The Massage Fantasy


It has been a long hard night at work. I come home from work and you offer me a candlelit warm bubble bath. After you draw my bath you offer me a cup of hot tea, and tell me you have a surprise for me when my bath is done. A little while later you knock on the door and ask me if I am ready for my surprise. I come out in my robe and my hair wrapped in a towel.

You tell me to take off my robe and lay face down on the bed. I look at you with questioning eyes and let my robe slowly slide to the floor. You tell me I am in for a full body massage to help me relax. You tell me the only rule is I can not touch you at all. I lay down on the nice cool waterbed and you slowly put baby oil on my legs and start by massaging my feet and working your way up my legs. Then you put some more oil on my back and slowly massage it in.

You then whisper in my ear if I am relaxed and I say in some ways yes in others no. You then tell me to roll over. I slowly roll over on to my back. You slowly but the baby oil on my legs and start massaging my feet slowly working your way up. You then take and pour some baby oil into my bellybutton. You rub the oil all over my stomach but not touching my breast. bursa escort I look up at you and tell you have missed a few places. You tell me I am getting there and slowly start licking my breast. You then start pinching my other nipple between your fingers just hard enough to make me moan. Then you start sucking on my nipple making grow harder.

I arch my back in response. You switch nipples sucking on the other one and pinching the one you were just sucking on. I say you are making me hot and wet. Your lower your hand slowly to my clit and say here. I say oh yes. As you are rubbing my clit you start licking my pussy. You then start slowly rubbing my inner lips with you finger I beg you please. You start slowly finger fucking me and ask me if I want more. I beg you for more. You then start fucking me with two fingers. I say more please. The next thing I know I feel my pussy stretching around your fingers.

You look up at me and say are you ready to cum. I beg you please. You start sucking on my clit and finger fucking me hard and fast through my first orgasm. After I have returned to earth you tell me to roll over. I get on my hands and knees, but you bursa escort bayan tell me no to lay flat. I give you a questioning passionate look. You start rubbing the crack of my ass and say look you are already wet. You pick up the baby oil and pour some in the crack of my ass. I moan in response.

You start rubbing my asshole with your finger. I left my ass in response and you tell me to lay flat again. You slowly slide your finger into my ass. You stop and let my asshole adjust to your finger. You start slowly finger fucking my ass making me moan in response. You ask me if I like it and I say oh yes do it to me. You say not yet are you ready to cum again? I said oh yes make me cum please. You start slowly fucking my ass then take your other hand and slide three fingers into me soaking wet pussy. You start finger fucking both my asshole and pussy bringing my racing to orgasm again. Right after I start to cum you pull our your fingers push my legs together straddle them and start rubbing you nice hard cock up and down the crack of my ass. I say oh yes fuck me hard baby.

You say soon baby soon. You poor some more baby oil in the görükle escort crack of my ass and rub your cock back and forth. You ask me if I am ready and I say please fuck my ass. You lift my ass up and put me on my knees. I feel your hard cock pressing into my asshole. The head of your cock finally slides into my tight asshole and you stop so we can both adjust to the feeling. You start slowly sliding your cock into my ass stopping after every inch or so. After about the fourth inch I can not take it anymore and shove my ass back swallowing you hard cock with my ass.

You ask me if I like your hard cock shoved up my ass. I say yes now please fuck me. You say soon baby soon. You start slowly fucking my asshole with your hard cock. I feel you reach down with your hand and start slowly rubbing my clit. I moan oh yes that feels so good. You stop and pull your hard cock out and I moan in protest. You say you want my hard cock back up your ass and I beg you please.

You tell me then to start rubbing my clit. I reach between my legs and start rubbing my clit begging you to please fuck my ass. You slowly slide your cock back up my ass. You start fucking my ass a little bit faster as I rub my clit a little bit more. You ask me if I am ready to have my ass filled and I say please fill me full of your cum. You fuck me hard and fast and we cum together. As we lay together coming back down to earth I roll over and tell you it is your turn for the massage next time.

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