The Doctor is In Ch. 02


Note from the author: I wish to thank everyone for their emails and kind words, especially from my fellow nurses. I encourage you to read chapter 1 so you’ll understand the complicated story line.


At first, I though it was impossible. I couldn’t believe I received an email reply from Shannon so quickly. It couldn’t have been more than thirty minutes since I sent her my excruciatingly long note, and she’d already replied! What was up with that?

I reached forward and clicked on the note to open it. As I read her brief reply, I breathed a sigh of relief. It simply said: “Sally, I was thrilled to see you replied to my note. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the tone of your email and your willingness to help me live out my doctor fantasy. I’m going to start my reply as soon as I send this and I’ll send it to you as soon as I’m done. Thank you for not passing judgment on me.”

I had to smile to myself. I knew she couldn’t read my three page note, answer all my questions and send it back to me that quick. It was nice, I thought, that she took the time to let me know she got it and she was going to reply right away.

So, closing her note and thinking about the next step in my plan to facilitate Shannon’s gynecology fantasy, I knew it was time to call my brother, Ted. Hopefully, he’d be able to talk and I could explain to him what was going on. This was going to be a tricky conversation, I knew that, and I wasn’t sure how I was going to explain it all to him. But, I had a few ideas, and if I used his desire to play doctor against him, I felt it might work. It was worth a try, anyway.

A momentary chill crept up my spine thinking what it would be like to actually be in the exam room while the two of them lived out their respective fantasies. Ted wanted to play gynecologist, and Shannon wanted to play the shy, submissive patient. I knew Ted didn’t have the slightest idea how to conduct a woman’s female exam, but that probably didn’t matter at all. The way I understood it, Shannon just wanted to be exposed and touched intimately in a doctor’s office by a doctor.

But, what if it actually led to sex between them? I don’t ever remember seeing Ted naked before – not even once when we were kids. I didn’t even know if he was circumcised, but, I assumed he was. Did he have a small penis? A big one? Thin? Thick? I felt myself getting excited again as I thought about my big brother’s penis. If, by some miracle, I was able to set all this up and pull it off, I’d probably see him with an erection. My Gawd, I couldn’t believe I was fixating on my brother’s penis.

What if they had oral sex? What if they had intercourse? What if they had anal sex? Could I handle that? How would I react to seeing my brother’s erect package bared in front of me? And for that matter, could I stand there and watch them? Part of me was hoping Shannon might tell me that part of her fantasy included being touched by the nurse, too. That would give me a chance, if I wanted it, to explore my curiosity with another woman, but, would that be a smart thing to do with my brother there?

So many questions were flying around in my mind. For a minute, I drifted off into space and imagined Shannon on the exam table with her legs stretched apart as wide as the stirrups would spread her open, and my brother leaning into her, his trousers around his ankles as he pierced her vagina with his erection.

“No!” I corrected myself. “He’d be fucking her!” I thought. “With his cock!” I whispered to myself. Then, I let myself go and closed my eyes and had my own little fantasy about what it would look like.

“He’d be pounding her.” I thought. “He’d have a beautiful cock and he’d be laying it to her in a most profound way. Slowly at first, but then he’d pick up speed sawing his length in and out of her wet, glistening pussy. She’d be gushing; wet beyond belief, and the pink tissues of her pussy would be stretched around his marvelous member as she lies there completely submissive to his every manly desire.”

“She’d be his receptacle – his seminal receptacle,” I gasped to myself as my fingers found their way between my thighs and began to make those long strokes from my pussy up around my clitoral hood and then back down again, “willingly and dutifully allowing him to use her in any way he pleased.”

I was panting now, and as I leaned back in my chair slowly masturbating, I tried to visualize myself standing there watching them both have their fantasies – Shannon, acting out her desire to be taken advantage of in the doctor’s office, and my brother, Ted, living his dream of being the nasty gynecologist.

And, I’d simply watch. I’d stand right next to the exam table. I’d make sure Shannon wasn’t wearing an exam gown, and there would be no drape over her. She’d be naked – completely naked. She’d be lying there totally exposed as my brother’s cock thrust into her no more than a few inches away from me. I’d be able to look directly at their union. I’d gaziantep escort be able to see his manhood sliding in and out of her, and it would be right there – right in front of me.

And then before I knew it, I started thinking about reaching down and feeling Ted’s cock as he fucked Shannon – maybe curling my fingers loosely around his impressive rod as he impaled her, feeling his package glide against my fingers as he thrust into her time after time. And if that wasn’t nasty enough, I started to think about reaching over with my other hand and lightly pinching Shannon’s nipples as I felt Ted’s cock sliding into her wetness.

About that time, my whole body was overtaken by a tremendous orgasm that started somewhere deep inside my vagina. I felt sensations that I’ve never felt before – heat radiating around my clitoris and all the way down the sides of my outer lips. Undeniably, it was the strongest, deepest and most satisfying orgasm of my life, and as I sat in that chair, every ounce of energy that was in me was drained as I gave into the feeling and immersed myself in my own fantasy – a fantasy where I was invited to watch what they were doing, allowed to touch them while they did it, and encouraged to enjoy myself while it all happened right in front of my own eyes.

As my climax passed, I slumped over in my chair, gasping for air and twitching from the sensations that were draining from my coochie. Honestly, I didn’t have one molecule of regret about my thoughts. I didn’t take any of it back and as I sat there trying to recover from my orgasm, I felt no shame, no remorse and no repentance. I felt good. I felt fulfilled and I was incredibly wet and satisfied.

As I thought about it, I realized two things: 1) I wanted this to happen. I wanted to get the two of them, Shannon and my brother, Ted, together so I could watch them live out their mutual doctor fantasies, and, 2) I wanted to participate in some way. I wanted to live it with them. I wanted to be a part of it and, regrettably, I wanted to join in.

This last thought of joining in with them caused me to stop and take a deep breath. What did that mean? Did it mean I wanted to touch my brother’s penis? His cock? Did I really want to touch this woman’s breasts? Pinch her nipples? Maybe touch her ‘down there’?

I shook my head to bring myself back from these horrid thoughts. I was running away from them, I knew that. But, there would be time to face the truth, and right now, if I was going to set all this in motion, I had some work to do. I needed to talk to Ted.

So, after spending five minutes at the basin thoroughly washing my vaginal juices off my hands, I found myself sitting on my bed pressing the speed dial number on my cell phone that I knew would call Ted. It only rang twice before he picked up.

“Hey, Sis!” Ted answered.

For a second, my mind went blank and I wasn’t sure what to say to him.

“Sally?” Ted said. “Are you there?”

“Uh, yes,” I mumbled, “sorry about that. I couldn’t hear you for a minute.”

“Ted,” I began, “do you think you can drop by tonight? I’ve got a little problem I hope you can help me out with.”

“I guess so.” Ted replied. “Anything wrong?” He asked.

“No.” I answered. “I just need a favor. Can you come over around 8:00 or so?”

“Yeah, that will work for me.” He said. “Sally, are you sure there’s nothing wrong?” Ted asked.

“Just come over at 8:00 and I’ll tell you what’s going on.” I replied.

Ted tried to get me to say more, but, when I wouldn’t go into it, he finally told me he’d be here and added, “Look, whatever it is, I’ll help you out.”

After we hung up, I wondered what he was going to say once I explained to him about Shannon’s doctor fantasy and the opportunity I was offering him. But, what if he saw through me? What if he figured out I wanted this as much as Shannon did? What if he saw a trace of excitement in my eyes?

Well, it didn’t matter now. My brother was going to be here in a few hours, and between now and then I’d figure out what to say and how to say it. What I needed now was a long, hot soak in the tub, and some time to think.

When I got out of the bath, I put on a fresh pair of panties under my robe and went to the computer. My heart jumped when I saw a new email from Shannon in my inbox. Grabbing the mouse with one hand and pulling the chair behind me with the other hand, I clicked on her note and sat down all in one movement.

“Sally,” it began, “before I go any further with this, I want to explain something. I don’t know exactly what you might be thinking of me, but, I want you to know I am not a loose woman and I’m not what you might call a ‘slut’. I don’t sleep around with multiple guys. I’m just a normal girl trying to live her life and I’m probably more like you than you might think. I just have this fantasy and I’ll do anything to see it finally come true.”

Then, Shannon went on to tell me that konya escort she didn’t even have a steady boyfriend and she didn’t date much. She did, however, confess to me that she loved to read erotic stories on the internet and she spent endless hours reading and masturbating. “That’s the extent of my sex life.” Shannon wrote. “It’s sad, I know, but that’s the way it is for me.”

She explained to me that she was content to read her stories and have her fantasy life, but, now that she was moving out of town, it provided her a chance to do something radical – she wanted to actually live out her beloved fantasy, provided she could do it safely and secretly so no one would ever know. The catch, she went on to explain, has always been finding a doctor that would grant her nasty wish.

Then, as Shannon went on, she explained, in explicit detail what her fantasy entailed, and as I read it, I became thoroughly drawn into it – the depravity of it and the depth of it. When I finished her note, I sat back in my chair and took a deep breath. There’s no way in hell I’d ever have the courage to write the things that Shannon wrote in her note.

Simply translated, Shannon wanted to be used by a doctor in a real doctor’s office.

What I mean is, Shannon wanted to be naked, exposed, touched, and sexually used in any way the doctor desired under the guise of a medical examination. She told me she sincerely wanted to be completely, and entirely submissive. She promised she would follow any instructions, requests or order that was spoken. If there was any question about her performing oral sex or being penetrated, she settled that by saying, “I’ll do anything you or the doctor tell me to do. My pussy, mouth and ass will be yours to touch, look at or use in any way the two of you desire. I’ll do anything and everything. All you have to do is tell me and I’ll do it.”

Shannon went on to say that if she only had this chance once in her life, she wanted it to be real, and she wanted it to be full. She reiterated her desire to be completely at our command as soon as she walked through the door; even going as far as saying we could immediately strip her naked the instant she walked in. We could expose her in any way we desired and use her sexually in any way we wanted.

Interestingly enough, Shannon specifically said she didn’t want to have a script. She wanted us to plan it, and not to tell her what was going to happen. She gave permission for us to spank her if she was bad, told me we could perform any embarrassing or humiliating medical procedures, and even take all her clothes away from her if we wanted to.

“Sally,” she wrote, “in my fantasy, I’m made to submit to the nurse, too. I’ll let you decide how to put that into action, or decide exactly what that means. But, I was serious when I said I would do what ever either of you wanted me to do – with no exceptions what so ever.”

My head swelled with everything she said and as I thought about it, I realized I understood where she was coming from. I understood what she wanted and the really funny thing is – I could visualize it. In my mind, I could see her going through it and I could see her enduring the embarrassment, humiliation and excitement of living it. In a way, I was envious of her, maybe even jealous of her courage to be able to articulate it and share it with me.

Shannon’s last paragraph brought it all together, though, and as I read it again, I knew my fate was sealed. I knew I had to make this happen for her, now. And I even admitted to myself that I knew I was going to make it happen for me, too.

“The last thing I would say,” her ending began, “is that it’s taken a lot of guts for me to tell you all of this and I trust you to handle this with the same care as if this was your fantasy and you were asking this favor from me. Maybe you’ve never had a desire such as this, Sally. Maybe you can’t understand how I could even ask you to do this for me, but, one day, you might have a fantasy you want to live out and wouldn’t it be nice if you had someone you could trust and turn to?”

For a minute, I sat there and just stared at the computer screen. I could feel the utter need and longing in her words. I could feel the trust she was bestowing on me. And, I could feel the wetness in my panties. I was drenched. Honestly, I was literally soaked.

Reading her note and thinking about how it would play out had brought me to a fever pitch and my poor pussy was screaming for some attention. I resisted the urge to satisfy my need, and instead, used the mouse to print a copy of the email and then got up and fixed myself some dinner, still dressed in my robe. As I puttered around the kitchen making my dinner, I began to theorize what Ted and I might do to Shannon – what embarrassing and humiliating things we could put her through – how we could sexually use her.

Of course, it would be easy for my brother to use her, he could just feel her kayseri escort up, make her suck his cock, and then fuck her. Just the thought of watching them do those things forced my fingers down into my panties more than once. The vision of Ted’s cock pushing into her pussy right in front of my eyes as she lay on the exam table caused me to lean against the kitchen counter and thrust two fingers deeply into my own pussy. I closed my eyes and brought the scene into focus in my mind, and before I knew it, I was imaging that it was Shannon’s fingers between my labia and her fingers pushing into my pussy.

It was a deep dark fantasy of mine – one I didn’t let out very often, but, it was out now and I was enjoying the thought of a woman touching me and pleasuring me. Sure, I’ve thought about it – every woman has had thoughts about being with another woman. But right now, I could actually see it happening in my mind. I could see myself holding her hand between my legs as she gently rubbed inside my coochie, massaging my magic spot.

Gawd, I could even see myself humping her hand and making myself cum with her fingers still inside me. Then, in my vision, I turned to see Ted watching Shannon’s fingers between my legs and I lost it.

As I came, I thought about watching Ted fuck Shannon while she finger fucked me. He was staring at my pussy and I was staring at his cock. I exploded into another massive orgasm at the thought of us watching each other, and as I fought to hold myself up against the kitchen counter, I literally flooded my fresh panties. It wasn’t until that exact moment that I realized I was going to have to make sure Ted could handle all this. If this was going to happen, Ted and I were going to have to come to grips with the fact that we’d probably be seeing each others genitals and we’d be seeing each other doing “sexual things”.

Gathering my thoughts and looking at the clock on the stove, I cleaned up my dinner mess and made my way into my bedroom. Laying my robe over the back of the chair, I grabbed my hair brush and turned toward the mirror to brush my hair. The wet spot in my panties was obvious, and it was an easy decision to simply whisk them down my legs, toss them on my bed and reach into my drawer for another pair. As I was finishing my hair, the door bell rang.

My normally late brother was right on time. “Just a sec.” I yelled, as I pulled on a pair of shorts, wiggled into a sports bra and threw on a workout shirt.

As I opened the door and let Ted in, I found myself drifting back to my own little fantasy of seeing his cock disappear in and out of Shannon’s pussy, and I looked him over from head to toe. He was casually dressed, but, he looked good. In fact, as he walked by me, I caught a whiff of his cologne and wondered what he looked like naked. My Gawd, what was happening to me? Was I really thinking about my own brother naked?

I ushered Ted into the kitchen and gave him a beer. I took one, too, and as we sat down at my kitchen table, he asked me what was going on.

“Listen,” I replied, shuffling in my chair across the table from my brother, “will you promise you’ll never repeat anything I’m about to tell you? And I mean it, Ted. That means you’ll never, ever speak about this to anyone as long as you live. You have to give me your word you’ll keep this a secret…. keep it just between us”

“Oh, shit.” Ted exclaimed. “You’re pregnant.”

“No!” I answered quickly. “You have to have sex to get pregnant, dummy. I haven’t even been on a date for over six months.”

“Well, it sounds serious if you’re making me swear not to tell anyone.” He replied.

“You have to trust me on this.” I said, fidgeting with the corner of the label on my beer bottle. “I can’t discuss any of it with you until you give me your word. If you can’t do that, then you can just finish your beer and be on your way.”

Peeking up at him over my beer, I smiled and added, “But, if I were you, I think I’d make the promise and give me your word.”

I knew that if Ted gave me his word, he’d never say anything. Dad always told him a real man never breaks his word, regardless of the consequences. So, I knew that once he agreed, he’d keep it a secret between us and I was counting on his sense of honor to kick in before I told him about Shannon and her fantasy.

“Okay.” My brother finally said. “I give you my word I’ll keep it a secret. Are you in some kind of trouble, Sis?”

“Oh, no.” I replied. “Nothing like that. I have a proposition for you, though.”

“But,” I added, “this opportunity doesn’t come without some risk and it doesn’t come without there being a great deal of trust between us.”

“A proposition?” Ted scratched, and then crooked his head as he looked at me. “What kind of opportunity? Is it illegal, or something?”

“I, uh….” I thought about it for a second before I continued, “I really don’t think it’s illegal. But, it is a little bizarre and a little risky. It’s something you’ve wanted to do for a long time.”

“Come on, Sally, quit messing with me.” Ted said, throwing up his hands.

“Alright, here it is,” I answered, “but, remember you gave me your word you’d keep this strictly between us.”

“I know. I know.” He replied. “What’s this opportunity or proposition you’re trying to suck me into?”

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