The Insatiable Boy Ch. 05


Hey guys! Here’s another chapter of The Insatiable Boy. This one involves cheating, straight play, bareback sex, cum eating and the usual raunchy stuff. Let me know what you guys think- I read all the comments and appreciate all feedback.


Chapter 5: Gavin plays house with the neighbor

I left Reese’s room a little before lunch- having been thoroughly fucked and leaving him completely drained. He ran his fingers through his hair as I got dressed, sporting my backpack like a kid ready for his first day of school. We exchanged numbers and he asked for my schedule, putting a reminder in his calendar for the next time I’m working the graveyard shift.

He eased a finger along my side, saying, “Gotta make sure I don’t cum leading up to it, so that way I’ll have more to give you.”

“Sounds like a deal, dude.” I said as we both snickered.

He placed his hands on my face, rubbing his thumbs against my lips before I took it in my mouth and sucked softly. He laughed at that before pulling me into a kiss- this one was even more passionate than all the ones before.

“Thanks for all the fun, Gav.” He said, cementing our platonic nature.

I smiled, happy to be able to have both sides of this with him, “Let me know when we can do this again” I said, leaving the possibility open.

“Definitely”, he replied before I turned and left.

I walked down the stairs and took a peek at the front desk, seeing one of the new hires, Milo, aimlessly looking at his phone. I swear, each of us employed here at Graham are severely overpaid based on the lack of work we actually do. Milo heard me coming and looked up, giving me a surprised look as he noticed I’d come down from the dorm floors.

He opened his cute mouth, as if wanting to ask why I’d been up there, but I beat him to it. I yelled out to him, saying, “Have a good shift” and added a wink which got a slightly embarrassed reaction from him.

Milo was cute- sporting a green university hoodie and backwards baseball cap. I remember seeing him during one of our early staff meetings, having just been hired due to a lack of filled positions. He was only a sophomore, yet the kid beat me by nearly a good foot in height. Other than the basics, I couldn’t tell you much about him as we hadn’t been on shift together yet. The only thing I really know about him is that he’s half black and half white or an “oreo” as he’d call it- a piece of info he used as his “fun fact” during one of our ice breakers. Something tells me that I should spend more time with him.


Two days later, I’m coming back home from hanging with some friends. I get to the front of the entrance door and see the same shadowy figure coming out from a parked car. It’s like deja vu from the first night I met Nico and sure enough, I see his face as he comes into the light. It’s barely nine as we get back to the building, with him carrying a box of pizza and a six pack of Blue Moon. I haven’t seen him since that first night after I left him with probably more embarrassment that he’d liked. Still, I play it friendly- not wanting there to be this weird nervous energy around us. But that doesn’t mean I won’t poke fun at him for my enjoyment.

“I didn’t take Abby or baby Miguel for beer and pizza people.” I say as I hold the door open for him.

He gives me a thankful smile, replying, “It’s more for me- kinda been a while since I got to drink.”

Nico stops in the foyer, clearly not in a rush to get away from me or this conversation. “So what’s the occasion?” I ask, leaning back against the mailboxes.

“It’s kind of a bittersweet one.” He admits, shifting his weight, “We were supposed to head over to Abby’s sister’s house for the weekend but I was told at noon that I had to stay late and wouldn’t be able to leave when we were supposed to. Abby was pissed and decided that she’d take Miguel by herself and that I could meet them when it was convenient for me.”

Nico gives me that look that even he’s surprised at how freely he opened up to someone he barely knew. But being new to this town, I had a sense that he probably doesn’t have many people around that he’s close to. I put a hand on his shoulder, trying to be nice, but not daring to overstep.

“That’s rough man. But all couples fight, I guess.” He nods, “How come you’re not on your way now?”

He shrugs, “It’s a three hour drive so I wouldn’t get there until midnight when everyone would be asleep. Plus, I think Abby just needs to cool down before I try and talk to her again.”

“Makes sense” I say, really having no idea on the ins and outs of relationships. “Can’t say I have much experience with pissed off girlfriends.” I start off, getting a laugh from him. “But I do know that it’s best to let things settle before you try and resolve them.”

“Amen to that.” Nico said, giving me a smile. He starts walking up the stairs but turns back to me, “Say, do you wanna come up for a little bit? I really can’t finish either of these by myself.” He said, lifting up the boxes of pizza and beer.

“Are adana escort you sure?”

Nico nodded yes and gave me a kind smile, “Yeah”

I shrugged my shoulders, wanting to see where this leads, “Alright, yeah I’ll come over.”

Nico led us up the stairs and into his apartment. I stayed close behind, like I was being given a tour into his world. Yet, the place seemed like he didn’t have much input. Nico was a typical guy’s guy- stripping off the jacket I assumed his wife picked out for him and setting it aside along with the typical meat lover’s pizza and beer. I looked around, seeing what I pictured a girl’s Pinterest board would look like.

“Nice place.” I said, remembering my manners.

“Thanks.” He said as he popped into the kitchen. He shouted out, “I can’t say I had much to do with decorating it.” He came back with two places and some coasters for the beer that he set on the wooden coffee table. “I didn’t even have a matching set of plates before Abby and I moved in together.”

“Can’t say that I do, either.” I admitted, thinking about all the mismatched stuff I’d accumulated from Target.

Nico handed me a beer as I helped myself to some pizza. “Are you even old enough to drink?” He asked, only half concerned.

“Nah, I’m not.” I replied, not feeling the need to lie. Nico paused for a half second then shrugged his shoulders and undid the cap anyway. We clanked our bottles together and took two big sips.

Nico turned to me, “Look I wanted to apologize for getting in your business the last time- it really wasn’t my place.” He softened his look, “But thank you anyway. It hasn’t been easy with the new baby and all, so I appreciate you being considerate.”

I nod, “You guys seem nice, so I’m not trying to be one of those rowdy neighbors who’s a pain in the ass.” He thanks me again and takes another long sip of his beer.

Nico’s looking off into the distance, letting the bitter taste settle on his tongue before gulping down. He’s lost in thought- with me visibly seeing his head get intertwined with a million different things going on.

“Has everything been ok?” I ask. At this point, I feel like Nico invited me over because he needed to vent. And really, I meant what I said about them being nice. The last thing I need is an ongoing spat with my neighbors.

“Not really.” Nico says, finishing his beer, He sighs, letting go of that last hesitation as to whether or not he’s going to tell me. “My wife’s stressed because she spends all day taking care of the baby while I’m off busting my ass to make enough for us to live comfortably.” He looks at me, pointing the empty bottle in my direction, “And then we barely get to spend like two hours together before she’s off to bed, exhausted, leaving me to watch the baby”

He sets the bottle down, “And listen to you get pounded six ways to Sunday.”

We laugh for a minute, feeling that frozen lake of tension crack between us. He grunts, “Dude she’s barely even touched my dick since Miguel has been born.”

“Damn that sucks.”

Nico reaches for a second beer as I’m still nursing my first, “How old are you anyway?”

“20” I reply.

He chuckles, “Shit I’m only five years older than you. Life comes at you quick.”

I laugh with him before we both fall into silence. I look forward, seeing that family photo of them up on the wall. It’s one of those pictures that look perfect until you really examine it. I see Nico, smiling but definitely uptight. Right now, he’s rolled up his sleeves and is leaning back into the couch drinking a beer with his feet up. It’s like this is how he really is and finally gets to be.

Nico leans in and I catch his hazel eyes digging into me. In a slow, but determined move, he brings his hands up to my face and pulls me into a kiss. It’s not powerful like Kareem’s or playful like Reese- his is passionate and strong.

I pull off him, giving us some space. He seems surprised at this as he shakes his head, “Shit. Did I read this wrong? Fuck I’m sorry.” He says, inching his way back.

“No it’s okay.” I said, still tasting his lips on mine, “Was just surprised is all. You’re- you’re married.”

“I know” He says, still holding onto my collar, “But fuck, it felt good to be kissed like that again. It’s been so long.”

Only two beers in, Nico is still very much coherent- not slurring his words or making any indication that he’s being taken advantage of. “Are you sure?” I ask, still needing a yes.

“I am.”He replies, fondling the fabric of my collar just waiting for my response.

I lean into him, granting him another kiss and entrance into my mouth. Nico holds my face and I can feel that metal ring on his finger as it brushes against my skin. He’s hungry- like a man who hasn’t been intimate in a while and needs to let loose. We’re both turned to each other, making out as the AC in the apartment seemingly goes out as the two of us build up heat.

Nico pulls away to rip off my shirt, followed by his. adana escort bayan He has a light tan that runs all over his body like a boy who spends a lot of time outdoors. He reaches for my nipples and gives them a gentle twist.

“Disappointed?” I tease, knowing it’s not exactly the type of chest he’s used to.

He leans in and latches onto my nipple with his teeth. He gently bites down, swirling his tongue around the hardened nub. “Not at all.”

I pull him back up, needing more of his mouth. Nico continues to kiss me until his mouth no longer tastes like beer, only him. I undo the button of my pants as he slips a finger into my mouth. I bite down a bit, playing with him as he continues to stroke my face with his other hand. Then, I latch onto his ring finger, sucking it down to the knuckle and swirling my tongue all over the metal ring. I wrap my lips around it, pulling it off with my mouth and presenting it on my tongue. Nico’s eyes grow wide when he sees what I’ve done, but he doesn’t stop me. He reaches into my pants, stroking me a little. I take the ring from my mouth and place it on my own finger, proudly displaying it as he pulls me close.

“You like that, don’t you?” He asks, feeling the piece of metal as we brush our hands together.

I give him an excited nod, not really sure where this side of me came from. Unlike some gay dudes, I don’t often prey on straight guys in hopes of being the one that turns them. Similarly, married guys are off the table. But Nico seems to be the exception to both- and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t into him.

“Do you do this a lot?”

“Cheat on my wife?” He asks.

I shake my head, “Have sex with dudes.”

Nico pulls my pants down to my ankles then plays with my bulge through my briefs. “No to both questions.” He undoes his own pants until the two of us are sitting there, barely covered up. “We used to have sex all the time until she got pregnant. Even after she gave birth, I had to settle for watching porn and jerking off.”

I reach down and feel Nico’s hard cock on his boxers. Just my touch alone has him throbbing- like it’s the first time it’s felt a hand other than his. “It’s like being a teenager all over again.”

He guides my hand over to the waistband and I slip inside. Nico leans into my ear, “Except I was getting laid all the time back then.” He gives me a taste of that killer smile and it doesn’t take a genius to know that he’s not exaggerating. I silence that little voice in my head that says what we’re doing is wrong and instead, choose the notion that I’m just helping a friend in need.

Nico strips off his shirt, exposing that beautifully tanned skin hidden underneath his business casual outfit. He’s beefy, with all of his muscles protruding in his short frame. It’s here that I realize how hot he is- giving all the other guys i hook up with a run for their money. He lets me stare at him for a minute, even posing as I do. Nico must like being the center of attention again.

He hooks a finger in my waistband and pulls me close, kissing on my neck. “So you wanna play house with me? Call you over whenever my wife can’t meet my needs?” He asks, sucking on my skin and sure to leave a mark.

“Fuck yes” I say, feeling his hand on my own cock. “How long has it been since you fucked her?”

He sinks his teeth into my neck before kissing it and pulling off. Nico presses his forehead into mine, staring into my eyes.

“About four months.” He says, like a predator seeking out his first kill, “So, I really need to put my load in someone.”

I hear my breath hitch as he tells me this. He takes my hand and brings it up to his mouth. I watch as Nico kisses his own ring on my finger, lightly pressing the metal down as a reminder.

“Come fuck me in your bed.” I say, kissing him. “Breed me like you need to.”

Nico grabs me by the hand, and leads me into the bedroom. We nearly trip over some of his kid’s toys along the way before he pushes me onto the large king sized bed. It’s incredibly soft and comfortable, telling me that Abby must have picked it out. He jumps on top of me, putting his full weight on my body. I wrap my arms and legs around him as we kiss- not being afraid to give him as much attention as he needs. Unlike some of the other guys, he doesn’t tease me- not one to deny himself of this opportunity. He touches me almost like he knows it may be a while until he gets to do this again.

“Why don’t you let me suck that big dick?” I ask, holding onto his face.

He gives me that cocky grin and turns over to rest on the bed. Before I can even move myself down, he reaches over to the nightstand and faces yet another picture of him and Abby down. Somehow that turns me on even more, and so I sink down his crotch and inhale his musk. I move down to his balls, taking each one in my mouth and giving it a thorough washing with my tongue. I’ve learned to really work a dude’s balls in order to coax the biggest loads I can get from them. Girls never picked escort adana up on this trick, a fact made known as Nico pets me the entire time as I lovingly suck on his nuts. This brings his cock to life, standing straight up and resting on my forehead. Nico’s thicker than most of the guys I’ve been with, second only to Daddy. He’s not quite as long as Kareem or Reese, but I just know his girth will make up for it.

I grab Nico’s cock by the base of his pubes, feeling that thick piece of meat in my hand. Nico’s uncut as suspected, and absolutely leaking so much precum out of that uncut tip. I press it against my pouted lips like I’m applying chapstick which makes Nico chuckle. His juices are sweet, and with a cock like this, it’s a damn shame that his wife doesn’t appreciate it as much as I do. I press on his cockhead just underneath the slit and slowly pull down his skin like I’m unwrapping a candy bar. I get an idea as I do this- wanting to pull out a party trick I know Nico will love. I angle my mouth towards his cock and push down, thankfully feeling no resistance as I take him fully down my throat. Nico presses his hands into my shoulders, nearly pushing me from what I assume is a sensation he hasn’t felt in a long time.

“Holy fuck, Gavin. Give a guy a warning next time.” He says, catching his breath as I pull off his dick with a pop. I managed to get it all the way down my throat; his head and foreskin ledged deep in me.

I sloppily kiss on the shaft, coating it with more spit as I reply, “I just figured it had probably been a while since you had that done to you.”

Nico pulls me by my shoulders, sitting me square on his lap with his cock pressed into my ass. He kisses me playfully and grabs my hand, rubbing his thumb against his ring I’m wearing.

“You’re such a good little homewrecker, you know that?”

I blush a bit, reveling in how wrong all of this is. But instead, I choose to play along with this game we’d started, determined to see it through. I go back down, slurping on his big dick while kneading his balls with my fingers.

“Do I suck this better than she does?”

“You do.” He says, running his fingers through my hair and rubbing my cheeks. “She’s never been able to take all of it-” he gives me a wicked grin “either down her throat or her pussy.”

“Is that right?” I ask, throating it once more.

He nods with a moan as he pulls me up once more. “You’re trouble, Gavin. My dirty little secret right next door.” I kiss him on the lips, letting my tongue slip inside and taste him.

“I plan on using you even when she gets back.” Nico reaches down to cup my ass. “This definitely won’t be the last time I get to play with this.”

I kiss him back, biting down on his bottom lip as I pull away. He’s admitted that it’s been a while since he had sex, so I’m determined to get that first load out of him and treat him like the king he is.

I reach back and press his cock into my ass and feel him grinding into me like a boy who just wants to be let in. He’s flicking my nipples at the same time, looking up at me with so much lust. I swear I can lose myself in his eyes- those deep hazels that give boys like me false promises of stability and relationships. I know that this isn’t what we are- but Nico still gives me the promise that we’ll continue this along even when she comes back.

Nico holds me with one arm while reaching over to the nightstand to pull out a bottle of lube. He’d nearly emptied the drawer’s contents to find it- being buried deep underneath books and other stuff I assume belonged to him and where his wife wouldn’t find it. He lubes himself up and rubs the cool gel on my hole. Once he’s done, he moves his hands to rest on my waist. I push myself down, feeling that wet tip slip past my pucker. I continue to let my body fall, feeling his thick shaft stretch me out in the process.

“Fuck, you’re thick, Nico.” I say, breathing out to relax myself.

“And you’re tight as hell, baby.” He says, looking up at me with a smile.

He takes my hands, holding them tight as I start to bounce on his dick. My hole is still getting used to his girth- a fact that stays painted on my face. Nico enjoys this, feeding his macho ego that even the most experienced of bottoms has trouble taking him. Still, I’m determined to take it all. I bounce some more, feeling it slowly inch into me with every thrust. I’m thankful that we’re the only two tenants on this floor because there’s no way I can do this quietly. His apartment is filled with my moans and grunts as I take more of him in me.

Feeling like I’m ready, I dig my ankles underneath his thighs, anchoring me in place. I sat down, taking him in fully until his wild pubes brush against my ass. My mouth opens, letting out a series of hard breaths as I feel that thick cock press against my walls.

“Holy shit.” I yell out, trying to get used to his size.

Nico lovingly pulls my face into his. He’s caressing my face and rubbing at my back, planting a series of kisses along my cheeks. “You did it baby. You’re the first one to take all of it!”

I beamed hard, feeling quite proud of myself as our hands interlocked. I bounced up, moving my hips and using his cock to loosen up my hole. These motions shook the entire bed as Nico held me still. Ready for more, I lifted myself up into a squat while still holding hands.

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