious. Young men of nineteen or twenty soon to outgrow their youthful bewilderment. But I revere their young dicks, the way get so hard and throb so wonderfully — in my hand, my mouth and my pussy. And they can screw me over and over, especially after I have taught them to improve their stamina

It is primal and base and it thrills me each and every time. I need them for hot, sweaty and exciting sex and they deliver — again and again. But those young men are not for keeping. I have no need for a steady boyfriend. And it’s the natural order of things. In time they find nice girlfriends to take them away. A young man should be able to fall in love with someone his own age. Then I get to experience the thrill of the hunt all over again as I find another suitable young lover. Nineteen or twenty and with a lovely, rampant prick.

Matthew is all of that. And more. He has the mind of a sweet boy, eager to learn and to please me. He also has the body of a real man – big and muscled, hard and mouth-watering.

I could have Matthew in my bed every night, giving me regular and exciting sex. My boys always give me the most wonderful sex, perhaps because they don’t screw me every night. That is not the answer. Sex with Matthew is amazing and exciting. But I tried that with married life.

He has become special to me in a way I never expected or wished for. Having tried to ignore my feelings about him, the truth is that Matthew is more than a fling. He stirred those feelings in me almost from the start. My emotions are complicated but I think perhaps the way I feel about Matt is the reason I’ve held back — sexually, I mean. I have made him wait compared to other boys. Because I feared getting too deep with him.

It is time to have a serious conversation. I need him to understand that I am not a substitute for a girlfriend. One day soon he will need to move on, find someone his own age.

But not yet. There are still many things I want to give him, to experience with him. And I know there are things he wants to experience that a girlfriend won’t. Things that he needs from me.

We were talking recently about sex and different positions. I confessed that doggy is probably my favourite position. It is by far the best way to take a young, hard cock and to feel him ramming his entire length deep inside. I didn’t tell him the other reason for my excitement — the simple act of exposing my body in that way, my big boobs hanging underneath, both my openings exposed and vulnerable.

Matthew told me he enjoys doggy as well. What young man wouldn’t? And he surprised me by asking about slapping — do I like a man to slap my bum when he is screwing me from behind? I knew what he meant. But I have never had any wish to be slapped, especially not in the middle of some fun sex play. Its true I have learned that some kinds of pain can be very enjoyable — when he bites my nipples or when he rams into me with his gorgeous manhood. I changed the subject then, as I usually do when Matt starts to ask about my sexual wishes.

Besides, I have already decided that I want to give Matthew something else that involves my bottom. One of the things I have been waiting and waiting to experience, afraid of my feelings. Lately, I have had a lot of masturbation fantasies of me in doggy position, imagining that I am watching in the mirror as Matthew holds me with his big muscles. I rub my clit and tease my entrance as I imagine him slowly rocking his hips as he forces himself inside me. And looking so small next to him, so vulnerable as he enters my forbidden place with his incredible cock.


Aaron is a welcome distraction from those more serious thoughts. He definitely is ripe for the picking, though I suspect he might have more experience than the boys I usually choose. But he showed interest in me from the start. Which made it easier to tempt him. At that age, just twenty years old, boys have so little self-control. We had established our ground rules — total discretion — and now I was ready to seduce him.

I’d given him the address of my apartment. I still felt as if I needed to make sure. So it would be a brief visit for his first time but that was suitable since he needed to keep his girlfriend happy.

Despite my reservations, I had my usual nerves and excitement. I tried to keep my breathing under control. porno But my heart was beating fast and my nipples were hard. I’d removed my bra and was wearing a buttoned shirt. It was all part of my plan.

Aaron looked quite beautiful at my front door. His long, blonde hair was in a bun even though he’d finished work early that day. Once again I was conscious of his height compared to me. Trying to hide my emotions, I hugged him — hoping he could not hear my pounding heart — and allowed him to kiss me. It was a nice kiss, I must say. Boys of his age usually require a lot of practice and I wondered if his girlfriend had tutored him

His hands wandered, making sure he felt my boobs as they pressed against him. I did not quite approve of that — not so soon. Was he eager or cocky? I could understand if it was lust since that was how I was feeling with a new young man in my home. Oh, but I am so much more experienced and I know how to put a boy in his place.

I would not take Aaron to my bed so quickly. We sat on my lounge and made small talk. Of course, for both of us that was a total pretence — I could rely on him being filled with lusty thoughts and, as for myself, my nipples were giving me away as they tried to poke through my shirt.

We kissed again and this time he grabbed my boobs. It was not a caress but a squeeze. I’d thought him cocky but it was arousing to feel such confidence. Though I am never surprised that young men want to test my big, firm boobs. Now was the time to begin training this ardent new boy.

“No, gently…” I breathed to him. And then, putting my hand on his, “Be soft to start…”

I pushed him away then. I was still unsure if Aaron had sufficient promise for me. Would he be compliant and well-behaved, as I insist?

“Show me a picture of your girlfriend,” I demanded, knowing he’d have a collection on his phone.

He was very uncomfortable as he scrolled through a small collection. And I was happy about that. She is very pretty and has a lovely, rounded bottom. Perhaps she’s even too good for him. I noted that she is almost flat-chested and supposed that was the reason he’d been so eager to grab at me.

But I was horny to the point of desperation. A new young man was in my apartment. And perhaps willing to do anything I wanted. I felt the throbbing in my vag. And the tent in his pants was obvious.

“Promise me you’ll be a good boy. I am warning you, if my ex-husband finds out it will be bad.”

He looked so helpless right then – so sweet. His eyes betrayed his fear and, at the same time, his lust.

“Kiss me again,” I murmured to him.

It was exciting to have control. I turned my body into his. Our arms slipped around one another. Again, I was pleased by his kissing.

“Yes, touch me,” I breathed.

This time his hands were much softer on my boobs. Little shots of electricity were zinging through me. Its not that I object to being a slut. But it has to be the right boy that I allow to take advantage. Aaron had not earned that right. Still, my instincts had been good and it seemed like he might become a competent lover, after all. And my need was irresistible.

“That’s better,” I told him, trying to make my voice firmer. “Now open some buttons.”

My hand reached down to his crotch. Oh, he felt so very hard and, I have to say, quite impressive. It was a battle to not rip his pants open right then. And I guessed that he felt the same as his trembling fingers fumbled at my buttons. He undid only two buttons but now he had his best view so far of my cleavage. I felt his dick stiffen in response as I tried to caress it.

“Its OK. Don’t stop,” I urged him softly.

Soon he had all my buttons undone — and now I had to help poor Aaron who I could see is not accustomed to women with more experience. So I pulled my shirt open, exposing my firm C-cups for him. My nipples were rock hard. My heart was really pounding. It was the first time to expose myself to my new young man. But I am in great shape and no boy can resist by my breasts. In fact, his eyes were agog and it needed only a silent nod from me before he put his hands on my bare boobs.

“Soft,” I reminded him. “Start gentle.”

Aaron was panting harder than me by then. Which is saying something because the sensations of a new boy groping me were exquisite. Yes, he is clumsy and needs to be taught. But I could feel my vag practically leaking with excitement.

“Kiss them,” I ordered and he did not waste a second before his mouth was planting soft kisses all over my boobs.

Fortunately, he knew enough to aim for nipples as well. I moaned softly as fresh jolts of electricity flew through my body.

“Good boy,” I told him. “You’re learning already.”

Aaron is keen but he has a lot to learn. That only made it more exciting to have a fresh, twenty-year old boy sucking and licking my boobs. I’m much better endowed than his girlfriend and maybe mine are the biggest he’s ever had. And since I was in charge, I could have more of his mouth on me. I put my hand behind his head and pulled him further into my bust.

“You like that, don’t you sweetie?” I moaned to him.

I needed more, though. Surely Aaron was ready. I grabbed at his penis again, trying to get a hold through his pants and feeling how big and hard he was.

“Take it out,” I ordered him. “Let me see it.”

That would be the first time Aaron had ever heard those words. To his credit, he did not hesitate. Perhaps he was afraid I’d change my mind. As fast as he could, he opened his pants and wriggled them down past his bottom. His erect penis was revealed.

Oh my, I almost could not believe my luck. It is mouth-watering — I would say more than seven inches long and thick to go with it. And he is circumcised, a lovely mushroom head on top of a handsome shaft with just a hint of veins.

In command of our play, I wrapped my fingers around him. From the corner of my eye, I could see the shock on his face. And my fingers felt the delightful throb of his dick as he let a randy older woman hold his manhood. I wasn’t sure who was enjoying it the most.

“Good boy,” I moaned gently. “Good boy.”

I closed my fingers a little tighter and gave him a first, exploratory stroke. He felt exquisite. I could hear his soft moans over the sound of my own ragged breathing. And I knew that my seduction had worked — my newest prey had succumbed and was ready to give me anything I want.

“Touch it,” I ordered with a dry rasp. How strange that my mouth was so dry when my vag was so wet. “Show me what you do.”

Shocked but wanting to please, Aaron took his dick in one hand and began, very slowly, to stroke it for me. It was breathtaking to watch a young man pleasure himself. Feeling extra wicked, I placed his other hand on my boobs, pressing against my C-cups. Staring at my chest, he reacted by increasing his stroking. My response was a gentle moan of delight.

There is always a point where a young man belongs to me — and this was it. My once cocky boy was staring at my half-naked body, groping my firm boobs while jerking his manhood for me. I shifted my position now, eager to be even more naughty, and was able to shove my boobs into his face.

It was intoxicating. I so wanted to suck that sensational young penis. I wanted to screw him. But this was not the time — better to tease him and make him wait, desperate enough that he will give me everything I want. But I reached down and my hand took the place of his around his dick. He was so incredibly hard. And throbbing in a very agreeable way. I stroked him firmly and pulled his mouth to a nipple. The little twitch in his young shaft made me groan even more than my flesh in his mouth.

“Shoot for me,” I ordered him. “Finish it.”

Aaron shot me a look of disbelief. But he was stroking his cock once again. I released him from my boobs and he shifted position, his grip tighter around that delicious shaft. Its electrifying to watch a young man shoot his stuff. I wanted it so badly right then.

“Yes, sweetie… its alright… show me that big load…”

His hand was moving faster. I could see how his dick had gotten harder as he thought about being allowed to shoot his stuff for a woman. And the veins on his shaft were really popping, darker and swollen as his climax approached. I rubbed my boobs for Aaron as I moved around in front of him. I wanted a good view. The poor boy had no chance.

“Gonna cum…” he panted, still in disbelief.

That was when he exploded — I mean, really exploded. I was not prepared for his force. His first shot flew right over my shoulder, thick and flying so fast. I was astonished. All my boys have power but this was so much. My Clayton had done something similar on our first time but Aaron blasted so high into the air. I didn’t dare take my eyes off him as that first shot flew over my shoulder and, I guessed, landed on my rug. I wondered if he might be abnormal but he made a funny little noise and a second shot flew almost as high before splashing on my shoulder and making a nice, sticky pool on my shirt.

I think I was wide-eyed with amazement. What a display. I was riven to the spot as he shot more and more — leaving a lovely trail of his stuff along my arm, on my shirt and even splashing some onto my boob. I’d hit the jackpot. Enormous shots of sticky stuff and such huge wads of it. He kept stroking, making his lovely sounds, and the stuff kept flying out of his dick. And his power went on and on until he had almost nothing left.

By the time he was done, Aaron had given me the biggest load I’ve ever seen in my life. It made a lovely mess on me — and the carpet. I was so very pleased. And impressed with my new boy. I noted that he’d even stained his pants. But the power of his orgasm was the most important thing. I bet his young girlfriend has no idea of what a virile young man she has.

“Good boy,” I breathed, this time showing him a look of disbelief. “You liked that.”

I was almost sad not to have had him in my mouth. And, at the same time, glad that I’d tested him first, since it is obvious that this boy will probably drown me. I enjoy my young men because of the sheer volume of their baby-making stuff – always more impressive than older guys. But Aaron had made my head swim with delight. I knew I must have that young dick in my mouth and in my vag – soon.

He was more or less speechless at my performance. Young girlfriends are too shy, or scared, to ask their men to jerk-off for them. Now Aaron understood the advantages of being bedded by an older woman. In his eyes I could see that I’d taken him out of his comfort zone. It was satisfying to know that I’d put him in his place. If not, I might have forced him to screw me there and then. But I stuck to my plan. I’d send him home and make him wait for our next time together.

I fetched some wipes for him and got myself a clean shirt, making sure he got another good view of my bare boobs as I walked through my apartment.

“I hope that you lick girls,” I asked him with a wicked grin. “You know — eat pussy.”

Aaron nodded and, with a slight blush, pretended very bravely that he is all in favour of performing oral sex. I don’t quite believe him but, then, my mission is to teach boys like Aaron how to have sex like a real man. He will learn. And I gave him a little kiss as I showed him to the door.

“Always behave,” I murmured in his ear. “Then I can invite you over again.”


I did mention that Aaron is about seven inches and also thick. The size of a man’s penis seems so important to us all. I always tried to feign disinterest – until I started my new sex lifestyle of screwing boys. Of course, at that age, every male has a fantastic cock that gets hard almost instantly. And they all throb in a way that I am sure would overcome even a size handicap. In my experience, its older men who tend to be disappointing. Or perhaps that’s a reflection on my husband.

I have to judge Aaron by comparing him to Matt. Yes, I did it — I measured his penis. Matt was game for it and, of course, he had no trouble staying big and hard for me. It was fun and I made sure to compliment Matt on his size and prowess. He has no idea that I was comparing him to other young men.

For some reason it was extra satisfying to know that Aaron can reach such a number. It seems appropriate since I have seen for myself what his dick can do — shooting so much stuff and so high in the air.’

Though I can assure you that Matthew measures up very well. He is well over six and a half inches long. And a little over six inches around. I suppose that makes me a lucky woman. I admit I adore his fabulous young dick. I stroked and sucked him afterwards and made him give me a lovely, warm load all over my boobs.

I am guessing, but that makes my Clayton more than six inches. A very nice size and it always satisfied me.

My ex-husband, it is clear, was less than six inches. Perhaps that is why his younger girlfriend sent him packing. I don’t miss his penis at all.

I do have fond memories of a one-night stand — a guy called Gary who said his was eight inches. I remember it was a magnificent-looking specimen and I remember how it felt to be filled by him. But I have been thinking about the boy from the train, surely the biggest yet. I need another penis like that, even if just for one time. So I am on the hunt again.


My fun with Aaron had not dampened my desire for Matthew. If anything, I was even happier than usual to see Matt on that Saturday after lunch. There was some guilt, I know. And wanting to prove to myself that he is still my number one boy. But I will say that I often feel extra horny after a mid-week encounter with another young man. For some reason, naughty liaisons only stoke my hunger. That was certainly the case after Aaron’s wonderful display.

Plus, this time I was going to cross a line with my sweet Matthew. The thing I’d been waiting for was going to happen that day. I was nervous as well as feeling very aroused. But I was ready to give us both a session we’ll never forget.

I was naked when he walked in my door. First thing I did was to go to my knees and suck his beautiful manhood. I knew that my nosey neighbour had seen him arrive. The thought of being so dirty and wanton made it essential that I had Matthew’s penis in my mouth before he’d even undressed.

I licked his freshly shaven balls. My hand was wrapped around his shaft, already throbbing for me, as I lathed my wet tongue all over his sack. And I grabbed his hard butt, pulling him to me as Matt allowed himself the pleasure of thrusting his hardness into my soft, warm mouth. Its exciting to feel him thrust into my mouth and I feel safe with him. Though safety was not front of mind given that I was on fire with need.

Holding his hand, I led him to my bed. I knew he was watching my toned, firm bottom as we walked. It was deliberate of me to have his focus on my bottom. And his rampant dick would have been bobbing nicely, ready to plunge into me. I did not make him wait.

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