My Sister and her Cheerleader Friends Ch. 09


Chapter Nine

You could almost hear the punch bag groan and shudder as Jarrod worked out. After sleeping away the morning, he had been in the garage lifting weights, skipping, working the bags and generally driving himself to the point of exhaustion for hours. He had the stereo pumping. Jarrod was determined to drown out any of the nagging voices that had haunted him since seeing Ava, meeting with Hammer and then almost losing Ellie. He was angry and he couldn’t be. He knew that whenever he lost control, bad things happened.

He moved over to his Wing Chun Dummy and began moving instinctively through his strikes, holds, kicks and punches. He lost himself in the routines, in his training. It was strange to work out without others around him. In prison, he had always had his mates there helping, protecting. There wasn’t a lot to do inside so working out and training was how he passed the days, the weeks, the months, the years. That and thinking.

Now he was alone. The sense of freedom was both exhilarating and lonely all in one. It was strange to long for prison, but he almost did, well at least for the friends he had made inside and the routine. He had always been part of a group. It was what had saved him as a kid. That support. That sense of being part of something bigger than himself. He missed it. He needed it.

Bang, bang, bang! Someone smashed the garage door.

Jarrod looked to the other side of the garage where Hammer’s Limo was shrouded in a white cover. Could Jimmy have tracked the girls down? He snatched up a nearby fighting stick.

“Who the fuck is it!?”

There was a pause and then a reply.

“Stop spanking the monkey for a minute to music and you would have heard us earlier, you big poofta! It’s Did’s and Breaks!!”

Jarrod smiled and dropped the weapon. He found the door control, clicking the button to start the door to elevate.

Dids and Breaks stood there smiling by their bikes. Dids was a wiry, middle-aged bikie, with long brown hair and a beard. He lifted his sunnies and smiled revealing a missing tooth. Breaks was fat. There was no other way to say it. He had lost weight over the years because, at one point, he couldn’t use his bike and that was motivation enough to drop a few kgs. Breaks had short-cropped hair and a beard.

Breaks rushed over to wrap Jarrod up in a hug.

“Good to have you back, you big pillow biter!” Breaks joked.

“Been missing my snuggles have you Fatboy?!” Jarrod smiled.

“Nah, but you kiss better than Dids!” he grinned, turning back to the old bikie.

“I’m too old for that shit, besides, look at the size of you two!? I’d be thinner than a slice of cheese after you were finished with me!” Did’s chuckled as he approached Jarrod to share a greeting too.

Jarrod signalled his friends to come in and wandered over to the stereo to turn it down before fishing out a few beers from the fridge and throwing them over to his mates.

“Cheers to being out Boys!” Jarrod said, and they lifted their bottles in unison.

“So, I hear you fuckers have been lying to me all this time!”

Both Dids and Break’s eyes widened and both began to talk at once.

“We were only…”, “We knew you couldn’t..”, “Ellie could have been in…”

“Ok, shut the fuck up! I know why you did it. You’re lucky I’ve had time to think it through and calm down because I was going to break a few limbs when I first found out but I get it now.” Jarrod said taking another swig of his beer.

Did’s and Break both look visibly relieved. Did’s even sat down, looking suddenly exhausted.

“So, what is actually going on and no bullshit this time?! Jarrod demanded, staring down his mates.

Breaks, sat down too on a fold-out chair and wiped his brow. Crack! The chair collapsed from under him and he went sprawling. Jarrod and Dids couldn’t help but share a laugh, instantly breaking the tension of the moment.

“Fuck Breaks! You still can go anywhere with destroying property, can you?” Jarrod laughed, helping the overweight biker back to his feet.

“I can’t help it if the chair was old and flimsy!” Breaks groaned, wiping off the dust from the floor from his leathers.

“Sit on the bench-press mate. Now you were saying?”

Dids smile slipped from his face and was replaced by a grim look of resolve, “Things a pretty shit, Jarrod to be honest”

He looked to Dids and Jarrod followed his glance. Breaks nodded as he sat not holding his gaze.

“I’ve only been back 5 minutes and I’ve heard some troubling stories. What the fucks going on?” Jarrod asked.

Dids grimaced, “A few years after Hog died and you went to prison, Eddie arrived with his ex-Haka mates. It was long before he became Chapter President through fear mainly. He and his Maori mates brutally smashed any opposition and still do. We used to have over 400 members in our chapter when you were the Enforcer Jarrod but now we have close to 80 on last count. There are really two gangs now; those he trusts and those he don’t.”

“So where do you özbek gaziantep escort two fit in? Are you still Chaplin, Dids? You Sargent-At-Arms Breaks?”

Both nodded, “Yes I’m a glorified gun cleaner now but for some reason Eddie considers me a member of his crew. Dids is treated like a fucking mascot rather than given the respect he deserves” Breaks stated with a scowl.

“So Did’s, you’re not in the ‘not trusted’ camp I’m guessing,” Jarrod asked throwing his empty in the bin before taking out another and wordlessly offering his mates a second. Did’s nodded and he threw them a refill before continuing.

“I went and saw Hammer yesterday..”

“Fuck and you’re still alive. We should have warned you but the Compounds been on lockdown since the event.” Breaks apologised.

“So, what happened?”

Dids looked over at Breaks and then back at Jarrod, “We’re not meant to be talking about it but here it goes — We were sent out by Eddie to guard one of Hammers shipments as per usual but only half the gang was sent, the rest stayed behind. Nothing strange about that right?! Wrong. The half that stayed behind were the members loyal to Eddie while the ones he sent were the old members and ones he wasn’t sure had his back completely.”

Breaks shifted uncomfortably on his make-shift chair.

“So, we all rode out but no truck. No cars! No shipment at all. We called it in but Eddie said to wait. An hour went by and I’d had enough so I called Eddie again. He seemed pissed and said to stay where we were. I knew that was a mistake so I called up Jimmy. He told me we were at the completely wrong location and Hammer’s nephew, Simon, had already left for the factory without up. We took off to try and intercept but all we found was Hammers men executed on the back road and his nephew in a ditch. He was alive so Breaks and I got him to a hospital. When we called up Eddie again he ordered us back to compound and we’ve been on lockdown ever since.”

“Yer, and I’ve been busier than a Blue Arsed Fly trying to get guns and weapons ready. If it was an accident then Hammer would understand but Eddie is nervous. The garage is locked up tighter than Ava’s legs too” Breaks added.

“Well some locks can be broken can’t they.” Jarrod smiled

“You dirty dog,” Breaks laughed, “I knew you had when she went missing”. “Eddie was so pissed. Where is she?”

“I don’t know. I just sent her away to safety.” Jarrod explained, “She doesn’t deserve this shit.”

Both men nodded.

Jarrod took another swig of his beer. “Who would have thought prison would be a safer place to be?” he smirked, “Too much fucking drama outside. I just want a beer, bike and bitch. Is that too much to ask?!”

“Seems so,” Dids said solemnly.

After another lengthy pause Jarrod looked them both over.

“You didn’t just come here to tell me the clubs about to be ripped apart did you. What are you holding back?”

Did’s spoke up, “No we didn’t. We want you to take over the Hell Riders. Stage a coup. Get rid of Eddie and save the club that I helped build.”

“Oh, is that all?” Jarrod chuckled. When the others didn’t join him he said, “You’re serious aren’t you!? I just got out of prison, and I don’t intend on killing some crazy fucker just to be thrown back in. I have Ellie to look after and I’m not leaving her again.” He growled.

“We’re not asking you to kill him. It sounds like Hammer will organise that anyway. We just need to give him a hand and save the club in the meantime. Hammer will burn the place to the ground and our home with it unless we do something about it. Jarrod, you’re the only one the gang will follow.” Did’s implored.

“No. I won’t fuck up what I have with Ellie. I’m sorry but I’ve given up enough of my life in prison to the Hell Riders and I can’t give up anymore.”

Breaks and Dids looked at each other defeated.

“Well that wasn’t the only reason we’re here. Eddie wants to invite you to a welcome-back party at the clubhouse tomorrow night. We’ve pumped you up for years as a practical superhero and saviour of the club. Now Eddie wants to bring the Butcher back into the fold” Breaks explained.

Did’s spoke solemnly, “Be careful though Jarrod. Eddie is worried you may rock the boat. He knows members think you would make a great leader and he hates competition. We’ve been telling him that you are keen to help him in any way but he’s an insecure man. I’ve never known him to throw a party for anyone. Tread carefully is all I’m saying”

Breaks shook his head in disagreement, “He’s just happy to have an excuse for a party I think after the mix-up. It’ll all get sorted, you wait.” Breaks slowly leveraged himself back on his feet and wandered over to place a hand on Jarrod’s shoulder.

“Stop worrying and let’s have a good time!”


Ellie stood inside the empty room in front of the high-backed, cushioned chair. A large four posted gaziantep özbek escort bed lay to her left. The room was dimly lit by the soft red light of the elegant lamp that sat upon the bed-side table. A full length mirror sat to the side.

“I’m waiting.”

Beneath her feet was a thick pile rug. Paintings in wooden from hung from the walls but they were hard to make out in this light. The door behind the cushioned chair lay closed, locked.

“I said — I’m waiting.”

Ellie forced herself to look back at the chair. There lounged Greg. He wore a grey suit, red tie and a repulsive smile that made her skin crawl.

“I’m waiting for you to leave” Ellie stated through clenched teeth.

“Oh, I don’t think so Honey. I always inspect my girls before they work. I pride myself on my product” Greg stated with a self-satisfied smile.

“I’m not one of your GIRLS” Ellie corrected him, “I’m here for one job and one job only. That was the deal. Only head jobs. And after tonight you leave me alone”

“If you say so Honey” he grinned slowly sliding his eyes up the length of her bare legs, short skirt, white shirt and breasts before lingering on her face. Ellie shivered again.

“You know what Prick! I’ve changed my mind.” Ellie reached down and snatched up her bag before heading for the door.

“Oh, I wouldn’t do that if I was you” Greg warned.

Ellie turned the key in the door and turned, “And just why n….” Ellie’s eyes widened when she saw Greg calling on his phone. He put it on speaker and Ellie heard it pick up.

“Hello?!” It was Jarrod’s voice. Ellie shook her head and shut the door, returning to in front of the chair with terror written all over her face. Grey smiled evilly and hung up.

“Shall we try again?”

Ellie’s shoulders slumped, defeated.

“You’ll find the costume is on the bed Honey.”

Ellie wandered over to look. It was a leather cat suit with a deep zipper at the front and another where the crutch was. A glittery scarlet mask sat to the side.

Ellie took a deep breath and slipped off her shoes and socks and then dropped her skirt to the floor revealing her g-string clad bottom to Greg.

“Oh, very nice Scarlett.”

Ellie turned with a scowl, “Scarlett?!”

“Would you prefer Ellie? I think it best you keep your identity secret don’t you think Honey?” Greg explained why never taking his eyes of Ellie’s ass.

Ellie turned and took another deep breath before removing her top and bra.

“Turn around Honey. I’d like to see.”

Ellie hesitated and then slowly turned to reveal her perfect pert breasts.

“You are a tight little beauty aren’t you honey. Your stomach and breasts are delectable”

Ellie turned back around and slid out of her g-string and heard the sounds of appreciation behind her. She then began the challenging process of slipping into the cat-suit. Ellie took quite some time to get into the costume. Then without turning she strode over to the mirror and placed on her mask. She looked at herself and she had to admit she looked hot. The leather outfit extenuated her body perfectly and when she spun around her bottom looked very enticing. The mask was also a nice touch.

Ellie looked to the zippers thought Stuff it! And tried them out too. She lowered the zipper all the way to her taunt stomach. Her breasts popped out and she adjusted them to her liking. It was very sexy, her breasts framed against the black of the leather. Ellie then unzipped the crutch zipper and bent over to the mirror to inspect what it revealed. The open zipper allowed access to her bare labia lips and firm little ass. She actually felt herself getting aroused looking at herself in such a manner.

“You truly are breath-taking my dear” Greg complimented her in a lusty voice. Ellie re-zipped herself while asking, “Are you happy?!”

Ellie turned around with hands on her hips.

“Not quite yet Honey…” Greg stated lustily. Ellie gasped. There was Greg with his angry red, circumcised monster in hand, stroking himself while licking his lips.

“Come over here and kneel”

Ellie backed away, “I’m not doing that! You said you just wanted to see. You didn’t say I had to…well…do that!”

“Don’t pretend to be innocent Scarlett. I know you remember. I never let one of my girls leave here without seeing what she has to offer. I’m sure I said that only five minutes ago didn’t I!? Now get on your knees and open those pretty lips”

Ellie was revolted but he was right. This was nothing new for her. She calmed herself and went into automatic pilot. In her mind, she was that back-alley whore again.

Ellie dropped to her knees and reached out to take his angry penis in her hand. It was fairly unremarkable other than the dark red colour. She focused on the job at hand and not the owner. It was the only way she would get through this.

“Well? Get on with it!”

Ellie slowly started to masturbate the rod, feeling it harden with every gaziantep özbek escort bayan stroke. She then flicked out her long tongue and lapped at the tip. She then started to encircle the head with her wet tongue.

“Nice.” Greg approved.

Ellie continued to stroke Greg with one hand while she licked her lips and pushed her cock slowly into her mouth. She then started thrusting her head back and forth on his shaft while reaching under him with her friend hand to gentle caress his scrotum.

“You have a gift for this Scarlett. You will do well working here”

“This is a one-night thing, Greg. That’s the agreement.” Ellie reminded him between movements

“As you say, Honey”

His cock was rock hard now and she could tell by the way he squirmed that he was certainly enjoying her attention.

“Yes. It’s me. The Red Room. Now”

Ellie popped him out of her mouth and noticed the phone in his hand. Where had that come from?! Was that a girls voice she had heard?

“Stop gawking and get working!” he ordered, gesturing for her to resume.

Ellie continue to stroke and slid her lips up and down his red member. She would usually take more time but she was eager for this to finish. Abruptly he took himself out of her mouth, spread his legs, brought his knees up and placed his feet on the arms of the chair. His anus was completely exposed. Ellie looked up at him fearfully.

“Sometimes My Dear, the client will ask you to do things that you are not comfortable with. You will do it because it is not about you. It’s about them!” he smiled evilly at her. “Now put that long tongue of yours to good use” he directed.

Ellie hesitated. This is not something she had every done before and the thought of the taste disgusted her.

“Now Scarlett!!”

Ellie took a breath and moved her mouth near his anus. It looked clean at least. She steeled herself once more then took a tentative lick. She was relieved to taste nothing bad so she began to softly lick around the sphincter.

“Good girl. Get right in there and don’t forget my cock”

Ellie placed her tongue against the opening of his anus and pushed. Her tongue tip pierced the hole and slid in. Ellie then started to slowly thrust her tongue in and out of his ass while reaching up to stroke his manhood. He was as hard as a rock.

Ellie spat on his hole and lap at and around it. She licked around his balls and then took one ball fully into her mouth.

“Now place a finger in my rectum”

Ellie immediately used her index finger to push inside the well lubricated hole. She spat on her fingers and added a second finger inside him. She pushed them in to the knuckles and then began to thrust them in and out of his ass.

Ellie stood up on her knees and while still pushing her fingers in and out of Greg’s ass, she took his cock back in her mouth.

Ellie heard the door click closed and went to look but Greg reached down to hold her head in place. She was still able to peer sideways and saw Samara standing there, disrobing. She looked down at Ellie, sadness reflected in her expression. Other than a black eye she looked unhurt.

“On the bed, Ebony and spread your legs wide” Greg grunted as Ellie added an extra finger and moved her head up and down in a frenzy-like pace. If she could get him to come quickly, he may lose interest.

“That’s enough of that Scarlett!” he commanded, tugging her away painfully, by her hair. He kept hold of her and lead her over to the bed where he positioned her face against Samara’s open pussy.

“Get her nice and wet for me Honey!”

“You told me Samara couldn’t work tonight?!” Ellie said angrily.

“Oh! Did I? You must have got confused. I would never allow my merchandise to be unable to work, especially Ebony here; more passengers ride on her than people do during peak hour to Mumbai. NOW LICK!” Greg forcibly pushed her face between Samara’s vagina lips and grinded her against it. Ellie had little choice but obey.

It had only been a small amount of time before she had chosen to pleasure her Cheerleader Manager in a similar manner so pleasuring Samara was as alien an act as she would have believed in the past. Her long tongue slid slowly across Samara’s slit and then parted the outer lips so that the tip moved up and down within inside. Ellie moved her hand up to either side of her vagina and parted her lips more fully before pushing her tongue in deeper and lapping up her juices. Samara murmured in pleasure and moved her legs further apart. Her light pink vagina interior contrasted dramatically with her tanned skin.

Ellie moved her tongue up to find Samara’s little clitoris and first swirled it around the little button and then flickered her tongue across it. She felt Samara reach down and hold Ellie’s head in place, signalling her obvious pleasure in what Ellie was doing. Ellie moved a hand up to lick her fingers and then, as she resumed her tongue work on Samara’s clit, she pushed first two, then three and finally four fingers inside her friend. She pistoned her fingers in and out, in and out, until Samara started to writhe and moan with pleasure. Ellie looked up at her friend and noticed she had her eyes closed, lips parted and with her free hand, she was kneading and caressing her ample breasts. Watcher the obvious pleasure she was giving her friend began to excite Ellie too and her pussy tingled with building bliss.

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